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Generation 2: Paladin (Pre-Genesis)

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Future content.png As of Generation 16, Season 2, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
This content has been replaced by G2 Genesis.
This feature may still be used provided one had access to it before it was altered.

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G2 Title.png
Chapter 1 2 Mainstream Icon.png
Requirements: Your character needs to have completed or skipped G1.
Note: G2 requires that you solo everything, meaning each dungeon must be entered alone. (except for Ideals, and gathering Mythril Ores. Mythril Dungeon must be soloed, but the ores can be received from other players).

Generation 2: Paladin revolves around the Milletian trying to find the true path of the Paladin in order to overcome the Dark Knights, constantly guiding the Milletian around Uladh in order to accomplish their goals while stopping another evil. The adventure brings forth a new town, Emain Macha, and an island, Ceo Island.

NPCs involved in Paladin

NPC Occupation Location
Bookstore Owner Book Store (Dunbarton)
- Underground Spring (Ceo Island)
Healer Healer's House (Emain Macha)
Knight Castle Stairs (Emain Macha)
Teacher Outside School (Dunbarton)
Beggar North of Town Square (Emain Macha)
Paladin Trainer Paladin Training Ground (Emain Macha)
Florist Town Square (Emain Macha)
Florist Town Square (Emain Macha)
Healer Healer's House (Tir Chonail)
Blacksmith Blacksmith's Shop (Bangor)
Minister Castle (Emain Macha)
Barri Dungeon (Paladin Transformation)
Shop Owner General Shop (Emain Macha)
General Store Worker General Store (Bangor)
Professional Chef Restaurant (Emain Macha)
Priest Outside Cathedral (Emain Macha)
Banker Bank (Emain Macha)
Bard Town Square (Emain Macha)
- Math Dungeon (Paladin Training Courses)
Barri Dungeon (Paladin Transformation)
Priestess Church (Dunbarton)
Magic Teacher Inside School (Tir Chonail)
Weapons Dealer Weapons Shop (Emain Macha)
Traveling Salesman Various locations over Uladh
Barri Dungeon (Paladin Transformation)
Paladin Coill Dungeon (Cutscene: Redire's Demise)
Waiter Pub (Bangor)
Ruairi G2.png
- Math Dungeon (Paladin Training Courses)
Barri Dungeon (Paladin Transformation)
Excavation Manager Dragon's Ruin (Gairech Hill)
Paladin Trainee Paladin Training Ground (Emain Macha)
Druid Druid's Altar (Sidhe Sneachta)
- Math Dungeon (Paladin Training Courses)
Pope Cathedral (Emain Macha)

Knight of Light

Generation 02 - Armor Blueprint.png Name Knight of Light NPC Craig

Requirement: You must have the keyword "The Knight of Light" obtained at the end of G1 mainstream scenario or from talking to the Weird Cat in Duncan's House.


  1. Log out and log in or change a channel to get the message from Goddess Morrighan asking you to become the Knight of Light. (Until you do, you will always enter an empty throne room.)
  2. Talk to Aodhan or Craig in Emain Macha using the keyword "The Knight of Light" and obtain the keyword "Paladin".
  3. Talk to Craig, located at the Paladin Training Grounds northwest of Emain Macha, with the "Paladin" keyword.
  4. Talk to Rian in the Castle with the keyword "Paladin". Esras will then ask you to donate 4,000 Gold. Click [Donate]. You will receive a (2x2-sized) item The Lord's Invitation.
    • Note: Entering Lord Rian's room on a mount of a player who has not started or has already completed Generation 2 will take you to a room without any NPCs.

Paladin Training Courses

Generation 02 - Recommendation Letter.png Name Paladin Training Course NPC Craig

All dungeon passes you receive from Craig during the course of this quest are solo passes. You must be able to clear the dungeon on your own. Using a pet will help tip the odds in your favor. You may also want to stock up on potions, as well as have decent combat skills.


  1. Talk to Craig with The Lord's Invitation in your inventory and he will tell you that you need training.
  2. Ask him about "Classes and Training" sometime between 9am~6pm. The class costs 300 gold. You will receive "The Paladin Class - 1st Exercise" quest, a Barri Dungeon Pass for Paladin-in-Training, and a Red Wing of the Goddess which can transport you to Barri Dungeon.
  3. Drop the Barri Dungeon Pass for Paladin-in-Training on Barri dungeon altar and complete the dungeon. It is a solo pass.
  • It is still 3 Floors, similar spawn. Boss is 10 Kobold Miners. After defeating the kobold miners, you will see a cutscene.
  1. Kobold Miners are extremely weak, and they only have 100 HP. You might probably nail them with a first hit Smash, a full charged Firebolt, or Magnum Shot .
  2. Complete the quest.
  3. You will have to return to Craig to talk about "Classes and Training" sometime around 9am and complete a total of 5 training missions in Barri dungeon, then 1 training mission in Math Dungeon.
  • You will be given a new Red Wing of the Goddess with each new mission.
    • You can obtain a replacement pass from Craig if you fail the dungeon but will not receive a new Red Wing of the Goddess.
  • The one in Math dungeon is about 1/4th the length of the actual Math. Still has normal spawn, but thrown in some Mini Skeletons (rare spawn).
  • Boss is Triona and Ruairi, in a locked normal room. You will see a cutscene once you reach it.
    • You will be allied with 4 Paladins In-Training during the fight.
      • Beware that their Splash Damage can hit you.
  • Triona has about 100-150 HP and cannot attack you. Defeat her (Smash preferably), or let the allied Paladins defeat her, to initiate the next cutscene.
  • Ruairi on the other hand, is like a Elf/Giant Guard with 100% Protection and extremely high HP, but only 2,000 CP compared to Guards' 1 million. All your attacks do 1 damage, but his attacks do 200~300. Have him defeat all the Paladins In-Training to end the dungeon.

About Paladin and Dark Knight

Generation 02 - Lugh's Ghost.png

Generation 02 - Dark Lord Vs Paladin.png

Name About the Paladin and Dark Knight NPC Gordon
(Optional) Nele

Price moves all over Uladh, making him hard to find. Use Mabinogi World's Price timer located under the Moongate timer on the left-hand toolbar for help.
Notice: Player must solo a number of rooms in Fiodh Dungeon (Normal), make sure to go in there with preparation.


  1. Upon clearing Math dungeon, log out and in or change channels to see the first message from the goddess.
  2. Obtain the keyword "Lugh, the Knight of Light".
  3. Talk to Gordon at Emain's Restaurant using the new keyword. Obtain the keyword "Redire".
    • Optional: Talk to Nele with the Keyword "Redire" to learn that you have to talk to Price.
  4. Talk to Price using the new Keyword and obtain an Old Cloth with Design and a Red Wing of the Goddess to Fiodh Dungeon lobby. A short cutscene follows.
    • Price appears all over Uladh, and is rather difficult to find him.
  5. Enter Fiodh dungeon by dropping the Old Cloth.
    • The dungeon will normally end after 10 rooms, usually this is a room with two Gorgons, however they are not always present.
    • A cutscene occurs after reaching the end of the dungeon. You will be moved automatically to the dungeon entrance and obtain the keyword "Ghost of Lugh".
  6. Talk to Price again using the keyword "Ghost of Lugh." Obtain the keyword "Redire's Demise".
  7. Talk to Craig using the new keyword. Obtain the keyword "Paladin and Dark Knight".
  8. Talk to Price again using the new keyword and you will obtain a memo and a new quest.

Food for the Soul for True Good Deeds


Price's Memo.png Generation 02 - Note.png

Name Prior to the Hearts of True Style NPC Aeira

Requirement: You must have the Healing skill and the First Aid skill for the quest that you get from Agnes.


  1. Talk to Aeira at Dunbarton's Bookstore, then open the quest log and click "Complete." You will receive a book called "Food for the soul for true good deeds". Read the book and obtain the keyword "Good Deeds". You may return the book to Aeira after obtaining the keyword.
    • It is recommended to return the book, as it takes up inventory space. There is no other way to get rid of it.
  2. Talk to the Beggar in the north part of Emain Macha's Square. He will ask for money. Divide the gold in your inventory and gift him 1 gold by dragging and dropping it onto him. A conversation will start and he will ask for 1,000 more gold; choose the option to give it to him. He will modify your "Good Deeds" keyword.
  3. Talk to Agnes, Emain Macha's Healer, using the keyword "Good Deeds." You will receive a new quest. The tasks requires you to help other players by first using First Aid, Healing, and then resurrecting players and/or their/your pets.
    • Even if someone or you is not needed to be healed, it will still count as healing/first aid.
    • You can use a Phoenix Feather on a pet and cancel it before it completes and the revival will count.
    • Using a single Party Phoenix Feather will count for all the resurrections.
    • You can also use a single Advanced Phoenix Feather 5 times using random names or names of people who are not dead. The feather will not vanish, but it will count as a resurrection.
    • Using a Party Phoenix Feather 5 times while you are not in a party will count for one resurrection, and you will keep the feather in your inventory.
    • If you have a partner who has several pets, you may Duel them and defeat their pets, end the battle, then ressurect them.
  4. Once you have finished, return to Agnes, and then open the quest log and click "Complete." You will receive a new definition to your "Good Deeds" keyword.

Good Deeds

Generation 02 - Rose Bouquet.png Name Good Deeds NPC Delen

  1. Talk to Delen in the Square with the "Good Deeds" keyword, and then speak to Galvin about the same. Delen will have an owl deliver a quest to you.
  2. Talk to Galvin and bring the Teddy Bear (2x2) to Delen. Then open the quest log and click "Complete." The "Good Deeds" keyword will be modified again.
  3. Talk to Del, Delen's twin sister, with the keyword in town square and complete the quest. The "Good Deeds" keyword will be modified again.
  4. Talk to Osla at the weapons shop, and then talk to Jocelin in the Bank.
  5. Talk to Del again, she will ask you to deliver a Bouquet (2x2) to Osla.
    • If you somehow lose the Bouquet, you may use the one from Del's Part-Time Job, however you will end up failing the Part-Time Job. Or you can simply get a bouquet from any NPC who sells it.
  6. Talk to Osla again and then complete the quest. The "Good Deeds" keyword will be modified again.

Lend a Hand to the Struggling Soldier

Generation 02 - Lovers.png Name NPC Wyllow

You will be walking back and forth between Emain Macha Castle Gate and the Dunbarton Schoolhouse. Having a couple people may help in between travels, or a mount. Moon Gates are also a good source of getting from one place to another, as long as you don't mind traveling back to the town then using the Moon Gate to get into the other.


  1. Talk to Wyllow in Emain Macha's Cathedral using the "Good Deeds" keyword. It will be modified once more.
  2. Talk to Aodhan using the "Good Deeds" keyword. He will give you a quest to seek out Aranwen in Dunbarton.
  3. After talking to Aranwen, you are directed back to Aodhan, so head back to Emain Macha to talk to him again.
  4. Once again, you will be sent back to Dunbarton to talk to Aranwen a final time.
  5. Return to Emain Macha and talk to Aodhan again to complete the quest. The keyword will be in its complete form.

Coill Dungeon

Generation 02 - Broken Bolt.png Name Coill Dungeon NPC Tarlach

  1. Talk to Price using the keyword "Good Deeds." You will receive a Broken Bolt and a Red Wing of the Goddess which will transport you to Coill dungeon.
  2. Drop the Broken Bolt on Coill Dungeon altar and enter "Redire's Demise." (No fighting required.) You will then see a cutscene.
  3. Talk to Price again using the new keyword "Paladin Requirements." Exit the client and re-login or change channels to see the second message from the goddess.
  4. Go speak to Tarlach using the newly acquired keyword "Spirits" and obtain "Aer, the Spirit of Water" keyword.
  5. Talk to Aer on Ceo Island.
    • The only way to reach Ceo Island is through Moon Gates.
    • Aer is located in a subterranean area; after crossing the narrow pathway to the northeast, there is a staircase. Follow it and the preceding corridor to reach Aer.

Finding the Ideal Types

Generation 02 - Score Scroll.png Name Finding the Ideal Types NPC Aer

Click the link for a List of Ideal Types for NPCs in each town.
See the notes listed below the quest details for tips.

Keep in mind of the Moon Gates.

The Camp Kit can be useful at this point. It enables the player to revive where the tent has been set-up.


  1. Talk to Aer using new keyword from Tarlach. She will give you the "Ideal Look" keyword, and asks you to ask people what their Ideal Types are.
  2. An owl will deliver a Find the Ideal Types quest to get 3 notes on ideal types from Tir Chonaill. Ask NPCs about their Ideal Look, then you will have a chance to enter the name of a player nearby who matches it (a couple, like Trefor and Malcolm, only have eyes for one NPC, and want that name only). If that person meets their requirements, they will give you a note on ideal types in their town. Collect 3 notes from Tir Chonaill and complete the quest.
  3. An owl will bring a similar quest for Dunbarton. Then Bangor, and, lastly, Emain Macha. You can collect notes from towns in any order; you will just receive the quests to turn in the notes in this sequence.
    • You may gather the notes up in any order. However, you will not get the next quest until the current quest has been completed; that is, you must complete the Tir Chonaill quest before you will receive the Dunbarton one, and so on.
  4. After the quests for each of the four towns are done, you will receive one more Find the Ideal Types quest. This is where you will need to return to Ceo Island to talk to Aer.
  5. Complete the quest to receive Aer's Letter.
Note: It is best to wait until the moon gates are up before doing this quest. Having the Emain Macha moon gate tagged will also greatly facilitate the amount of traveling. If you work quickly enough, you should be able to get through the dialogues with plenty of time to spare. Utilizing a riding pet will give you even more time to complete the quest.

Mythril Mine

Generation 02 - Aer Letter.png Name Mythril Mine NPC Gilmore

Solo dungeon. 1 hour time limit.


  1. Talk to Gilmore in Bangor with the keyword "Mythril Mine". He will take the letter and give you a Mythril Mine Pass for Barri Dungeon to mine Mythril Ore.
    • After using the first pass, you can speak to him with the keyword to get another, however subsequent passes will cost you two times as much as the last one (Ex. 200g, 400g, 800g, 1600g, etc.) up to a maximum of 6,400G.
  2. You may only be in Mythril Dungeon for an hour before being forcibly taken out. A notice will appear on the screen reminding you of how many minutes are left every 3 minutes. Pace yourself with that in mind.
  3. All in all, you will need 27 Mythril Ores and 2 Goibne's Blacksmith Manual for Mythril Armor. Mythril Ores are tradeable, but blueprints are not. The ores are obtained from mining ores in the Mythril Dungeon. A single manual is given in the reward chest for defeating the dungeon's boss. Thus, at a minimum, you will have to do the dungeon twice to get the two manuals.
    • There are many ways to do this quest. One effective way is to defeat the boss and get a manual, but then stay in the dungeon and go back a few rooms to mine during the remaining time. By bringing a blessed Pickaxe and storing the Mythril Ore in Pets, it is possible to mine over the 27 required ores within the final floor. If you decide to mine first, you may not have enough time to finish the dungeon and get the blueprint, which is more difficult to obtain. If you have a friend who has completed the Mine, you can ask him/her to get the Ores for you.
    • The boss is a single Ogre Warrior and two Imps. Note that the Ogre Warrior is different from the ones in Barri Normal.
    • Remember that you need a Pickaxe to mine. 10 ores can stack together. One stack is 2x2 in size. Goibne's Blacksmith Manual is 2x2 in size. Be sure that you have enough inventory space before you even enter the mine.
    • Mythril Ores can be found in the Solea Caves and Connous Underground Maze in Iria.
    • Mythril Ores are also dropped by enemies in Par Ruins.
  4. Talk to Edern. He will first ask you to give him 5 Mythril Ores. Upon delivery of these ores, he will then ask for a Goibne's Blacksmith Manual. Deliver it and complete the quest. Wait for the next quest (~2 in-game hours).
  5. Deliver 5 more ores to Edern. Complete the quest. Wait for the next quest (~2 in-game hours).
  6. Deliver 10 more ores to Edern. He will ask for another Goibne's Blacksmith Manual. Deliver it and complete the quest. Wait for the next quest (~2 in-game hours).
  7. Deliver the final 7 ores to Edern. Complete the quest to receive Paladin's Armor and the keyword Mythril Armor.

RP Quest - Ciar Dungeon

Generation 02 - Mythril Armor 02.png Name Mythril Armor with the Spirit's Blessing NPC Aer

1-person RP dungeon.


  1. Talk to Aer with the keyword "Mythril Armor." She will give you "Mythril Armor with the Spirit's Blessing" (2×2) and Red Wings of the Goddess which can transport you to Ciar Dungeon.
  2. Drop the armor on the Ciar Dungeon Altar. You will begin in RP Dungeon "Paladin Spirits" as a Spirit White Wolf.
    • WARNING: If you drop the armor when it is not legal for you to enter (In a party; unless you are the only person in it, pet summoned, etc.), or leave the dungeon before completing it, you will lose the armor and have to go back to Ceo
    • The dungeon is 2 floors, each floor containing 10 rooms and has Gray Town Rats, Gray Wolves, Gray Dire Wolves, Black Wolves, White Wolves, Red Bears, Jackals, Brown Bears and Brown Grizzly Bears.
    • You will have thirty HP 30 potions.
    • The boss is a Giant White Wolf.
      • When it starts talking (ie- "I am powerful.", "You'll need to break my concentration. It may be in a blink of an eye, but that's your only chance."), it will activate Level 3 Heavy Stander; all attacks will only do one damage. To break its concentration, you must successfully use Counterattack against it. Afterward will then say something (ie- ."..My power is distracted...") and stay still for a while, vulnerable to your attacks. Repeat until it is defeated.
  3. After you defeat the Giant White Wolf, you will be teleported back to Ciar lobby and will receive the keyword "Spirit of Order."

The Secret Letter Box

Generation 02 - Esras Letters.png Name Esras' Letter Box NPC Price

  1. Talk to Price with the keyword "Spirit of Order". Wait about 21 hours Erinn time (31.5 min real time) to receive the quest.
  2. Talk to Price again to receive the Letter Box from Redire.
  3. Talk to Lassar in Tir Chonaill and obtain Esras' Letters.
  4. Talk to Price again and click "Complete" on quest log. Wait about 4 to 5 Erinn hours (6 to 8 min real time) to receive the next quest and a Locked Small Box.

The Small Locked Box

Generation 02 - Locked Box.png Name Status Report : Laoch's Activity NPC Riocard

  1. Talk to Riocard in Bangor to open the box. Obtain the Status Report: Laoch's Activity.
  2. Talk to Price again and click "Complete" on quest log. Wait about 4 to 5 Erinn hours (6 to 8 min real time) to receive the next quest.

Suspicious-looking Potion

Generation 02 - Marionette Potion.png Name Marionette's Potion NPC Price

  1. Talk to Price and obtain the Marionette's Potion.
  2. Talk to Dilys at the Healer's House in Tir Chonaill.
  3. Talk to Price again and click "Complete" on the quest log. Wait about 4 to 5 Erinn hours (6 to 8 min real time) to receive the next quest and the Fomor Book Given By Redire.

Translating the Book of Fomors

Generation 02 - Book on Tabhartas.png Name Tabhartas: the Guardian of Ancient Wisdom NPC Kristell

  1. Go to Kristell and she will start translating the book. Click "Complete" on the quest log. Wait about 1 to 2 Erinn hours (2 or 3 min real time) for Kristell to complete translating the book.
  2. Talk to Kristell again after receiving the quest. Obtain the (2×2-sized) book, "Tabhartas: the Guardian of Ancient Wisdom."
  3. Talk to Price and click "Complete" on the quest log. Wait about 1 to 2 Erinn hours (2 or 3 min real time) to receive the next quest.

Investigate the Golem of Ceo Island

Generation 02 - James Portrait.png Name Priest James' Record NPC Seumas

  1. Talk to Seumas, the miner at the Dragon Statue at Gairech Hill.
  2. Talk to Price.
  3. Talk to James at Emain Macha's Church and obtain Priest James' Historical Records.
  4. Talk to Price again and click "Complete" on the quest log. Wait about 2 Erinn hours (3 min real time) to receive the last quest.

Paladin Transformation

Brown Pass.png Name Barri Dungeon Pass NPC Craig

  1. Talk to Craig and obtain the keyword Esras' Goal.
  2. Complete the quest and enter the Emain Macha throne room. A cutscene will play and you will obtain the "Barri Dungeon Pass". You will be instantly transported to Barri Dungeon's altar.
  3. Drop the Barri Dungeon Pass onto Barri Dungeon Altar.
    • If you need another pass, go back to the Throne room. You will redo the scene and have another pass.
  4. Clear the dungeon, and you will meet Esras and Tabhartas in the boss room battling against Redire.
  5. The boss procedure follows:
    1. First, wait until Tabhartas annihilates Redire. You cannot do any lethal damage to Tabhartas at this time, so do not try.
    2. After Redire is defeated, you will transform; destroy Tabhartas.
      • Tabhartas is significantly weakened after the Spirit of Order transformation.
      • Tabhartas is a Golem with wide Stomp range and moves slightly faster than an average Golem.
      • Tabhartas has 100% Injury Rate.
      • Unlike an average Golem, Tabhartas has Level 1 Heavy Stander (although it has a fixed activation rate of 10%).
      • Unlike an average Golem, Tabhartas lacks Mana Deflector and Natural Shield. Therefore, it can easily be picked off with Magic/Ranged-based attacks.
    3. Once Tabhartas has turned into rubble, slay Esras.
      • Esras is a Human Necromancer who is capable of summoning numerous Dark Skeletons and attacks with Icebolt, Firebolt and Lightning Bolt. She is also armed with Level 1 Heavy Stander, Mana Deflector, and Natural Shield.
      • Her Dark Skeletons can be a nuisance; they have far aggro range (approximately 1/4th the entire boss room), know Windmill and are armed with one-hit combo Machetes which deal high damage. Fortunately, they have very little HP and can easily be defeated in one hit with an intermediate-ranked Smash.
        • Esras will constantly replace any defeated Dark Skeletons. It is advised to lure Esras away from her minions without killing any one of them.
      • Esras's normal attacks deal little damage in comparison to her magic.
      • Esras's AI is similar to that of a Succubus; she rarely attacks.
    4. When Esras is done for good, the Generation ends with you as a "True" Paladin, but a new generation begins.

The tale of the Dark Knight begins in Generation 3: Dark Knight.

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