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City Flood Relief

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During the late events of G23: Tempest (Part 1), Belvast suffers a catastrophe. A heavy storm floods the area and causes great damage.

Belvast's governor Admiral Owen calls for aid from the Aliech Kingdom Expeditionary Force, led by the Milletian, and the Expeditionary Force agrees to aid the City of Belvast at this time of great need.

Note: City Flood Relief does not need to be completed to continue G23's Mainstream storyline and the City Flood Relief can be continued even after G23 is finished.

Note: You can only claim rewards once on each character. Only claim the rewards when you have reached the amount that you wish to reap rewards for.

Supply List

Supply List (G23).png

A list containing all the supplies Belvast needs for the recovery effort. You can obtain Contribution by gathering the items on the list and delivering them to Shayla. You will be able to exchange Contribution for priceless rewards from Admiral Owen when the city recovers from the flood.

  • When you click Use on the item, it will open a window showing the required supplies and the total amount of contribution points earned.

Required Supplies

Contribution Rewards

  • You can only claim rewards once. Only claim the rewards when you have reached the amount that you wish to reap rewards for.
    • Claiming the rewards at a lower contribution will only net you the rewards for the tier you are at, and the quest will end.

Reward List