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The Fourfold Path of the Arrowhead

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For the script of this questline, see Script - The Fourfold Path of the Arrowhead.

The Fourfold Path of the Arrowhead Questline

  • The Fourfold Path of the Arrowhead is a story-oriented Sidequest that grants access to the Alchemic Sharpshooter Arcana. They revolve around Loiscneach, the Alchemic Sharpshooter.
  • You must have a Cumulative Level of 20,000, the hybrid Grandmaster Bombardier (Battle Alchemy + Archery) and cleared the Dark Dreams of a Winter Wind quest to start this questline.
    • To start the questline, speak to Laoire about Promising Arcana Candidates and choose Alchemic Sharpshooter.
    • Giant Characters can have access to this storyline granted they have reached Grandmaster Battle Alchemy and cleared the other requisite quests.
    • Giant Characters can proceed with the Alchemic Sharpshooter Link Quests regardless of the link level of the Arcana talent.
  • Most NPCs in this questline will have additional dialogue if you speak to them between quest requirements.
    • Pan Speech Bubble Sticker.png If you have recruited Rowan, Cowenna and/or Eochaid to the Arcana Association, additional dialogue may occur.

NPCs involved in The Fourfold Path of the Arrowhead

[Alchemic Sharpshooter] The Fourfold Path of the Arrowhead

Alchemic Sharpshooter Quest Icon.pngLoiscneach's Transmutation.png
Name The Fourfold Path of the Arrowhead NPC Laoire, Loiscneach

The first formal report from Sliab Mis is supposed to arrive today. Shall we look it over together? --Laoire

Arcana - Loiscneach 01.png

Link Quests

[Link 1] A Hollow Vision in the Smoke

Name A Hollow Vision in the Smoke NPC

[Link 3] ??

Name NPC

[Link 5] ??

Name NPC