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Grave with Violets Placed on Top

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For the script of this quest, see Script - Grave with Violets Placed on Top.

Grave with Violets on Top

How to start

Grave with Violets Placed on Top is a sidequest that takes place during or immediately after Generation 9: Alchemist. It gives insight into Cai's backstory. After having started Generation 9, Talk to Pierrick using the keyword "Nearby Rumors." He will give you the "Grave with Violets Placed on Top" keyword.

Completion of this quest will award you the "Friend of Pierrick" (+10 Luck, +10 MaxHP, and +20 Will) title.

NPCs involved in Grave with Violets Placed on Top

Grave with Violets Placed on Top

Synthesized Violet.png
Name The Elf's Request NPC Pierrick

Fresh violets can always be found in the Taillteann Cemetery. I've been looking for violets, too, and I'd appreciate it if you could tell me where to find them. - Pierrick

Grave with Violets on Top - 01.png
  1. Talk to any 3 of the Taillteann NPCs (except Andras, Granat, Karpfen and Eabha [You may talk to Eabha third though]) using the keyword given.
  2. Talk to Eabha using the same keyword. Eabha will give you a Violet Seed.
  3. Drop the Violet Seed onto the altar of Fiodh Dungeon.
  4. Talk to Eabha with the Purple Violet in your inventory.
  5. Synthesize a Synthesized Violet.
  6. Deliver the Synthesized Violet to Pierrick. He will give you the title "Friend of Pierrick".
    • The title adds +10 Luck, +10 MaxHP, and +20 Will
    • A cutscene will start after you hand the violet to Pierrick.
  • You will be awarded 50,000 EXP for completing the quest.