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Beast Quest

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Future content.png As of Generation 16, Season 2, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
This content has been replaced by Generation 2.
This feature may still be used provided one had access to it before it was altered.
  • Once Giants reach level 5, the following chain of quests will start automatically upon log-in.

Krug's Summoning Order

How to Get Quest

Log in after reaching level 5.

Briefing This is an order from the Physis Giant King! Come see me immediately. -Krug-
  • Meeting with Krug
  • 2000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Krug gives you the keyword "Ancient Giant's Power" to ask around about. (You have to talk to all NPCs of Vales,then talk to Krug)

The Greatest Honor

  • This quest requires that you wait roughly a minute to receive owl after talking to Krug*
How to Get Quest

Using the keyword "Ancient Giant's Power", talk to Taunes,Weide,Zeder,and Wanst then to Krug.

Briefing Inheriting the power of ancient Giants is the greatest honor as a Physis Giant. -Krug-
  • Talk with Krug
  • Sketch a Giant Bandersnatch
    • Buy sketch paper if necessary.
    • Giant Bandersnatch is the boss of Par Ruins (Normal). It is slow moving and not very difficult to sketch.
    • You must make this sketch yourself while doing this quest. If you have a pre-existing one, you will need to make another.
  • Deliver Sketch to Krug
  • Sketch a Stone Horse Keeper
    • Stone Horse Keeper is the boss of Karu Forest Ruins
    • The easiest variant of Karu to sketch the Stone Horse Keeper in is the Pot-belly Spider Venom Sac Artifact Ruins. The Keeper can be found with two horses somewhere on the 2nd floor of this dungeon, and all other enemies are weaker than most found in Karu Normal.
    • Sketching the Stone Horse Keeper is NOT as easy as you think! The Stone Horses may aggro you if you try to sketch it, due to their wide Aggro Range. Remember that Giants do not have Play Dead or Hide to escape easily.
    • An easy way to sketch the boss is to have another player (human or elf) aggro all the Horse and the Keeper, then use Play Dead. The Horse and Keeper will still target the faker, but not attack. Remember that they cannot switch aggro in that phase, so it will be easy enough to sketch the Stone Horse Keeper.
    • But they will aggro you after 20-30 secs - more than enough seconds to sketch.
  • Deliver sketch to Krug
  • 5000 Experience Points
Additional Information

All sketches must be done by yourself and cannot be bought. You will receive the quest 1 or 2 minutes after talking to Taunes and Krug

Investigate Giant Marks

  • Equip the "Explorer of Rano" Title (To obtain this title, you must visit every landmark in the Rano region excluding the "Monkey" mark). Now talk to Alexina at Qilla Base Camp using the keyword "Book of the Ancient Giants." She will give you the option to choose one quest out of three. If the quest you have chosen is too hard and you cannot complete it, you can quit the quest and talk to her again to choose another one. It's recommended to get some medals while you're at the landmarks.

The three quests to choose from are:

Infiltrate Filia

How to Get Quest

Complete the selected Investigate Giant Marks quest

Briefing A new discovery has been made regarding the Book of the Ancient Giants. -Alexina
  • Talk to Alexina
  • Deliver Book of the Ancient Giants to Atrata
  • 5500 Experience Points
Additional Information

Unlike mainstream quest books, the Book of the Ancient Giants that Alexina gives you cannot be opened and read.

The Elf guards at Filia will attack and kill you if they see you. They have far range and extremely high damage with their bows. Avoid being seen at all costs. You may safely stand behind buildings and the ornamental pillars around Filia.

If you talk to any other NPC in Filia, they will alert the guards.

It may be useful to bring elf or neutral/elf-allied human friends to help with reconnaissance to see if a guard is on its way towards you.

One can also easily pass through the white pillars near the sheep to the East for a usually guard-free entry, though a mount will help. A flying mount will allow you to fly straight to Atrata and back out without ever having to worry about the guards.

While some elf guards have a fixed position at one of the paths entering Filia, the others circle the lake in a clockwise direction, periodically stopping for a random length of time before moving on a random distance. When the game restarts after maintenance, these circling guards all start at the same location, and over time the random effects cause them to gradually separate from each other. (Some Giant Guards at Physis, and mustangs and ostriches in Rano have the same behaviour, starting in a group and gradually spreading out.) It is easier to avoid the guards immediately after maintenance when they are still travelling in a single group as opposed to later when they are spread out.

Continent Warp may be useful to escape after you've spoken with Atrata.

The Ancient Giants and the Giants

How to Get Quest

Complete Infiltrate Filia

Briefing A book arrived from Atrata. I will be waiting at the Qilla Base Camp. -Alexina
  • Talk to Alexina
  • 4500 Experience Points
Additional Information

Alexina will give you Book of the Ancient Giants, a collection book in which to put ancient medals of each of the landmarks in Physis and Rano. Medals are found in hidden chests on landmarks via Exploration.

  • Chests tend to spawn in the same vicinities on landmarks, throughout channels. If you, or someone else finds a chest on a landmark, change channels, and you may find a chest in the same approximate area.
  • Medals depicting Rano landmarks can only be found in Rano. Likewise, medals of Physis landmarks are only found in Physis.
    • You will find medals for different landmarks on any given landmark (in that region). It is still best to visit multiple landmarks, as one individual landmark may not always possess all landmark medals. If you try to put the a medal that you already have into your book, it will display "Not a collectible item"

When you have placed all the medals in the book, 'read' the book, and press Complete.

  • Upon completion of the book, you will receive the transformation skills.