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Andras's Story

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For the script of this sidequest, see Script - Andras' Story.

Andras's Story

Andras's story is a sidequest that takes place immediately after Generation 9: Alchemist. It provides insight on Andras and her first meeting with Elatha.

How to start

NPCs involved in Andras's Story

The Elf's Request

Granat.pngMemory Tower Fragment.png Name The Elf's Request NPC Granat

I would like to request a favor from you. Would you please come see me?

  1. Talk to Granat.
  2. Talk to Castanea. She will give you Castanea's Letter.
  3. Talk to Andras.
  4. Talk to Castanea. She will give you Castanea's Emerald Arrow that you must drop onto the Longa Desert Ruins altar.
    • The dungeon is a normal Longa Emerald. The only exception is the boss, which is 4 Emerald Beetles, 3 Black Pythons and 3 White Pythons.
    • You may bring up to eight partymates.
    • Make sure to pick up the Memory Tower Fragment (2 x 2) from the reward chest at the end.
      • Note: Only party leaders can pick up memory fragments. Though if you try to change the party leader it will not work, the fragment will go still go to the original leader.
  5. Talk to Castanea.
  6. Deliver the block to Andras.
  • You will be awarded 11,000 EXP for completing the quest.

Andras's Past

Andras.pngElatha's Arrow Chain.png Name Andras's Past NPC Andras

Things have calmed down a bit. Could you stop by when you can? - Andras

  1. Talk to Andras. She will give you Elatha's Arrow Chain, a 2x2-sized item.
  2. Drop the chain onto Rabbie Dungeon's altar to start the solo RP dungeon.
    • There will be a cut scene.
    • You will RP as a 10-year old Andras.
      • All of Andras's offensive Magic exceeds Rank 6.
        • Regardless whether she gains a Short Bow from the monsters, she is unable to equip it.
    • It is the difficulty, and monster spawn of a normal Rabbie. However instead of 2, it has 3 floors.
    • When you reach the boss room, you do not fight a boss, but watch a cutscene.
  3. Talk to Andras. She will give you a choice between a Taillteann Two-handed Sword and Andras's Bow.
    • Warning: You will not be asked directly which item you want. Andras will ask you a question and you will need to answer it to get the item of your choice.
  • You will be awarded 11,000 EXP for completing the quest.