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Generation 1: Advent of the Goddess (Pre-Genesis)

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Future content.png As of Generation 16, Season 2, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
This content has been replaced by G1 Genesis.
This feature may still be used provided one had access to it before it was altered.

Generation 2: Paladin (Pre-Genesis) >

Spoiler icon.png This article contains spoilers.
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G1 Title.png
Chapter 1 2 Mainstream Icon.png
  • If you're character was made after June 29th, 2012; they will instead receive the new Generation 1.
  • Players may continue the Pregensis Quest Chain if they avoid talking to the Lorna NPC.
  • You must be Level 5 or higher in order to begin the mainstream scenario.
  • Giants and Elves cannot do this Generation, but they may still assist in its dungeons.
  • An assisting Human player cannot transform into their Paladin or Dark Knight form in most dungeons, but an Elf/Giant may use Falcon/Beast.

Optional: Character Selection in 3-player RP dungeons

  • The second player to join will always play Mari.
  • Ruairi will always be the third player who joined the party.
  • If you are running consecutive RP dungeons, this does not change either. Ex. If you were Mari on the first RP, and then the leader(who made the party) is swapped from player 1 to player 3, you will still be Mari on the second run.
  • The position in the Party does not matter. To ensure that a player gets to play who they want, create a new party and have them join in that order.
  • Ultimately this makes no difference unless your RP partners prefer range or melee, or just does not want to be a girl or a guy.

Generation 1: Advent of the Goddess, also known as The Advent of Morrighan, is the beginning of Chapter 1 and of Mabinogi: Fantasy Life. A character known as the Milletian descends into the world of Erinn and its first continent, Uladh. There, the Milletian meets a tribe of Humans known as the Tuatha de Danann who constantly combat monsters known as the Fomorian. As the plot unravels, a plane known as Tir Na Nog is uncovered. Mainly, the story revolves around the Goddess Morrighan, however the sinister Fomorian God known as Cichol has other plans for Humanity's Goddess.

NPCs involved in Advent of the Goddess

The Snowy Hills of Sidhe Sneachte

100pxLost Earring.png Name The Snowy Hills of Sidhe Sneachte NPC Duncan

Requirement: Level 5 or higher
Instruction: Find the earring.


  1. Upon logging in, you will see a cutscene of the Goddess, Morrighan, who is asking you for help. Wait a few minutes for an owl to bring you a quest (takes about 5 minutes or so).
  2. Find a lost earring among countless snowmen in the field of Sidhe Sneachta. A bulletin board in the snowfield will provide a vital clue in distinguishing the lone snowman within which the earring is to be found from all the others.
    • Look for the snowman with 16 teeth, then hit it repeatedly until you get the earring.
    • The snowman is located almost directly south of the portal to the Northern Field of Sidhe Sneachta, four snowmen down.
    • You must be the one to find it; you cannot accept another player's earring.
    • As of the new update, the snowman with the lost earring has a sparkling effect.
    • Snowman1.jpg
    • Snowman2.jpg

The Three Missing Warriors

Generation 01 - Missing Warriors.png Name The Three Missing Warriors NPC Bear

Requirement: Level 10 or Higher and Mana Herb × 2~5
Instruction: Give Mana Herbs to the bear and use necessary keywords.


  1. Talk with the NPC Bear at the altar far to the north of Sidhe Sneachta.
    • The NPC is a bear during the day, from 6:00 to 17:59, and is in human form during the night, from 18:00 to 5:59.
    • Duncan says the bear likes Mana Herbs, so gift the bear a Mana Herb by picking one from your inventory and dropping it onto him. Talk to him, and gift another herb, and talk again in a cycle until he gives you a keyword.
      (Give 1 Mana Herb → Conversation → Give 1 Mana Herb …→ Keyword "Tarlach" is obtained)
    • Mana Herbs can be found as a reward for doing Alby Dungeon, as well as in numerous other ways.
      • Because of the new update, the previous quest will reward you 8 Mana Herbs.
    • It usually takes about 2-5 of the Mana Herbs to obtain the keyword.
  2. Ask Duncan regarding the keyword "Tarlach". Obtain the keyword "3 Missing Warriors".
  3. (Optional) Ask Lassar regarding the new keyword. She will suggest talking to Stewart in Dunbarton. (You may skip directly to Stewart.)
  4. Ask Stewart about the keyword. He will give you Tarlach's Locket (space: 2x1) and Red Wing of Goddess, which allows one and his/her party to instantly teleport to Alby Dungeon.
    • Note: You must be the leader of the party, or only you will teleport. Keep this in mind, as it applies to all other wings in the future.

RP Quest - The Third Warrior

Generation 01 - Tarlach's Locket 01.pngTarlach's Locket.png Name Tarlach's Locket NPC -

Requirement: 3-person Role-playing (RP) quest
(Party Leader=Tarlach, Members=Mari & Ruairi)
Instruction: Clear the RP dungeon.


Important: Note that you must be the party leader if you want your party to enter the dungeon of your dropped item.

  1. While in a 3-person party, drop Tarlach's Locket onto the altar of Alby Dungeon.
    • The dungeon contains Alby Normal monsters, though the dungeon itself is slightly longer than an Alby Normal Dungeon.
    • See the note at the beginning of this page for how to pick Mari or Ruairi (The person dropping the item will always be Tarlach.)
    • Note: If one member disconnects from the RP, you must restart the entire dungeon as prior to defeating the boss will result as a "Failure."
      • In order to re-obtain the pass, you must head back to the NPC that gave you the pass and use the Keyword that allowed the NPC to give you the pass. Keep this in mind, as it applies in the future.
        • Alternatively, you may drop the pass and speak to the NPC with the same keyword to receive another pass while quickly picking up the dropped pass, as you will now have two or more passes to use.
          • If you decide to perform this method, you must discard all the passes after completing the dungeon as the passes can no longer be used.
  2. Upon clearing the RP dungeon, you will obtain the keyword "Goddess Morrighan".

The Story of Goddess Turned into a Stone

Morrighan 1.jpg Name The Story of Goddess Turned Into a Stone NPC Meven

Instruction: Learn details about the mysterious goddess.


  1. Talk to Duncan using the keyword "Goddess Morrighan", and he will then direct you to Meven, Tir Chonaill's priest.
  2. Talk to Meven using the same keyword. Obtain the new keyword "Night of Sidhe Sneachta" and the book The Goddess Who Turned into Stone.
    Then, he will suggest going to Sidhe Sneachta during the nighttime.
  3. Use the keyword "Night of Sidhe Sneachta" on Tarlach and obtain the keyword "The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog".

The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog

Book Seal.png Name The Land of Eternity,
Tir Na Nog
NPC Aeira

Instruction: Obtain the book The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog.


  1. Talk to Aeira using the newly obtained keyword. She recalls that the book is no longer in stock.
  2. Talk to Aeira with the keyword again. She explains that the publisher has decided to print another volume of it. Wait a few minutes until the owl delivers a quest.
  3. After receiving the quest, talk to Aeira to obtain the book The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog.
  4. Read it to obtain the keyword "Paradise".
  5. Talk to Tarlach using the newly obtained keyword. He will take your book and give you a Brown Fomor Pass and a Red Wings of Goddess, which allows one and his/her party to instantly teleport to Barri Dungeon.

Brown Fomor Pass

Generation 01 - Brown Pass.pngBrown Fomor Pass.png Name Brown Fomor Pass NPC -

Requirement: 1~3 person (people) only
Instruction: Clear the dungeon created using Brown Fomor Pass.


Important: Ensure that you are the party leader before dropping the pass on the altar

  1. Drop the Brown Fomor Pass on the altar of Barri Dungeon.
  2. Enter the boss chamber and obtain the "Fomor Medal" Keyword.
    • The boss room consists of a Black Wizard and 3 Wisps.
      • It is recommended to take out the wisps first if you are soloing.
  3. Obtain a Fomor Medal from the reward chest. It may come out of a partymate's reward chest instead of your own, so make sure to check theirs if you did not receive it from yours (hold down the Left ALT key for a better view of dropped items). Please keep this in mind.
    • Note: Other party members can pick up the Fomor Medal, but it can be dropped and picked back up.
    • Note: If you have disconnected after obtaining the keyword but before you have obtained the Fomor Medal, you must repeat the dungeon.

Medal of Priests

Generation 01 - Fomor Medal Front.png
Fomor Medal.png
Name Evil Medal NPC Comgan

  1. Talk to Comgan in Bangor, Kristell in Dunbarton, and Endelyon in Tir Chonaill using the keyword "Fomor Medal", then ask Meven.
    • Important: Meven will not give the new keyword until you have talked to the other three.
    • You can also talk to Meven first and then Comgan and he will give you the new keyword.
  2. You should have the keyword "Priest's Token" after this.

Goro's Ring

Goro's Ring.png Name Goro's Ring NPC Goro

Requirement: Clear Goro's Ciar Dungeon and bring back his ring.


  1. Talk to Goro (in the Alby Battle Arena lobby) using the "Priest's Token" keyword.
  2. He states that the words on the back of the Fomor Medal are "Dul Brau Dairam Shanon" and that he will translate it if the player obtains a ring for him from Ciar Dungeon. The "Find Goro's Ring" quest and "Goro's Ciar Fomor Pass" will be received by owl, once the player leaves Alby Dungeon.
  3. Enter Ciar Dungeon using "Goro's Ciar Fomor Pass."
    • The dungeon must be done solo.
    • It is about the same dungeon as Ciar Beginner.
    • The ring is 2x2 in size, so ensure there is enough room in the player's inventory. It comes from the dungeon's end room reward chest.
    • If the pass is somehow lost, talk to Goro with the keyword again. He will provide another one.
  4. Present the recovered ring to Goro. He reveals the script's meaning, "Goddess, please lend me the moonlight...". Complete the quest and receive the new keyword "Dul Brau Dairam Shanon".
  5. Talk to Tarlach regarding the new keyword. He states that Goro's translation is incorrect, and states that the true meaning of the script is "Oh Goddess. Please bestow me with your powers."
  6. Optional: Talk to Goro using the fixed keyword. He offers an apology, and to make up for this, reveals that a traitorous Succubus is living and hiding in Dunbarton.

RP Quest - Succubus

Generation 01 - Tarlach's Glasses Pouch.pngTarlach's Glasses Pouch.png Name Tarlach's Pocket
for Glasses
NPC Kristell

Instruction: Clear the Rabbie RP dungeon (as Tarlach)


  1. Talk to Kristell using the keyword "Dul Brau Dairam Shanon". She will hand over "Tarlach's Glasses Pouch" and a "Red Wing of Goddess" to Rabbie Dungeon.
    • Drop Tarlach's Glasses Pouch on the altar of Rabbie Dungeon.
    • The dungeon is the same as a normal Rabbie Dungeon, and thus, can be rather long.
    • It is recommended to get Tarlach the Counterattack skill by melee-ing a Skeleton or Skeleton Wolf while it is in Counterattack stance.
    • You can switch to the Mandolin as your main weapon for the added Critical and Balance.
    • The boss is a Succubus form of Kristell, who will aggro you if you are in range.
      • It is recommended to use fully-charged Firebolt on her.
    • This dungeon can only be done solo.
  2. Upon her defeat you will obtain the keyword "Kristell's Past".
  3. Talk to Kristell using this keyword and obtain the keyword "Kristell's Message". She will direct you to Tarlach.
  4. Talk to Tarlach with the keyword "Kristell's Message". Tarlach will want you to ask Kristell to translate the Book of Evil.

Book of Evil Part 1

Generation 01 - Book of Revenge.pngBook of Fomor.png Name Tarlach's Pocket
for Glasses
NPC Kristell

Requirement: Holy Water of Lymilark × 1
Instruction: Obtain Book of Evil.


  1. Complete the quest by talking to Kristell. She will ask you to wait until she finishes translating the book.
  2. After receiving Kristell's owl, talk to Kristell again. She refuses to give you the book.
  3. Talk to Tarlach. He asks the player to retrieve something that he entrusted to Meven.
  4. Meven directs the player to Lassar. Complete the quest and obtain the keyword "Meven's Request".
  5. Talk to Lassar using the new keyword and be sure to have a Holy Water of Lymilark. She vows to send an owl when she's ready. Wait in a place where it is possible to receive an owl's message (i.e. outside the school).

Book of Evil Part 2

Generation 01 - Black Rose.pngBlack Rose.png Name Black Rose NPC Lassar

Give the Black Rose to Kristell.


  1. Once an owl delivers Lassar's message, retrieve the Black Rose (space: 1x2) from Lassar, then return to Tarlach.
  2. Tarlach requests that the rose be given to Kristell.
  3. Bring the Black Rose to Kristell and complete the quest. Obtain the translated volume of The Book of Revenge.

The Book of Revenge

Generation 01 - Mores Past.pngBook Seal.png Name The Book of
NPC Duncan

Give the Black Rose to Kristell.


  1. Read The Book of Revenge and obtain the keyword "Mores".
  2. Talk to Duncan using the keyword "Mores" and obtain a new keyword "Mores Gwydion".
  3. Talk to Tarlach using the new keyword and obtain the keyword "Mores' Lost Property". He will direct you to Eavan.
  4. (Optional) Talk to Eavan of Dunbarton about "Mores' Lost Property". She will direct you to Kristell.
  5. Talk to Kristell using the same keyword and obtain object A Half of a Torque (space: 1x1) and a Red Wings of Goddess which allows one to instantly teleport to Math Dungeon.

RP Quest - Mores

Generation 01 - Broken Ring torque.pngHalf of a Torque.png Name A Half of a Torque NPC -

Requirement: 1-person RP dungeon
Instruction: Clear Mores' RP dungeon


  1. Drop A Half of a Torque onto the altar of Math Dungeon.
    • It is about a third to half of a normal Math Dungeon.
    • Mores is an incredibly powerful Druid who has rank 1 of Icebolt, Firebolt & Lightning Bolt. In addition, he has the ability to Chain Cast bolts.
    • Lightning bolt will serve you best for mobs as it hits multiple targets, clearing large mobs and mimic pits.
    • Boss is 6 Ghost Armors, but you only need to defeat 3 to view the cutscene that will end the RP.
  2. You will obtain the keyword "Morrighan's Revenge" upon completion.

Wizard's Note

Generation 01 - Note.pngNote.png Name Wizard's Note NPC Duncan

Obtain The Book of Revenge, Vol. II


  1. (Optional) Talk to Kristell using the keyword "Morrighan's Revenge".
  2. Talk to Duncan using the same keyword. He wants to read "The Book of Revenge."
  3. Talk to Tarlach. He will give you the book.
  4. Bring the book to Duncan. He is under the impression that the book is actually a trilogy. He then asks that you retrieve the other 2 parts of the book.
  5. Talk to Kristell. She suggests talking to Aeira.
  6. Complete the quest and receive an owl from Aeira.
  7. Talk to Aeira. Complete the quest to receive the "Wizard's Note" keyword and the item (space: 1x1). She will also give a Red Wings of Goddess to Ciar Dungeon.
  8. Drop the Wizard's Note on the altar of Ciar. It is a normal Ciar Dungeon, and you may bring a party along.
    • If you lose the note or fail the dungeon, use the keyword on Aeira to receive another.
    • Ciar Dungeon is somewhat of a distance from Dunbarton. It is recommended to have a Wings of Goddess in Dunbarton then use the Red Wings of Goddess to Ciar without exiting the Ciar lobby; the normal Wings of Goddess will still be under Dunbarton. This will save traveling time.
  9. Obtain The Book of Revenge, Vol II inside the reward chest.

The Book of Revenge, Volume II

Book.png Name Book of the
Revenge, Volume II
NPC Duncan

Translate The Book of Revenge, Volume II.


  1. Ask Kristell to translate The Book of Revenge, Vol II.
  2. An owl will notify the player when Kristell has completed translating the text. Talk to Kristell and obtain the translated volume.
  3. Show the translated text to Duncan, who will then ask for the third volume.
  4. Talk to Aeira and complete the quest. Wait for her owl.

Investigation of the third volume of the Book of Revenge

Father's Present.png Name Father's Present NPC Aeira

Look for The Book of Revenge, Volume III.


  1. Talk to Aeira. She says Lassar has the last part.
  2. Talk to Lassar, who will refer you to Seumas.
  3. Seumas asks a favor in return for handing over the book. He wants the player to deliver an item (space: 2x2) to his son, Sion. He is in Bangor next to the mill.
    • Clear the current quest before delivering the item or Sion will not take it.
  4. Obtain The Book of Revenge, Vol III from Seumas.
  5. Talk to Kristell to ask for her to translate it.
  6. An owl soon arrives from Kristell. Talk to her and obtain the translated text.

The Book of Revenge, Volume III

100px Name The Book of Revenge, Volume III [translated] NPC Duncan

Investigate the content of the book.


  1. Read The Book of Revenge, Vol III [translated] and obtain the keyword "Glas Ghaibhleann".
  2. Talk to Duncan using the keyword "Glas Ghaibhleann" and lend him the translated text. The keyword "Destructive Glas Ghaibhleann" should be given to you, and you are directed to find Bryce in Bangor.
  3. Talk to Bryce using the keyword. Obtain the new keyword "Glas Ghaibhleann's Bone" and the book The Embodiment of Destruction, Glas Ghaibhleann.

Embodiment of Destruction, Glas Ghaibhleann

100px Name Embodiment of Destruction, Glas Ghaibhleann NPC Duncan

Investigation of Glas Ghaibhleann


  1. Talk to Duncan using the keyword "Glas Ghaibhleann's Bone". He will refer you to Tarlach.
  2. Talk to Tarlach using the same keyword, and agree to find him a "Magic Power of Preservation", which is found in Fiodh. You will be given a quest for this as well as a Red Wings of the Goddess that will take you to Fiodh.

Magic Powder of Preservation

Magic Powder.png Name Magic Powder
of Preservation
NPC Tarlach

Find the powder at Fiodh Dungeon.


  1. Drop any item onto Fiodh Dungeon's altar. You may bring a party.
    • It is the same as a normal Fiodh dungeon.
  2. Obtain the Magic Powder of Preservation from the dungeon reward chest. As with the Fomor Medal quest, the magic powder may come from any reward chest, so be sure to check your partymates' chests if you did not get it from yours.
    • Bug: Sometimes if the Powder appears in other player's chests, they can pick it up, but then they cannot give it to you. If this happens, you will have to repeat the dungeon.
    • Multiple players doing this quest can each get a Magic Powder of Preservation at the reward chamber without having to repeat the dungeon.
    • The powder can also be obtained while helping with the G3 Fiodh dungeon.
  3. Give Tarlach the powder and receive Tarlach's Preserved Broken Glasses and a Red Wing of Goddess which allows you and your party to instantly teleport to Rabbie Dungeon.

RP Quest - Rabbie Dungeon

Generation 01 - Tarlach's Glasses.pngTarlach's Preserved Broken Glasses.png Name Tarlach's Preserved
Broken Glasses

Requirement: 3-person RP quest (Party leader=Tarlach, Members=Mari, Ruairi)
Instruction: Clear the RP dungeon.


  1. Drop the pair of glasses on the altar of Rabbie Dungeon while in a 3-person party.
    • The dungeon is 2 floors long and is similar to Albey Normal, except the last floor only contains the boss.
    • The room containing the miniboss is already enclosed when you reach it. Simply click the door to enter it.
    • The miniboss is 7 Ghost Armors. Once those are defeated, the Boss, Dark Lord will appear.
    • The Dark Lord has 100% Protection against both magic and melee, so only Mari can defeat him. He will drop his Boss Key which allows you to open the boss room door and end the RP.
      • While the Dark Lord is immune to the attacks of Tarlach and Ruairi, they can still aid Mari by serving as a distraction.
    • Unlike the first RP with the Three Warriors, Mari has a "prototype" version of Arrow Revolver. Unlike the original version, the prototype must manually have the charges loaded, similar to Icebolt.
    • Trivia: When you open the boss door, you can see some Black Town Rats, but you cannot do anything to them. The dungeon ends when you open the door.
      • Trivia: If Tarlach disconnects during the final cutscene, the Ruairi and Mari players can kill the aformentioned Black Town Rats and open the treasure room. No rewards are present in the chests and you may use the statue to exit the dungeon.
    • See the note at the beginning of this page for how to pick Mari or Ruairi (The person dropping the item will always be Tarlach.)
  2. Clear the dungeon and obtain the keyword "Morrighan's Betrayal".

The Pendant from Goddess

Pendant of the Goddess.png Name The Pendant
from Goddess
NPC Duncan

Investigation of the goddess & obtain the Pendant from Goddess.


  1. Talk to Tarlach or Duncan with "Morrighan's Betrayal".
    • Talking to either NPC will flag the needed pre-login scene. Change channels or logout/login to see the cutscene. You will obtain the keyword "Goddess' Request" and the Pendant from the Goddess. "Morrighan's Betrayal" will be removed upon the scene being viewed.
  2. (Optional) Talk to Tarlach with "Goddess' Request".
  3. Talk to Duncan using "Goddess' Request" and obtain the keyword "How to Reach Tir Na Nog". He refers you to Tarlach on this subject.
  4. (Optional) Bring the "How to Reach Tir Na Nog" keyword to Tarlach. He gives you a warning that Tir Na Nog is dangerous and you cannot resurrect without the help of friends.
  5. Wait 3 Erinn-Time hours (about 4 and a half minutes real-time) to receive a quest from Duncan. Talk to him again to receive The Other Half of a Torque and complete the quest to obtain Red Wings of Goddess which allows one or more to instantly teleport to Math Dungeon.

RP Quest - Shiela's Memory

G1 Torque02.pngOther Half of a Torque.png Name The Other Half
of a Torque

Requirement: 2-person RP quest (Party leader=Shiela, Member=Mores)
Instruction: Clear the RP dungeon.


  1. While in a 2-person party, drop the torque on the altar of Math Dungeon.
    • If you somehow lose the Torque, see Eavan of Dunbarton using the keyword "Broken Torque" for another Torque.
    • This RP is exactly the same thing as the Mores' RP, except the scenes are played from Shiela's perspective.
    • Note: Even though she is technically an incorporeal ghost, Shiela is still a regular character and can be attacked and killed by enemies.
  2. Clear the dungeon and obtain the keyword "Cichol".
  3. (Optional) Talk to Tarlach about this new keyword.

Kristell's Request

TitleScroll.png Name - NPC Kristell

Requirement: Titles stated below while level 25 or higher
Instruction: Slay monsters threatening Kristell.


  1. (Optional) Continuing from [The Pendant from Goddess], talk with Duncan.
  2. Talk to Kristell using the keyword "How to Reach to Tir Na Nog". She demands that you prove your strength and bravery.
    • Equip one of these titles:
      • "the Bear Slayer at 10"
        • Obtained by defeating a Bear at the age of 10.
      • "the Bear Slayer with Bare Hands"
        • Obtained by defeating a Bear with no weapons; just your hands.
      • "the Bear Slayer with a Single Blow"
        • Obtained by defeating a Bear with a single hit.
      • "the Golem Slayer"
        • Obtained by defeating a Golem.
      • "the Golem Slayer with a Single Blow"
        • Obtained by defeating a Golem with a single hit.
      • "the Ogre Slayer"
        • Obtained by defeating an Ogre.
      • "the Strong"
        • Obtained by leveling up with 200 or more Strength.
      • Note: Kristell is NOT impressed by "The Succubus Slayer" title.
    • You must also be current-level 25 or higher. Even if you have the right title on, Kristell tells you to just forget about going, and does not give you the quest unless you meet this level requirement.
  3. Meet the requirements above and talk to Kristell again using the same keyword.
  4. You are given a quest which instructs you to slay 1 of each of the following monsters in order.
  5. Talk to Kristell and complete the quest. You will obtain a Black Evil Pass and a Red Wings of Goddess to Barri Dungeon.
  6. Exit the client and re-login (or simply switch channels) to see the third message from the goddess to obtain the keyword " Breaker of the Seal of Another World".
    • You must have completed the Sheila's Memory RP Quest. If you do not relog (or change channels) you can still enter the dungeon but you cannot open the door to Another World.

The Seal Breaker of Another World

Generation 01 - Black Pass.pngBlack Evil Pass.png Name Black Evil Pass NPC -

Requirement: Party of 1~3, Only one has to be 25+ to open the door; Samhain (Saturday)
Instruction: Go to Another World through Barri Dungeon.
Please note that to continue the story, you CANNOT skip this dungeon.


Important: Ensure that you are the party leader before dropping the pass on the altar

  1. Drop the Black Evil Pass on the altar of Barri Dungeon on Samhain (Saturday).
  2. Defeat monsters in the boss chamber (Wisp × 4, Flying Sword × 3) and open the door in the reward chamber.
  3. Take the portal connecting Erinn and Another World. The player who had dropped Black Evil Pass will acquire the title the Seal Breaker of Another World upon entering Another World.
    • Nao Soul Stones cannot be used in Another World.
    • Since repairing of equipment is not possible, prepare well before entering Another World.
    • Bare necessities (Health/Stamina Potions, Bandages, Phoenix Feathers) are sold by the NPC Dougal.
    • Arrows cannot be purchased. However, Dingos found around Another World drop arrows frequently.
    • Another World also lacks Goddess' statues inside dungeons, so only party members are able to resuscitate unconscious players.
    • If a party is wiped out inside a dungeon and a player has dropped an equipment upon death, it is impossible to regain the item without returning to Erinn if the player respawns in Another World. However, by forcing a logout from Mabinogi the player will reappear at the entrance shrine of Albey Dungeon (Alby's Another World counterpart) and can be revived to collect the equipment.
      • Type "/logout" to log-out if this happens.
    • You may also use the Housing Flyer method to return to Tir Na Nog at any time.

Bind Magic

Full Recovery Potion.png Name Bind Magic NPC Dougal

(Optional, strongly recommended) Investigation of Added Soul Phenomenon (Can also be obtained by all races)


Note: This quest is available to all characters and races at any time. Anyone can do this quest.

  1. Talk to Dougal. His owl will soon deliver a quest.
  2. Kill 10 zombies in graveyard area.
  3. After clearing the quest, one can revive near Dougal when knocked unconscious, in Tir Chonaill (Another World). It also gives 5 Full Recovery Potions as a reward.

Collecting Pieces of Black Orb

Generation 01 - Black Orb Piece.png Name A Piece of the Black Orb NPC Dougal

Requirement: Small Green Gem, Small Blue Gem, Small Red Gem, Small Silver Gem
Instruction: Collect 4 Pieces of Black Orb in Albey Dungeon.


  1. Drop each colored gem on the altar of Albey Dungeon and clear all.
  2. Strike the black orb at the reward chamber five times to obtain a Piece of the Black Orb.
    (Only 1 piece can be obtained for each dungeon.)
  3. After obtaining 4 pieces, buy a quest from Dougal and combine them into one.
    • The pieces are tradeable, as well as the completed orb. Therefore, the pieces and orb can be mailed or vended through a Personal Shop.
    • You can drop them but no one can loot them. In other words, drop-trading these items is not allowed. You must manually trade them.
    • You may bring up to 8 people while doing the gem dungeons.
  4. The Bosses of each dungeon are as follows:

Black Orb Dungeon

Generation 01 - Black Orb.png Name The Black Orb NPC Dougal

Requirement: 1~3-persons party, leader must have "the Seal-Breaker of Another World" title (does not need to be equipped)
Instruction: Clear Black Orb Dungeon.


  1. Drop Black Orb on the altar of Albey Dungeon.
    • If all party members are knocked unconscious, there is no choice but to obtain another Black Orb, or have another player outside the dungeon use an Advanced Feather on one party member.
    • If the party leader disconnects, the other members can continue. However, upon opening the boss room they will be removed from the dungeon and receive a failure cinematic
    • This dungeon consists of 2 floors, and has (many) rooms containing Light Gargoyles.
    • Note: Aiding humans cannot transform into a Paladin nor Dark Knight, but Elves and Giants are able to become Falcons and Beasts, respectively. All races are capable of changing into Awakening of Light, however.
  2. Defeat the boss (six Ghost Armors). Watch the cutscene and be immediately removed from the dungeon. You will obtain the keyword "Glas Ghaibhleann's Rebirth".
    • Note: After clearing the Black Orb, all dungeons in Albey will become darker, and there will be endless rain in Tir Na Nog until the player finishes the final dungeon.
    • Note: If players are defeated and drop their items and are revived by the time the boss is killed (at which time players are removed from the dungeon), the said item will be transported to the Lost and Found. Keep this in mind, as it applies in the future.

Glas Ghaibhleann

Pendant of the Goddess (Bind).png Name The Pendant of the Goddess (Bind) NPC Dougal

Requirement: 1~3-persons party
Instruction: Defeat Glas Ghaibhleann.


  1. Talk to Dougal using the new keyword, and give him the Pendant from the Goddess.
  2. Receive the Pendant of the Goddess (Bind) and Red Wings of Goddess allows one to instantly teleport to Albey Dungeon.
    • You do not need to use the Red Wing and it can be traded to other players if you do not use it. The Red Wing is simply an alternative to the intended method of reaching Tir Chonaill (Another World), which is through Barri on Samhain. However, there are other alternative means, such as using a Return Coupon obtained by using a Housing Flyer or House Key.
  3. Drop the pendant on the altar of Albey Dungeon.
The dungeon created consists of 6 floors. Each floor has a boss which guards it.
Hellhound × 3
Lycanthrope × 1
Heavy Gargoyle × 1
Ghost Armor × 6
Black Wizard × 1 & Wisp × 6
Dark Lord & Ghost Armor × 2
    • After clearing the dungeon up to the 6th floor boss room, you will find a Goddess Pass in a treasure chest, which will let you return to the boss room if you wish to finish the dungeon later. If you use the pass, you will find a treasure chest with a replacement pass upon entering, which means you can attempt the Dark Lord/Glas Ghaibhleann fight as many times as you wish without having to do the dungeon again from the beginning.
      • Note: If you lose the Goddess Pass, you have to do the entire dungeon again from the beginning.
    • Unlike the Dark Lord in the second "Three Warriors" RP, the Dark Lord in this dungeon is not invulnerable to melee and magic, and can be damaged by any attack.
  1. A cutscene will play followed by the battle against Glas Ghaibhleann will ensue after defeating the Dark Lord.
    • Glas Ghaibhleann summons Light Gargoyles when attacked.
      • Summoned Gargoyles will multi-aggro, and have a massive detection range.
      • Since Glas Ghaibhleann's HP recovery rate is extremely fast, players must proceed to inflict wounds.
      • The Gargoyles drop firewood or a Seal Scroll upon defeat. Burning a Seal Scroll in a campfire will increase the player's injury rate to 100% for approximately 60 seconds and effectively makes the player practically invincible by reducing all damage taken to 1. Before attacking Glas Ghaibhleann, it is recommended to collect a number of the scrolls beforehand and distribute them to the party.
      • Only one Gargoyle per summon will drop a seal scroll.
      • An easy way to make Glas summon Gargoyles is by having a pet use a magic bolt on Glas and then staying still (use the command "Stay!" or have your pet counter.)
      • Since Archers have a high wound rate percentage, it is possible to have one slowly break down Glas' HP with Magnum Shots or Critical Hits, reducing the required amount of seal scrolls necessary to completely finish off Glas.
    • As of the Generation 9 update, many attacks are capable of defeating Glas Ghaibhleann in one hit (ie- Summon Golem, Spear of Light, Wings of Rage, etc.).
    • Note: The player doing G1 does not even need to hit Glas Ghaibhleann, so if you wish to finish this quest quickly and easily, you only need to bring someone sufficiently strong to kill Glas Ghaibhleann in a few hits.
  2. Defeat Glas Ghaibhleann and clear G1 mainstream scenario. The party leader will obtain the keyword "The Knight of Light" and will acquire the title who Saved the Goddess and the enchant Goddess's.
    • All party members will return to Tir Chonaill after the credit roll. If a member does not wish to leave Another World, they must forcefully quit the game during the ending cutscene.
      • To forcefully quit the game, access the computer's Windows Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete while Mabinogi is not selected). Go into the "Processes" tab, click "Client.exe" and finally, click the End Process.

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