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Compiled list of what goes on in Vindictus, the prequel of Mabinogi: Fantasy Life.


  • A prophecy foretold that Humans would be taken to Tir Na Nog by Morrighan if the all the Fomorians were demolished. An endless war broke out between the two factions, but even after bloodshed, Morrighan still won't come.
    • There is also a Fomorian counterpart of the prophecy: Cichol would come to take the Fomors to Tir Na Nog if all the Humans were dead.
    • The human prophecy is actually a lie made up by the Pontiff's Court.


  • Legatus actually mentions the original five heroes in one of his speeches.

Characters and NPCs

  • Aodhan is the Captain of the Crimson Blade Mercenaries. He had a family (a wife and two daughters) who were killed by Fomors. He is also very overprotective of his comrades.
  • Clodagh is a cloth designer fanatic.
  • Ferghus is, like in Mabinogi, weapon breaker and beer lover. Fortunately, his repair rate is 100%, despite the "Oops, my hand slipped!" remark, though in one quest he breaks a dented brooch. His upgrade rate, however, is not.
  • Jarlath is a high-ranked magician.
  • Shayla is a sultry, sassy treasure hunter.
  • Piaras was a legendary blacksmith who created powerful, defense piercing weapons in just three strokes. He was heartbroken to see his weapons dull due to passing age and went looking for ores that would never crack or dull within the depths of Albey. Ferghus believes that a Golem made by the same ores known as Colru was actually Piaras or some embodiment of him due to his obsession.
  • Videk is a young boy who can enhance equipment and give them additional stats through elemental stones.
  • The Weird Cat appears in the Inn of Colhen known as the Strange Traveler, standing upright (like a human) while wearing a robe. Unlike the Weird Cat, he does not make any usual cat sounds; instead he speaks the human language. While obviously being a cat, he adamantly denies it.
  • Shire is a cat who sells basic, essential combat items.
  • The Guardian Spider Pet is actually a Giant White Spider known as Wenshardt.
  • Keaghan's Dragon is named Tarasque, which may have been named after Tara.
  • The NPC Brynn was apparently fatally wounded by Glas Ghaibhleann after he inadvertently summoned it, forcing him to seal himself within his Laboratory; one step out of his resting spot means certain death. This case is very similar to Tarlach's where he sealed himself in the Altar of Druids to sustain his life.
  • There is also a Pontiff's Court, similar to that of Tara's. However, the ones in Vindictus are one of the true primary antagonists.
  • Laurys, the author of Basics of Lightning Magic: the Lightning Bolt, is the head of the Pontiff's Court.
  • Tieve is the vessel of Morrighan.
  • Keaghan, who sacrificed his humanity in an attempt to prevent Tieve from becoming Morrighan, becomes Cichol.
  • BVella is name of the sixth main character who dual wields swords or chains.
  • Akule/Lelach is similar to Reilly, an elderly magician described to be insane, often expressing playfulness, but beneath that giddy emotion is seriousness.


  • Ranks and AP usage in Vindictus are the same as Mabinogi: Fantasy Life. Ranking in Vindictus is the same as ranking Transformations in Mabiongi: Fantasy Life.
  • Combat Mastery only increases the damage of regular attacks.
  • Smash is a mastery skill that increases the damage of hard-hitting or "smash" attacks.
  • Defense is a mastery skill that increases defense.
  • Critical Hit increases critical damage and critical hit rate.
  • Meditation passively generates AP over time.
  • Light Armor and Heavy Armor Proficiency increases the defense and durability, decreases the weight, and allows one to wield higher leveled equipment of the respective armor.
  • Lann's Windmill allows him to do a spin-kick after being knocked down. It does low damage but has a high knockdown rate.
  • Lann's and Vella's Twin, Fiona's Long, and Hurk's Great Sword Mastery decreases the weight of and allows them to wield higher leveled equipment of the respective sword.
  • Fiona's Long Hammer Mastery decreases the weight of and allows her to wield higher leveled Long Hammers.
  • Fiona's Shield Mastery increases the durability and decreases the weight of and allows her to wield higher leveled Shields.
  • Fiona's Guard allows her to block an enemy's attack.
  • Fiona's Counterattack allows her to counter an enemy's attack after blocking it.
  • Fiona's Taunt allows her to draw aggro from enemies.
  • Fiona's Heavy Stander allows her to defend herself from powerful attacks.
  • Fiona's Shield Charge allows her to charge forward and bash enemies with her shield.
  • Evie's Staff Mastery decreases the weight of and allows her to use higher leveled staffs.
  • Evie's Healing Corona allows her to create magic rings that heals allies who walk into it.
  • Evie's Firebolt uses a burst of concentrated heat from the tip of her staff.
  • Evie's Icebolt (a scrapped skill) fires weak, long-ranged small bursts of ice.
  • Evie's Ice Spear fires a straightforward blast that freezes most enemies upon contact, especially bosses.
  • Evie's Lightning Bolt fires a stream of lightning.
  • Evie's Fire Mastery, Ice Mastery, and Lightning Mastery increases the damage of the respective element after using consecutive elements.
  • Evie's Mana Shield creates a barrier of mana to safeguard her from attacks.
  • Evie's Create Golem allows her to summon a golem, or rather, a spirit that intakes environmental objects that becomes a golem that fights on its own.
  • Evie's Life Drain allows her to directly steal the HP of her enemies.
  • Evie can create automatic turrents known as Mana Pistols which function similarly to Tower Cylinders.
  • Karok's Weaving allows him to duck and spin around to absorb damage.
  • Kai's Bow Mastery decreases the weight of and allows him to use higher leveled bows.
  • Kai's Cross Gun Mastery decreases the weight of and allows him to use higher leveled cross guns.
  • Kai's Magnum Shot is a charged arrow that can pierce through enemies.
  • Kai's Reload allows him to reload his cross gun and add more ammunition to it.
  • Hurk's Charge is a quick dash that covers a large distance, and also reduces damage received during a certain time frame of it.
  • Hurk's Berserk increases attack power, regenerates stamina when landing attacks, and grants immunity to flinch and knockdown.
  • Hurk's Terminus has the same animation as a Human Two-Handed Sword Smash.
  • Paladins and Dark Knights are allies in a guild called the "Eight Swords." They are the weapons of Morrighan.
    • Paladins are convicted to protect those who would die before Morrighan's descent while Dark Knights are destined to fight for Morrighan.
    • Paladins are more into defense while Dark Knights possess more attack power.
    • Paladins have a special attack called "Grasp" which shoots multiple homing projectiles at opponent(s).
    • Dark Knights have a special attack called "Steal" which absorbs the HP of their enemies and convert it to their own attack power.
    • White Knight's "Conviction" produces a shockwave attack followed by a shield of runic swords that absorbs damage; somewhat a rework of Wings of Eclipse.
    • Black Knight's "Fissure" summons a large thorn to be shot at their enemies which deals massive damage and solidifies upon impact.
  • Many Fomorians use Assault Slash. Ironically, Humans later learned the ability while the Fomorians forgot about it.
  • Every boss has Advanced Heavy Stander, but that doesn't prevent them from being knocked down.
  • Some Goblins use Self-Destruct, that is, burn themselves and run into their enemies.
  • Glas Ghaibhleann does not shoot a laser. Instead, it spits out multiple bluish orbs that home-in on its opponents.
  • Glas Ghaibhleann can use Flight, or at least jump up and hang onto the ceiling.
  • A Dragon's Tail Attack attacks the rear instead of the front.
  • The Red Dragon can use Fire Breath while flying.
  • The Red Dragon does not use Rain of Thunder. Instead, this is possessed by the Thunder Dragon who fires a volley of thundershowers around it.
  • The Red Dragon uses a different variant of Meteor; it simply roosts on one of the floating platforms in the battlefield and spits out homing darkish orbs that debuffs the impacted opponents where they lose a large amount of HP. This debuff can only be removed by resting in the puddles in the battlefield. The orbs themselves can be blocked via the custom-built walls.
  • Karok's Cestus can fire destructive bursts of concentrated heat known as Big Bang and Destroyer, which may have been based off of Heat Buster.
  • The Thunder Dragon's Thunder Breath is a spray of short-ranged lightning.


  • Phoenix Feathers exist in Vindictus.
  • One of Fiona's main weapon is a Longsword.
  • Erg, both the life force and the essence of mana, appear in crystal-shaped gems.
  • Karok's Cestus, a powerful mechanical gauntlet, may have been based off of Nuadha's Airgetlam and Bran's right arm.
  • The Palala Crystal, previously known as the Light of Palala, was once a flashbang used to blind enemies.
  • The blades of Glas Ghaibhleann are hooked rather than straight.


  • Gnolls are infantry for the Fomorians. Once a separate faction, now allied with Humanity's enemies. Although, there are some Gnolls who stray away from either tribes to live in solitude and peace.
    • Black Scar is a war chief and the king of the gnolls.
  • Spiders were, in fact, one of humanity's allies. They fought for them, while they defended their nests, eggs, hatchlings, etc. Until the incident behind the Guardian Spider (where it was possessed and was forced to be put down), they turned against Humans.
  • Wisps are supposedly tamed spirits that appear in various colors. Some elderly Wisps use ice and fire magic.
  • Kobolds are also infantry but also possess "lesser" technology, including slingshots and blowguns (or as they call it, windguns). They are experts of Potion Making.
  • There is a Giant Polar Bear. The Giant Polar Bear's blood has unnatural capabilities to strengthen the body of said creature, similar to how Magic Tofu makes a Polar Bear grow.
  • Vampires are skeleton-like creatures using fire magic, mind control, and will never tire, though they tend to stay knocked down longer than other creatures. Vampires hail from another world and were accidentally transported through a mana explosion created by the summoning of Glas Ghaibhleann, though they are also capable of communicating and transporting their kind by their own will. Their status in the Fomorian ranks is debatable.
  • Werewolves are extremely agile humanoid creatures, although this in turn makes them more vulnerable to being knocked down. They have no known ties with the Fomors.
  • Goblins are infantry, teachers, and commanders. Many wield swords, spears, and even cannons. Some are also very religious to their cause and fight by sacrificing themselves.
    • Hobgoblins are basically larger goblins wearing armor, wielding a sword and a shield.
  • Aodhan mentions that his family was killed by a Lycanthrope. However, there are currently no Lycanthropes in Vindictus.
  • Yetis are mythical creatures supposedly forgotten by everyone except for magicians, as there was no record or evidence of their existence. Yetis are not aligned with any faction (evident when Humans and Fomorians attacked them). These creatures were merely in hibernation for years and a relic of Morrighan caused them to awake. Like Humans and Fomorians, Yetis also worship a Deity (one that is considered violent) known as Irukul, or "Ice Mountain" in their language, and often offer their hearts to the beast as a sacrifice.
  • Trolls are divided into two factions:
    • Monstrous creatures that act as Fomorian infantry. They use obsidian and dark shaman magic. These trolls also invented a Fomorian plant known as the "Bloody Shade," and when consumed, increases levels of aggression but also drains their blood.
    • Indian-styled shaman females whose ties with the Fomors are unknown. They use dark magic or large totems that can produce earthquakes. They also refer a behemoth snake as their god.
  • Gremlins are bird-like humanoids who can't fly (without technological assistance) but serve as the engineers. They've made modern-age weapons including wind machines, flamethrowers, and even tanks.
  • Ogres are large bulky commanders, leading their forces to battle.
    • According to one story, Goblins are the servants of Ogres due to some sort of "contract." However, the plot eventually drops the contract's story, leaving it unknown.
  • Rat Men are dwellers of Sewers armed with spears and claws. Like the "moderate" Gnolls, they are not allied with either side and want to live in solitude and peace. Rat Men are grouped with Lizardmen, who were supposedly "abandoned" by the Fomorians.
  • In the Labyrinth, the final boss is the Doppelganger. They are multiple copies of the first four heroes, they have the exact same attacks as them, run around a lot, and are completely darkened in physical appearance.
  • Dragons were tamable and mountable by Humans. These special Humans are called "Dragon Riders." Dragons were also supposedly considered Gods by the Fomorians.
  • The Golem Ahglan strongly resembles a Magic Golem. Additionally, there are crystals embedded within its body that link the various parts that make up the Golem.
  • Succubus resembles a gothic Evie but with a scythe and seductive movements/magic. In her story, she was originally a mortal who people tried to seduce or wanted to be seduced by her. Fed up, she became Fomorian via a special potion and kills people who seek her in vengeance.
  • Glas Ghaibhleann, the Embodiment of Destruction, was sealed away. The Pontiff's Court tried to summon Morrighan to the world, but they accidentally brought Glas instead. One of the eldest Magicians (not of the Pontiff's Court) successfully managed to contain Glas in its summoning spot, but as time passed, its chains weakened.
  • The Golems Goibhniu, Creidhne, Luchtain, and Gobanser all share one lifeblood and make up the larger golem Colru. Similarly, the four Uroborui are somehow symbolically linked to one another.
  • Sirens are ugly, scary-looking humanoid octopus whose ties with the Fomors are unknown. They use thunderstrikes in battle and their voices can put anyone (even female characters) into a trance. They also refer the Kraken as a devil and use their songs to keep it at bay.
  • Grim Reapers are supposedly the undead specters of the once kingdom that stood on a desert.
  • The White Dragon is named Beokros and serves as one of the seals confining Erinn's and Morrighan's descent.
  • The Black Dragon is a Fomorian God named Elchulus that was sealed away along with Morrighan. Morrighan fought and defeated Elchulus, but in the end had to seal herself.
  • Juggernaut not only resembles Claimh Solas (giant sentient upper human body), but was also created through alchemy experimentation.
  • Cromm Cruaich is known as the God of Death, taking the form of a large hulking humanoid demon rather than a dragon.


  • Fomorians, in fact, were the ones who invented beer! The irony; what Humanity loves most was created by their greatest enemy.
  • There is an oath called "Season of Macha" which increases the power level of enemies within the instance. This relates to how the Goddess Macha is able to strengthen her soldiers.
  • Albey is a place where time had stopped and Gods holding their breath in fear. Part of it is a cave, and the other half resembles a canyon with numerous rock-like pillars scattered. The Fomorian God Elchulus mentions that Albey is actually Erinn; a place where pain, sadness, and hunger would vanish when the flow of time had stopped.
  • Uroboros initially appears petrified, as does one of the seal to the Fomor God, Siglint.