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Erinn Martial Arts Competition/Notes

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For a list of NPCs and their roles see here.

General Information

General Strategies to Consider

  • Healers and Mages are the prime objectives to eliminate regardless of situation.
    • Healers are capable of recovering massive amounts of health with Party Healing.
    • Mages utilize powerful magic (i.e. Fireball, Thunder, Ice Spear, Chain Casting) which are likely to knockout players easily.
    • They will generally cast from afar and use other NPCs to tank.
  • Rangers can be annoying, often using Crash Shot or Mirage Missile.
    • Some Giants in Elf and Giant Union are capable of Throwing Attack.
    • It is suggested to have pets distract them, while dealing with the Healers and Mages.
    • They will switch to melee when knocked down.
  • Rounds with Summoners are the most difficult as their minions can easily overwhelm players.
    • It is not advised to focus on the Summoned, as the Summoner can create replacements.
    • Use methods of distractions on the Summoned instead in order to buy time to eliminate the Summoner.
  • Area of Effect pets, especially Ice Dragon's Ice Storm and Bone Dragon's Devil's Dash, is most effective in stalling/avoiding attacks, especially when attacked with Final Hit.
    • It is also a good way to avoid getting cornered, or if things go wrong.
  • Poison Attack affects most NPCs, but is ineffective damage wise.
  • An Elf with the job of resurrecting dead players and then using Hide can be useful for avoiding a loss.
    • However, this is not effective time wise.
  • It is recommended to load all necessary skills (such as Thunder, Fireball, Flame Burst, etc.), before entering each round.
    • Party leaders do not have this option.
  • Each round pass has two hours expiration time.
    • Utilize this time to heal, repair, and resupply.
    • On difficult rounds, you may want to wait until 5:50 AM in-game to Transform.
      • This way, you have another chance to transform should you get knocked out, or accidentally cancel the transformation skill.
  • It best to eliminate (in order) summoners, then Healers and Mages, Alchemists, other, then finally Warriors and Archers.

Skills to Consider

  • A high ranked Mana Shield is highly recommended.
    • This helps reduces damage to some extent and prevents Injury taken in proportion of the Mana Shield rank.
  • Flame Burst is an extremely useful skill to keep NPCs at bay.
    • This gives a window of opportunity for other players to strike back.
    • Beware that Flame Burst will render you immobile until the skill is finished or manually canceled.
    • Since many of the NPCs lack Mana Deflector, it is possible to push all the NPCs into a corner for a practical instant win, provided the other players on the team cooperate with the flame burst user(s).
    • Flame Burst still stuns and pushes back NPCs with Mana Deflector so it is possible to continue using Flame Burst and back them into a corner.
  • Thunder provides similar features as Flame Burst.
    • The difference is immediate aggro and the time to charge (depending on Wand).
    • This skill provides a stall time similar to Flame Burst, while having the potential to do more damage.
    • If player's Thunder Rank is high enough, it is possible to "juggle" the NPCs with Thunder alone.
  • Ice Spear and Blaze are also effective.
    • A high ranked Ice Spear can push NPCs into a specific place. A player can then use blaze on the NPCs, dealing great damage.
  • Shock is very effective at higher ranks, capable of stunlocking enemies, though it also uses a large amount of MP.
  • Try to have Demigod, as this can be used a tide turner should things go wrong.
    • When used in critical conditions, one may want to use persona right after for protection. This will allow time for demigod regenerate Health, Mana, and Stamina.
    • Shadow Spirit is a useful skill for dealing considerable amounts of damage while stun locking multiple targets.
    • Spear of God will deal a considerable amount of damage. However, the damage output is greatly affected by the Protection rate.
  • Summon Golem is useful in many ways:
    • Golems can be used as a distraction and to tank damage due to great Defense, Protection, and Health.
    • Stomp provides instant aggro attention.
    • Golems can be controlled during the animation of Flame Burst.
    • Golems can also use Windmill to deal damage without causing aggro.
    • Smash provides great damage.
    • Snow and Magical Golems can score Critical Hits
  • When hit with thunder, a player could cast Lightning Shield to reduce damage taken and prevent knock down and stun time.
  • Evasion is effective in dodging archery damage, but does not work against Fireball, Thunder, and Ice Spear.
  • Fighter Skills are quite effective when dealing with lone enemies.
  • Lullaby is effective in keeping the enemies at bay, but this tactic can only be used once. AVOID USING AREA OF EFFECT ATTACKS TO PREVENT LULLABY FROM BREAKING!
  • Puppetry Skills are effective in many ways:

Team Boss

  • There are no Healers, Alchemists, or Archers in this team.
  • Each boss has vast quantities of Health (possibly over 100,000).
  • Each boss has high Defense and Protection.
  • It is advised to use skills with high output damage or can ignore Protection.
    • Because of the amount of HP and Defense they have it is difficult to make the time limit.
    • High damage skills such as Spear of God are recommended.
  • Use Rain Casting to keep them all at bay before they've spawned, then pick them off one by one carefully.
    • Alternatively, Lullaby can be used after they've spawned.
  • Tarlach is advised to be eliminated first.
    • His summoned Angry Bear is the biggest threat because of its Advanced Heavy Stander, though fortunately it is not immune to stun.
    • Use Pets to keep the bear distracted as you work on Tarlach.
  • Fleta should be considered next to eliminate.
    • Getting rid of her will also get rid of Rab which will make the battle easier as there will be no more summoned opponents to worry about.
    • It is possible to have one party member occupy her with Magnum Shot, while other members handle the rest.
    • Due to her frequency to use Teleportation, it is advised for someone to Pummel her to lock her in place.
    • Flame burst is less likely to stun her on first hits.
  • Price can be easily kept busy with almost any kind of magic, though Firebolt spamming with a speed upgraded Phoenix Fire Wand is recommended until backup is available.
    • He likes to load Final Hit after being knocked down and if you are lagging, you are very likely to be hit by it.
      • His Final Hit also has no cooldown.
    • Try to be wary when fighting him while standing near your teammates, as his Caladbolg's Thunder has a large splash range and does a lot of damage.
  • Kristell is easy to distract with either magic spam or Smashmill.