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Script - An Astronomical Discovery

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For explanations and advice on quest completion, see Royal Astronomy Society Sponsorship.
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An Astronomical Discovery

... You're the Milletian, right? The famous one whose exploits are the talk of the kingdom? I found something unusual, and it might be connected to you somehow. Maybe you'd like to hear more about it... - ???

(She's definitely the one who sent the owl telling you to come here. Why is she acting like she didn't?)

> Prompt: Ask what she needs or Ask her name or Remain silent

Strange Girl
But before that, I have some tidying up to do, so I'm a bit busy. I'm expecting to check in with an Exploration Unit from Iria.
Let's see...

(The girl rummages through her pockets and hands you someting.)

Strange Girl
Can you take this and pay a visit to Sinead? I used to send her information on new things I'd come across, before I came here.
I think it'd be better if she were to brief you on the situation, and with that in hand, I have no doubt she will. If nothing else, you'll get a better understanding of why you were called here in the first place.
Now, I bid you go and speak with Sinead. I just returned not long ago, so I need to clean up-- and while I clean, I need to think more upon a new hypothesis I postulated recently.

(Although her voice sounds undeniably young, her calmness, composure, and formality are in every way that of an adult. As soon as she finishes addressing you, she turns awa, falling deep into thought.)

(You should make use of the item you were given to meet with Sinead at the Royal Castle.)

(You head to the Reception Room.)

Hello, (Character Name). You're right on time. I was just going over the schedule.
I don't know how much you've already heard, but thank you for arriving so promptly. I didn't expect Melwyn to be so forthcoming in solliciting help.

> Prompt: Melwyn?

Oh, I thought you'd already met Melwyn in Dunbarton. Did she not introduce herself?
Good grief... So you haven't been told anything, then?
Hmm... All right. I knew she wasn't exactly the social type. I suppose I'll just have to explain everything from the beginning.
Now, you may not be aware of this, since it's not really within your sphere of things, but the Aliech Royal Castle is supporting a number of studies to promote new discoveries. To that end, we've been recruiting talent from a number of different academic disciplines.
I'm sure you're already familiar with the Geological Society that's been dispatched to Iria, but we also have the Music Society, the Society of Astronomy, and many other teams contributing their expertise.
The same is true of the Alchemy Society and its Royal Alchemists, whose work is overseen directly by Her Majesty.

Hmm... First, will you take this?

Stardust - Unstable Mote of Light Artwork.png
(Sinead carefully takes something from the table behind her and hands it to you: a spherical object wrapped in soft fabric.)

Fascinating, no? Ah, but don't touch it with your bare hands. It'll scatter sooner or later, and physical contact seems to accelerate the dispersion. For reasons unknown, it just can't seem to stay clustered for long.
You've already met Melwyn in Dunbarton, right? She may be young, but she's an official member of the Royal Society of Astronomy. In fact, she's the one who discovered this glittering mote of light.
Over the last several months, she's been submitting reports claiming that the movements of the celestial bodies have been highly unusual. She looked so serious when she requested that an Exploration Unit be sent to Iria. Not long after that, our Exploration Unit discovered this strange object.
We still don't know where and how this can be used. Previous specimens have only stayed in this form for a day or two before scattering. However, the Alchemy Society has asserted that they believe it holds great potential.
Because of that, a second Exploration Unit has already been dispatched to provide support. Unfortunately, Melwyn is rather frail of constitutoin, and so is not frequently able to join teams for field research. That being the case, we dispatched her to Dunbarton to put her talents to work in other ways.

Even now, many of the academic societies are working to find a way to control it. We'll have Melwyn inform you if any of them make substancial progress on that, (Character Name).
If you have any questions, just ask Melwyn. She's rather fond of explaining things, and I'm sure she'll be quite thorough.

(You return to Dunbarton.)


(She notices you standing there and quickly greets you in her tiny voice, then hurriedly starts putting back items in her bag.)

(The silence is becoming more awkward by the second.. You should ask her somethhing to get the conversation rolling.)

Prompt: Sinead told me... or So, about this orb of light... or The royal court seems interested in this...

So Sinead gave you a brief explanation. I should thank her the next time I pay a visit to the castle.
It's rather surprising to find out it's still intact, though. All the others I've collected thus far have disappeared after about half a day. Perhaps there's something else to it...

(Melwyn takes the mote of light, her calm expression unwavering as she gently places it inside a bag filled with other instruments and curios.)

Just as well you didn't touch it with your bare hands. My current hypothesis is that it's a type of power that cannot be easily harnessed or controlled.
All right, then. Are you ready to go?

> Prompt: ...With you? or Go where? or You mean right now?

I heard the Exploration Unit that was dispatched to Iria made an interesting discovery. And you, having just returned from the castle, came bearing the remnant of that discovery-- and without any harmful effects, at that.
Interestingly, you managed to bring it all this way without scattering its energy. It could be that... how to put this... it seems to resonate well with you for some reason.
I expected it'd have a reaction with anyone who came across it. My intuition is usually spot-on when it comes to this sort of thing, so I think it'll be a good idea to bring you with me.
Here, take this. I don't much like going through underground tunnels, and I can't imagine you do, either.

(You accept the item Melwyn thrusts at you.)

The fact that Sinead sent this orb back to me likely means the team found something quite significant out there. At any rate, we'll speak on this further in Solea. Don't be late.

(Melwyn finishes and slowly starts walking into the distance.)

(You follow her to the destination.)

What the...
What on earth happpened here? I came because I heard there was an emergency, but this isn't what I was expecting.

Injured Astronomy Society Member
Ugh... Nnngh...

(You hear a fallen member of the Society of Astronomy groan, lying facedown beneath a tree.)

Exited Astronomy Society Member
Even when I was writing that report I sent you, Melwyn, I was afraid something like this might happen! It's not just me; everyone saw it, R-right?

Exited Astronomy Society Member
Yeah. We're still picking up some pretty strong reactions in the area, too.

Royal Guard We saw this strange light. Or well, there WAS a light, up until someone recklessly got too close to it.

A strange light? And one of you tried to grab it? That was certainly ill-advised...

Exited Astronomy Society Member
W-we wanted to stop him! But... you know how it is, Melwyn. We were all so curious! We couldn't help it!

Injured Astronomy Society Member
Agh... Guh...

He must have been pretty close, to be in this condition. First things first, let's get him up so he can tell us more.
Perhaps he saw something that might help us. We really have to start making some progress, otherwise, we won't have enough supplies for the next expedition.

Prudent Astronomy Society Member
Um... Aaaactually, we used up all the recovery potions.

ALL of them? Are you serious?

Prudent Astronomy Society Member
I'm so sorry! We got lost in the underground tunnel on the way here. We used up all the potions, but because of that, we were able to make a record for the Wings of the Goddess.

How do you expect to do any exploration with a crew riddled with injuries? I don't know how many times you'll make me repeat myself, but don't EVER touch strange things you don't understand with your bare hands.

Excited Astronomy Society Member
I picked some herbs underground on the way here! Do you think they'd be of any use? I mean, I'm not learned in herbology myself, but...

Prudent Astronomy Society Member
For my part, I can use a potion as well as anyone willing to trek off into the wild, but I don't think I'd be able to make one. What would happen if I tried to brew up some sort of healing tincture and my recipe was off, and it only made things worse?

Err... (Character Name) ? Do you know how to make potions?

> Prompt: Of course! or Well... Maybe? or Remain Silent

Here, take this. It's a good thing I remembered to pack it before we came here. One MP 50 Potion should be enough. I don't think his condition is dire, but the experience does seem to have taken a lot out of him.
You know that Stardust I showed you? He may have a clue that could teach us more about it, so please help me get him stabilized and conscious.

(You set about using the tools and materials Melwyn gave to you to create an MP 50 Potion to administer to the uncounscious researcher.)

Injured Astronomy Society Member
A-aaargh... *gasp*

(The man lies passed out on the ground, expression still locked in a pained grimace. You carefully administer an MP 50 Potion to the injured researcher.

*gasp* You did this all... for me? Th-thank you... *gasp* That light... It was s-so strange...

Just calm down and drink up. Tell me what happenned while I was away.

Injured Astronomy Society Member
Calm down? That's easy for you to say. Melwyn, my stomach's... not feeling so hot right now. OoooOOoof...

(The astronomer glares up at Melwyn, continuing to drink the last of the potion with shaking hands.)

Injured Astronomy Society Member
Phew... I think I'm starting to feel better now. I remember someone shouting at me to be careful, but I just couldn't help myself.
It was just like you said, Melwyn. I followed the shooting star that fell within the expected coordinates, and when we arrived at the landing site, we saw the same phenomena.
It was similar to what we found last time. The glowing motes seemed to waver in their luminosity, with no particular pattern or regularity. Still, it was so transfixing to watch that in the moment, I totally forgot we weren't to touch them...

It fell here in Solea? Everyone was terrified when they saw you collapse. They seem to have forgotten where they were.

Injured Astronomy Society Member
Um... I think it was somewhere near the center of Solea.
Just... be careful, Melwyn. Don't be like me... Nnngh...

I suppose I'll just have to see it with my own eyes. Besides, I need to collect fragments of the substance we've been referring to as Stardust
Because it contains a power whose origin and effects are unknown, we have to err on the side of caution and analyze every aspect of it. Then, whatever we find, we have to ensure it's used for the benefit of mankind.
Still, it could prove to be a dangerous power we're incapable of controlling. And beyond that, we also have to think of ways to prevent it from being misused, so it's prudent we begin our analysis with minimal delay.

(Melwyn chooses her words carefully, striking a balance between benevolence and an appetite for knowledge. She quickly turns and walks swiftly toward the center of Solea.)

> On-screen text: Melwyn breaks into a sprint as she goes towards the center of Solea.

(Character Name), I ask that you do not approach too quickly.
That's the biggest, brightest concentration I've yet witnessed. I've never seen so many individual motes all gather like that.
The courses of the celestial bodies are shifting signigicantly, and I'm not sure what to make of it. I've seen that strange, flickering light fall from the sky in several different places. For lack of a better term, we of the Society of Astronomy have taken to calling it Stardust
Something strange is happening, or has happened. The phenomena we've observed in recent months represent a significant departure from what our predictive models would expect, and I'm stumped as to what might be responsible for it all.

...At least, that's how it seems to me. At present, however, we need to figure out how to physically transport that mass of energy.
You saw what happenned to our impulsive friend. Couldn't control his curiosity and look what that got him. No one knows what reaction you might set off if you get too close to that thing.
This mass is much larger and brighter than any of the instances I've seen so far, and it feels like it's getting closer...

(A bright flash of light surrounds you.)

Huh? What the...?


(The light converges upon the you, and becomes absorbed.)

...! Wh-what happenned?
...Did all the light just converge on you?!
We went through so much effort trying everything we could think of to condense it. How were you able to do it so easily? ...Ah, but wait!

Stardust - Unstable Mote of Light Artwork.png
(Her face momentarily shifts from shock to concern. Drawing a handkerchief from her pocket, Melwyn carefully wraps it around the orb of newly coalesced light.)

All the evidence thus far had demonstrated that it was dangerous to touch the light with one's bare hands. I don't know how it is that you seem to be completely unaffected.
Hm. Hmm indeed...
The motes of light were present in greater numbers than before, and even now, coalesced in your hands, they're behaving with astonishing stability considering our past experiences.
And you saw you felt fine when you touched it? Curious...
Could it be that the light is attracted to you?
No... What am I saying? We can't be sure about anything at this point.
Would you deliver this letter to Sinead? I wrote her a request while you were performing your medical ministrations on our foolhardy compatriot.

While you're doing that, I'm going to thoroughly investigate this clustered Stardust. I'll keep you posted with any updates, should my ongoing analysis uncover anything of interest. This breakthrough IS, after all, largely thanks to your participation.
Now that I've secured the specimen that was observed in Solea, I should make my preparations to return. The others at the Society will no doubt be curious.
I shall see you see, (Character Name). Until then, take care, and be sure you give that letter to Sinead.

> On-screen text: Melwyn quickly heads off towards the other members of the Royal Society of Astronomy.

(You head back to Rath Royal Castle.)

Oh, (Character Name). I heard you accompanied Melwyn on the Society of Astronomy's expedition. You must have just recently returned.

(You hand over the letter from Melwyn)

Hmm... what's this, now? Was there a matter of such import that she didn't trust sending it by owl? Why would she ask you to hand-deliver it, (Character Name)...?

(Sinead opens the letter with a puzzled expression, giving you a brief look before calmly reading its message.)

Ah, I see. Intriguing.
Melwyn is a clever girl. I suppose she wished not only for her letter to arrive quickly, but for you to be present when i read it.
You saw it when you were with Melwyn, did you not? Recently, strange motes of light have been discovered all across the continent. As we established before, they seem to hold a potent energy.
According to this letter, that power appears to gather around you and is somehow affected by contact with you. I think that's why the mote of light I asked you to deliver to Melwyn didn't scatter.
As it so happens, some strange materials have been discovered near these motes of light. According to the results of the research from many of our academic societies, Astronomy included, these materials don't match any known substance. The current proposal is to find a way to stabilize the light by making use of those materials.
Of course, researching anything truly new takes a good deal of time and testing, Since the Royal Castle provides support for so many academic societies across a broad swath of disciplines, it's difficuly for us to give everyone the support they need. There's no guarantee that any given hypothesis will be proven, and the budget, while generous, is still limited.
*sigh* You've seen this firsthand-- in the case of the Astronomy Society, they don't even have enough first aid supplies to go around. They said they'd rather spend money on things they need for their research than procure medical necessities.

If you sponsor Society activities, we can share the newly researched materials with you. Many of the scholard were very intrigued by the way the light was attracted to you, (Character Name). They probably think they can control this power, which they've come to call "Stardust", through you.
The Royal Castle provides its sponsors with a variety of benefits. You should ask Melwyn about it if you're interested. I'm sure she'd be more than happy to give you the pitch.
By now, she should have returned from Iria and is probably poring over what she found. You should head over to Dunbarton, and meet up with her, (Character Name).

Ah, you've returned, (Character Name). I just minutes ago finished writing up my report on all that transpired in Solea.
Sinead told you, right? About soliciting sponsorship for the Society's activities? If we want to keep pursuing research on new findings and phenomena, it's important that we secure sponsors and other well-to-do benefactors.
Normally, I'd turn to my family for support in securing introductions to various nobles, but it seems like the light of the Stardust is attracted to you.
The Society of Astronomy is planning to analyze the new materials, including this unstable mote of light. Somewhat unexpectedly, the Alchemy Society has taken a particular interest in the matter as well.
Once we've studied the materials in greater depth, we might even be able to control the light. I only wish there was a faster way to do this, but trust me, all of us are very good at what we do.
If you can provide support for the Society's research, we'll share any new materials we refine with you, (Character Name). With your skills, you may be able to use them in a way even we couldn't foresee.
I can't go out on research missions very often, unfortunately, so I'll probably stay posted here in Dunbarton to manage any goods or funding we receive from sponsors. Just as well-- I've already read all the literature in the Society's research library multiple times. I decided to pursue this lead because becoming a preeminent expert in a new area of study, like Stardust, seemed far more appealing.
I think we'll be seeing much more of each other, so come back and tell me whenever you've decided to take up the noble cause of carrying forward the torch of scientific discovery.

Part 2: Stardust Cores and Regulators

Since you signed on as a sponsor, many others have expressed their intention to support us as well. As a result, a joint effort between Aliech's academic Societies has pioneered a way to bind Stardust. I'm sure you're interested, so please come see me to learn more. - Melwyn

Oh, (Character Name). I'd been waiting for you, though I didn't expect you'd arrive that quickly.
Thanks to the help of our many sponsors, including yourself, the Society has made good progress on several studies related to Stardust.
There's new information as well. Remember in Solea when the Stardust clustered together in your hands?
We're referring to that luminescent mass as a Stardust Core. Ever since it formed, it's managed to stay together without any signs of dissipation.
The transformative element, as it turns out, is its contact with you. I've been told the Alchemy Society went through many experiments before it reached this conclusion.
Also, the study discovered that the fading light lasted longer when the materials you contributed as donations were used.
Based on those findings, I thought of another possibility. If we had some sort of regulator that could bind and stabilize the core, perhaps it'd give others more freedom to handle Stardust.
Of course, we'll still need your help with that, (Character Name). In fact, we're planning to offer you the chance to be the first in the kingdom to wield the fruits of our completed Stardust research.
Every academic society in Aliech is jointly involved in this study in one way or another. Many researchers are already hard at work preparing the components necessary for the Regulator.
Hmm, let's see. Where did I put that list...?

> On-screen text: Melwyn pulls out a trim notebook and hands it to you.

I'm still waiting on some items to be delivered, so I'm stuck here for the time being. Take a look at these donation listings and you'll see the names of some of our sponsors.
There are actually a few who are helping us for reasons unknown. It's possible they may have a hidden agenda of some sort.
Still, in times like these, we need to make savvy use of whatever resources are available. Don't you agree?
Now, read over the information I just gave you and go pay our list of sponsors a visit. Tell them you've come to collect the items Melwyn requested and they should know what you mean.
Anyway, good luck out there. I'll be waiting here for the deliveries from the others.

(Melwyn pages through her ledger with a relaxed smile. You should take a look at the List of Society Sponsors before you do anything else.)

(You decide to take a closer look at the notebook of sponsorships Melwyn gave you. As you open it, you see many familiar names along with the details of their donations, all penned in a neat, legible script.)

(You have to find all the sponsors from whom you're supposed to receive the Stardust Regulator parts. You quickly flip through the pages and skim over the list.)
Countess Eluned: Regulator Part Research funding

  • Initially donated Finest Silk, but changed to cash donation
  • Appears to be conscious of Duke Lezarro's patronage
  • Donation received

Walter: Reforging Tools

  • Has notified us of his intention to enroll in regular sponsorship
  • The sponsor will personally deliver the donations to our Dunbarton storage site

Dorren: Regulator Parts

  • Special parts to be inspected as per Alchemy Society recommendations
  • An issue has arisen recently regarding one of the Four Vates...
  • Retrieval needed

Edern: Broadswords

  • Supplies for Royal Guards providing assistance with Society expeditions
  • Note: Use these instead of the Tir Chonaill sponsorship weapons
  • Donation received

Duke Lezarro: Research Expedition Funding

  • Has agreed to sponsor costs related to field research
  • Donation received

(There's a crumpled note stuck inside. Could it be Melwyn's?)

Bring chamomile tea and recovery potions from the manor's pantry beforehand. Remember to pack several antidotes as well, just in case...

Nessa: Finest Bandages

  • Sponsored items related to first-aid care
  • Also check Pet First-Aid Kits
  • Donation received

Ferghus: Fluted Short Swords

  • ...
  • ...
  • Follow up on whether he'd be willing to replace this donation with something else

Court Chamberlain Corentin: Regulator Parts

  • Sponsor has requested we offer a method of delivery that does not involve direct contact
  • Ideal to avoid any conflicts betweeen the Royal Societies and the Pontiff's Court...
  • Retrieval needed


(Her serious deliberation has left the ink smudged in places, making some words difficult to read. Still, you're able to find the listings of everyone you need to visit. Reading over the list, you're left with the distinct impression that, for members of the Royal Societies, there are certain people who may prove difficult to meet with directly for social or political reasons.)

(The first person you should visit is Dorren of Taillteann.)

Ah, now this is a pleasant surprise. What bring you here?

> Say that you came to get the item Melwyn requested

Oh-ho, is that right? I was just thinking it was about time someone came to pick it up, but I didn't expect that girl would send you to do it.
She's smart as a whip, especially considering her age. Though the various academic societies are all technically linked to the royal court, they still receive support and funding from a number of outside organizations. She must have taken in account how others might perceive the Societies based on their public interactions.
(Character Name), have you felt it? The flow of energy from Palala has shifted in recent days.

(After pausing for a moment with her hand over her mouth, Dorren hands you something that glitters with a faint, white light.)

I was glad to find something to gainfully occupy my time rather than sitting around bored. Here... This is what the Society of Astronomy entrusted to me.
I have no doubt in the ability of my students, but it seems they wish to rely on my judgment yet again.
That newly found, unidentified core is unlike anything I've seen before, but to one educated in the principles of alchemy, nothing is completely incomprehensible.
(Character Name), I hope you act justly with the power that has been placed in your hands. Hoho... That is, if this part I've tinkered away on actually does what it's supposed to...

(With a reluctant look, Dorren hands you the box containing the item.)

(You've retrieved the part the Alchemy Society entrusted to Dorren. Next, you should visit Corentin at the Pontiff's Court in Tara.)

Ah, welcome, (Character Name). May you bask in the love of Lymilark.

Oh, (Character Name)? You're back sooner than I expected.
The other sponsors came and delivered the special parts for the Regulator while you were away.
This device is the brainchild of the Alchemy Society, though I became a bit paranoid about what they might concoct if left to their own devices and asked for other roganizations to provide some oversight and assistance. If any one organization had full authority over a power like this, I worry that it might be misused
Hmm... All that's left is to combine the parts now.
(Character Name), I think it would be best if you assembled them instead of me. I think you already know my reasoning on this point, correct?
For whatever reason, the Stardust is drawn to you. My theory is that the Regulator will be able to control the core more easily if its parts have come into direct contact with you.
Here, I'll give you the rest of the parts, so be careful when you put them together. And since you shouldn't need to reference the sponsor list for the time being, I'll go ahead and take that notebook off your hands.

(Melwyn, rummaging around in a nearby stack for a few moment, hands you a box containing the restof the parts. You should combine them with the ones you have.)

(You took the parts out of the box and carefully assembled them into a regulator frame.)

Ah, so you've assembled all the pieces. Nicely done. In that case...

(Melwyn carefully takes the Stardust Regulator from you.)

Stardust - Unstable Mote of Light Artwork.png
(She then pulls out a Stardust Core wrapped in a soft cloth and starts trying to fit it into the Regulator Frame.)

Hmm... It doesn't fit very well, but then, it WAS someone from the Alchemy Society who described the process to me.
On the other hand, if it's being stubborn, maybe if I just apply a bit more force...
...Aha! There we go!

Stardust Orb Artwork.png
(With a satisfying metallic click, the Regulator latches snugly around the core.)

Oooh, this is amazing. It doesn't even sting that much when I touch it with my bare hands. Just sort of a tingle, like when your arm falls asleep.
You may not have felt anything when you touched it before, but some of the reseachers who tried that fainted from the experience.
I'll bet the other members will be shocked to see this. I can already imagine them rushing to see how it works.
There IS one other thing I'm curious about. (Character Name), would you care to test it out?
I'm interested in finding out what practical applications this might have. My guess is that it'll just float or spin around you, but you never know until you try.
After all, the best way to learn is a hands-on approach, right?
Here, you take it.

(Melwyn smiles as she hands you the orb. The first thing you should probably do is make sure it's properly equipped.)

Oh-ho. Well, well, well...
...Hmm. So that's how it moves...

(Melwyn's eyes grow wide as she observes it, pacing all around you. The faint scent of bergamot seems to hang in the air around her.)

I hate to admit it, but that member of the Alchemy Society was right. It's definitely in orbit, with you serving as its central axis.
Still, I and the other members of the Society of Astronomy didn't spend nights locked in heated discussion just to create a pretty little curio that floats and twirls like some sort of magical pet rock.
It needs to be tested more thoroughly. Put through its paces, as it were. And to do that...
The first thing we need to find out is how helpful this power can be. After all, with the proper application, it may become an ece in the hole capable of turning the tide of battle. Still, we'll need a brave, intrepid soul willing to risk life, limb, and possible explosions to give our little Stardust orb a rigorous field test. I wonder, who might fit that bill...?

> Prompt: Who indeed...?

Er, in case there was any doubt, that untiwwing volounteer is you, (Character Name). What, you weren't expecting me to come along, were you? As entertaining as that might be, I have too much to tend to here.

> Prompt: All by myself? or Just me...?

I'm afraid that, physically speaking, it would be too difficult for me to keep up with you on your adventures. You can probably tell just by looking at me, can't you? I'm lucky I even have enough stamina to tag along on slow-paced field expeditions.
So, (Character Name), would you like to test your ability to control the Stardust? As luck would have it, there have been numerous reports of Stardust Core Fragments in the Shadow Realm.
We're scientifically proven that this power is drawn to you, and if you're equipped with a large concentration of Stardust already, you may be able to pull in those fragments with far greater ease.
I told you, didn't I? You'd have the opportunity to be the first in the kingdom to use intact Stardust.
And of course, I always keep my promises. Anyway, I'll see you soon.

(Melwyn is smiling, through you can't help but notice the air of toe-tapping impatience that hangs around her, almost as though it's spelling out "Well? Get on with it.")

(For now, you should put the newly acquired Stardust to use in combat before you come back. You're sure that only with hard data in hand will Melwyn's eyes light up on your return.)

Oh, what's this...? I've never seen such a hard crystal. Hmm...
It looks like I made the right call by sending you.
Haha, well then, I'll have to keep you in mind for any future tasks. You may not realize it, but you've just shown me a way to collect Stardust-related materials far more efficiently.
Even within the Society, the primary focus of our research is to figure out a way to stabilize the Stardust Cores through the use of a Regulator... or more accurately, a specialized Regulator Frame. If you can help us, (Character Name), I'll deliver the necessary parts to you right away.
I get the feeling that my assignement here in Dunbarton will be a bit more long-term than I originally anticipated.
I look forward to your continued support, (Character Name). I'll be here waiting to warmly welcome any potential new sponsors, so feel free to stop by whenever you have any questions.
I admit, it does get a little boring doing this all by myself. It would be most welcome if you were to stock by and check in often.

Cloudy Skies

I had something I wanted to tell Glenis, but... I forgot what it was. On top of that, I've had coughing fits lately that have been bothersome. I'm sorry to ask this of you, but I can't really leave my station.... - Melwyn

Ah, there you are, (Character Name). The courier who delivers all the sponsors' donations to the Royal Societies just left.
He was all smiles, saying that it was nice to drive a wagon packed with goods, thanks in part to you.
Anyway, I have the urgent items checked off my list, so I should start wrapping up for the day...

(Melwyn's cheerful chatter is interrupted by a fit of coughing.)

Ago... *cough* *cough* Umm.... s-sorry about that.
My throat's a bit sore... *cough* I'm *cough* *cough* I'm f-fine, really.
Don't pay it any mind. Now, what was it we were talking about?
Oh, right. If you arent' busy, would you tell Glenis at the Grocery Store... *cough* that the goods she donated were finally sent off today?
*cough * cough*
Mm... I should be better soon as I eat something warm. Well then, see you later, (Character Name).

(Melwyn turns her tiny back to you and continues to cough a few more times.)

(She doesn't seem to be feeling so well, despite her insistence... For now, you should visit Glenis, as Melwyn asked.)

Oh! Welcome back, (Character Name). I've been seing you here pretty often recently. Is there something you're looking for?

(You remember Melwyn coughing slightly while you were talking with her earlier. You deliver the message to Glenis and mention that Melwyn didn't look well.)

(You ask what foods are good to eat when you're not feeling well.)

Oh dear. Is that poor girl sick again? Not that I should be terribly surprised-- she was biting off far more than she could chew. Tsk tsk...
Hmm... Was it yesterday, or the day before? Whenever it was, the coachman who travels between Dunbarton and Tara arrived late. Apparently, he ran into trouble with some bandits on the road.
That Melwyn... She can be so stubborn sometimes. It was raining up a storm, but did she bide her time inside? No siree. The girl insisted on waiting for the coachman, soaked through and shivering all the while. It was a pitiful sight.
Anyone with eyes can tell she's got a rather fragile constitution. I had a feeling something like this might happen when she insisted on standing outside for that long, in that weather.
I wish she'd pluck up and ask others for help sometimes. She's still young, and no one here would think twice about helping her out! The way she stubbornly grasps at maturity is frustrating, but endearing, too. Someday she'll understand that adulthood finds us all, one way or another.
At any rate, there's no use worrying-- when she's set her mind on something, she'll do it, come hell or high water. I've found it's best to just prepare a hot meal for her. Haha, I suppose that's just me answering a challenge in my own way. As for you, do you think you could bring me a few ingredients?
Let's see here... I think 1 cshould be enough, given the size. I'll make the poor child something that ought to bring some color back into her cheeks!
Only problem is, we're all out of Giant Potatoes. A few days ago, I saw Aeira and Melwyn digging up something in the field, and unless they found buried treasure, I'd bet it was potatoes they were after. Maybe you can ask Aeira if she can spare one.

(Use a Weeding Hoe in the field to obtain a Giant Potato. ...Or, if that sounds too much like manual labor, you can also visit Aeira at her shop.)

Oh, (Character Name)! What brings you here today? Looking for a book?

> Prompt: Ask if there are any Giant Potatoes left

(Glenis asked you to find a Giant Potato and suggested asking Aeira about it, since she's been to the field recently.)

(You explain that you're looking for materials for Glenis so she can make food for Melwyn, whose condition suddenly took a turn for the worse.)

Giant Potatoes? I DO actually have one left, now that you mention it. IT's a shame to hear that Melwyn isn't feeling well again. She seemed fine when we went on a walk just a few days ago.
Oh, I remember my dad mentioned something about that-- I think it was yesterday. He said he saw Melwyn standing out in the rain waiting for a transport wagon.
She should've just waited inside. I noticed she got a little dizzy when we stayed out in the sun too long that one time we were out in the field. Honestly, I worry about her sometimes, and it looks like you have some of those same concerns.
Here! You were looking for a Giant Potato, right? I've just got this one left. If Glenis is handling the cooking, then Melwyn's in good hands.
I hope she eats up, rests up, and is back on her feet soon! I haven't been in Dunbarton all that long, but so far Melwyn's the only one I've found who I can really talk with about new books.
Take this to Glenis, and thanks again!

Well, that was quick! Now just give me a moment while I work my culinary magic! Haha...

(Glenis takes the potato from you and heads inside the shop. You can hear her hard at work cooking something up, and soon catch a whiff of the tasty scent.)

There we go. I used to cook this for my children all the time. I left out all the vegetables I suspected Melwyn might not like, so she should have no qualms about eating it.
It'll get cold if you take too long, so be sure to get it to Melwyn while it's still warm. I can't close up shop to do it myself, so I'm entrusting the delivery to you.

(You head back to the Society Sponsorship tent.)


(That's strange. Melwyn isn't at her usual post. You look around, but she's nowhere to be found.)

Ah, (Character Name)? Are you looking for the young lady who's usually here?

(You hear a familiar voice call out to you from nearby.)

Excellent! I was just this very moment looking for someone to help me!
This could hardly have turned out better! Come, come. It seems like you're looking for the girl, and as it so happens, she's at my place.
To simplify a longer story, the young lady collapsed while working, and we tranferred her to a bed at the Healer's House. She's lucky Walter happenned to be passing by, or else who knows how long it would've been before she was discovered like that?
Well, we can discuss all the details later. Right now, we have a patient waiting. Follow me!

Shadow Mission: A Cure for a Fever

I've completed her emergency treatment, so she'll likely wake up soon. I also made sure she has plenty of potions for later.
A-anyway, I didn't call you here for any particular task-- mainly to ask about something.
You see, it hasn't escaped my notice that she seems a little uncomfortable around me.

(Seeming strangely awkward in that moment, Manus avoids looking directly at you.)

It's the healer's way to ensure that the patient is comfortable, but this Healer's House isn't that large, and I don't want her to have to be alone with someone she's not comfortable with, even if that person is... well, me. You understand, yes?
But then, who should I see but you, (Character Name)? That's why I asked you to come right away. Haha! I'm sure you're much closer to this girl than I am. Truly, your arrival was a godsend!
All right, I'm gonna take a moment to get some other tasks done. Can you stay with her until she wakes up?

(Having finished talking, Manus turns and walks away to tend to his business.)

(Melwyn is lying in bed, beads of swear glistening on her forehead. Her breathing is even, and she seems to have stabilized somewhat.)

...Don't... go. Nnnngh...
One...more...time... I... still... Ugh....

(...! Is Melwyn having a nightmare? Her brow is furrowed ever so slightly.)

> Prompt: Gently stroke her head or Hold her hand

I can... do it...

(Her small voice sounds surprisingly anguished. She doesn't have a fever, and you wonder if perhaps it would be best to wake her up from this awful nightmare.)


> On-screen text: It looks like Melwyn is sitting up.

Melwyn, are you in here? ...Oh, (Character Name)?!

Hey, you're going to wake her up. I told you to open the door gently when you enter the Healer's House!

... .....
Wh-what happenned...? Where am I...?

Melwyn! What a relief! You scared me half to death!
Heh, you've been staying with her, haven't you, (Character Name)? That's wonderful of you! I was afraid she'd feel uncomfortable having to be alone with Manus, so I came over as soon as I heard!

Come on, I'm not that scary, am I? I'm the best healer in town!

I'm sorry, but... what happenned? I thought I...
The last thing I remember was organizing some documents, and then... Um, I don't really recall anything that happened after that.

> Prompt: Melwyn, you fainted. or Walter brought you here

(You explain what happenned to Melwyn, who still seems confused.)

If my dad hadn't found you, you would've been in real trouble. I told you not to push yourslef too hard! Are you even sleeping at night? Come on, out with it!

I... I-I'm sorry, Miss Aeira...

Again with the formality? I'm not the lady of some manor-- you can just call me Aeira.

Well, okay... Aeira...

Ugh. Just don't work yourself to exhaustion like this again, okay?
When you're laid up in bed like this, we can't even chat or go for a walk like we did before.
Melwyn... It's not that you don't like hanging out, is it?

Wh-what are you talking about? Miss Aeira, I just thought you--
Er, I-I mean...


...I-I do like spending time with you, Aeira.

Heehee, I knew it! And I feel the same way!

Geez, you kids. Raising such a ruckus in the Healer's House...

Oh, come on. It's not like we're disturbing anyone else, Manus. I just came over because I was worried about Melwyn!
Oh yeah, there's something my dad wanted me to give you. He said someone gave it to him after he dropped Melwyn off here...

(Aeira approaches Manus with the look of someone who just remembered something they almost forgot.)


(You sneak a look downward and see Melwyn smiling brightly. Thanks to Manus's treatment, she's already on a quick road to recovery.)


(Melwyn sudenly realizes you're looking at her, your eyes meeting.)

Soooo, (Character Name)... You've been staying with me all this time, right?

A-anyway, it's no one's fault but my own that this happened, so I'll be sure to take better care of myself so I don't end up like this again.
Um... Thank you, (Character Name). I need to thank the others too, but I wanted to thank you first.

(Seeing Melwyn's smile fills you with warmth. Your reverie is interrupted, however, when you hear an exclamation of surprise from Manus.)

What in the... Aeira, where did you GET all of this?
This is... I mean, wow. Look at this spread of medicines and ingredients. This is high-quality stuff, with prices fit to match. What, did Walter join a smuggling ring or something?

Wh-what? Come on, Manus, this is my dad we're talking about. He said someome just... gave it to him.

That's the thing. Who would just GIVE a spread like this away? The ingredients in this bundle are worth a small fortune. Who the heck could even afford this?

Whoever it was, Dad said they were wearing a robe with a hood that covered their face.
Hmm... He said they were a bit taller than me, and he guessed probably male, judging by their hands. I didn't ask anymore than that, though, because at the time I was too worried about Melwyn.

A-ahem. A-Aeira, I'm feeling much better now, so... let's go back!
Um... Thank you for helping me recover, Manus. Take the supplies, and just... think of them as a karmic reward for the care you provide to those in this down.

Eh? ...Are you sure you don't know who sent all this?

I-it's not really important! I'll explain the detaisl...later...maybe...

(You watch Manus and Melwyn go back and forth for a while.)

(Fortunately, it seems that Melwyn is past the worst of it. You decide to escort Melwyn back to her post and leave the Healer's House.)


I'm sorry for all the fuss I caused. I should have done a better job of taking care of myself.
Aeira went back too, but not before giving me a good scolding for working myself to exhaustion. It's... still a bit awkward to address her so plainly, but I'm trying to get used to it.

> Prompt: Glenis cooked something for you...

(You suddenly remember the food Glenis cooked for Melwyn, which has likely grown cool by now. It feels sort of pointless to give her a hot meal that's gone cold, but you briefly explain to Melwyn what happenned.)

Oh dear, Glenis too?
Geez... I never thought I'd have to depend on so many people when I came to Dunbarton. I never wanted to be a liability to the community, or make them worry...
I-I should tell her thanks the next time I visit the Grocery Store.
That aside...

(Melwyn pauses, turning her head quickly from side to side, as through checking for anyone who might be within earshot.)
(Seeming satisfied that no one else is nearby, she draws close to you and whispers quietly.)

...I have a feeling that someone sent by my family is looking after me... though I can't really prove it. Seriously, they didn't need to do that.
The next time I'm in Tara, I'm going to let them know exactly what I think about that. Hmph!

(After stepping back and planting her hands on her hips, Melwyn huffs, audibly enough that it seems halfway to being a grumble.)

I-I'm plenty grown up! I can take care of myself. This won't happen again...
Anyone, intelligent or not, can make a mistake once. The difference is, only a fool makes the same mistake twice, and that won't be me.
I promise you this, (Character Name): I intend to put extra care into staying healthy so my condition doesn't act up. I don't want it to interfere with my duties.
Um, also...
I apologize if this is going a bit too personal, but with the way you worry for me and look after me, I feel like you're more MY benefactor than the Society's.
...And I wanted to tell you that I'm grateful for your care, (Character Name).

(Melwyn, tugging at her collar out of embarassment, looks up at you with a bashful smile.)

(You've gotten closer with Melwyn!)