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Script - Generation 23: Tempest

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Part 1

Winter Festival

Winter is just around the corner, and the town is holding a festival to celebrate. Why not come back to visit? I've been wondering how you've been.- Duncan

The Night Approaches

You can't take your mind off of the play you just saw. Find and talk to whoever requested that story.

Page of Darkness

This seems similar to the book you saw earlier. You hesitate, but you really should check the contents.

Light upon the Crown

The contents of the book seem dire. It picks up where the last one left off... Let Eirawen know about this.

Shadow of the Capital

This is a difficult situation. I must rely on you to take action. -Eirawen

Fever Pitch

All of the strange events in town feel connected. I'd like to discuss these matters with you. -Duncan

Uneasy Remedy

You've heard that there's a disease spreading in town, right? We need help. Please come see me as soon as you can. - Dilys

Rumors on the Run

Oy, hero! Busy these days? I've got some stuff I want to talk to you about! You'll be by soon, right? - Tracy

A Reflection of Fear

We need to see how far the rumors spread. Let's head to Emain Macha. - Marleid

Back to the Nest

I arrived in Tara, too! Umm...Let's talk when you get back! - Piran

Hot Blood of the Frozen Land

Let's start in Vales, where Giants reside. I've never traveled so far from the castle... - Marleid

Preparing for the Plague
The plague doesn't seem to have reached Vales yet. Do what you can to prepare them for the worst.

Lost in the Blizzard
Speak to the people of Vales about the relic, and follow up on the clues.

The Relic of Vales
Follow the clues to a place likely to be hiding the relic.

Across the Sands

We've gained a... spirited new ally. Next stop, Fillia. Visiting the Elf town with a Giant... We'll stop at the healer on the edge of town first. - Marleid

Preparing for the Plague
The plague doesn't seem to have reached Filia yet. Do what you can to prepare them.

Scattered by the Winds
Find the traces scattered by the winds. Learn about the relic from the townspeople of Filia and look for clues.

The Relic of Filia Follow the clues to a place likely to be hiding the relic.

Whispers of the Jungle

Now, all that's left is Cor Village. After that we should be good to leave. - Marleid

Square Compass

I hear you're about to wrap up your business there? I'm eager to hear the details, so hurry back. - Eirawen


How goes the organizing? I have something to tell you, if you have time. Come to the gardens, please. - Eirawen

Scattered Omens

Those who might have noticed the ominous signs... Could it be that we have all the clues we need already? If that's the case, we should start investigating. - Llywelyn

Dark Room

I may have found someone with information regarding the relic. Are you familiar with the four Vates? - Eirawen

Doubtful Threshold

The Vate known as Driana... I hear that she loves cake! If something about this seems suspicious, you should check it out. - Llywelyn

The Shadow's Tail

Dorren should know more about Driana... or Morfyd than anyone. Pay Dorren a visit in Taillteann. - Eirawen

Jarlath's Trail
We must find Jarlath's trail and catch up to him. Given the reports that he is wandering the Shadow Realm, you might find him in Taillteann Shadow Missions.

Brief Stakeout

Where are you? We've had a sighting! Please hurry over to Tech Duinn. I've already contacted Murielle and Bhatair. - Marleid

Unexpected Encounter

Let's follow the animal tracks! Maybe we can turn up a lead... I'll be praying to Hymerark. - Piran

Above the Ashes

I have heard... quite a disconcerting rumor recently. If you have the time, will you please pay me a visit?. - Ascon

Rain and Fire

I've got some business at Belvast. Someone to meet... Say, don't you think it's a bit chilly here? - Treasure Hunter

The Blue Rumor

Please report to the Admiral's Residence at once. There is something unnatural about this storm... Something bad. - Owen

Belvast Restoration

Great damage has been done to the citizens of Belvast by the flood. Please aid us in restoring Belvast. - Shayla

City Flood Relief

There are many who have suffered in this storm. Would you be willing to aid with flood relief? You'll be rewarded based on how much you bring. - Shayla

(See Script - City Flood Relief for the remainder of the script of this quest.)

Part 2

Message from the Mainland

I hear there are heavy rains in Belvast. I hope this letter has no trouble reaching you. - Marleid

The Raging Seas

The rain seems to be coming down harder. It feels colder, too...

A Cautious Gesture

I'm not sure if the member of the Order of Lymilark has made it to port yet... But Bhatair and I will stay at the church and help Beirnes. - Murielle

Relief Aid
Please find Cleric Howel and get this waterproof cloth to him. He'll be wearing a cleric's robe. You can't miss him. - Tegan

A Warm Cup of Cheer
I just wanted to ask you one more favor before you return to Tegan. Could you hear me out? - Howel

Hey there. Are you busy? Can I interest you in a diet supplement? - Hiko

Baby, It's Cold Outside
Oh no, the brazier's fire is about to go out! Could it be all that garbage you burned??. - Tegan

Setting Sail

Is it really snowing in Belvast? I can't believe it. There's something I've been preparing. Report to the Admiral's Residence. - Owen

Luck of the Sailor
Certain objects that get washed up by the current are being used as charms. Talk to Monatte to get one. - Owen

Olden Tears
There's a stone known as Manannan's Tear. Odran will know what you're talking about. There's been a recent report, you see... - Owen

Cold Blood
The suspicious people Odran mentioned... A dark-haired adventurer with an animal...Could he mean the Treasure Hunter?

Sailing on a Prayer
As for those clerics dispatched from the Pontiff's Court... Find out if they did anything special to survive the trip to Belvast. They're already indebted to you, so they should cooperate. - Owen

Into the Storm

We've done all we can to prepare. I'll be at the port. Meet me there. - Owen

A Ship without Sails

This must be Manannan's island. It's a lot bigger than I expected. We should take a look around. You never know what dangers may be lurking! - Murielle

Eye Spy

Waaah? Intruders! How did they get here? And did they come to play? - Far Darrig

Rest and Relaxation

I can't believe we spent the whole day dealing with those little squirts! Ugh, I'm tired and hungry! We need to take a break and eat something! - Bhatair

New Path in an Old Land

Now that we've had time to rest and recuperate, shall we start exploring the island in earnest?. - Murielle

The Long Reach

Craft the barrier activator and use it on the barrier generator.

Going in Circles

Hoh? Ho, hooohh...? Humans! It's humans! How did they get in here?! - Far Darrig

A Colorful Trap

Bhatair and I will look into the coral reef zone while we protect the Far Darrigs. In the meantime, look for more monsters and a safe place nearby. - Murielle

The Soothing Tree

Will you help turn our friends back to normal? Look, look at all these herbs we gathered! Can you use these to help our friends? - Far Darrig

A Brief Encounter

Thank you! Now we can play together like old times! Didn't you say you were looking for something? We'll tell you everything we know! - Far Darrig


This place is completely different! Something about this heat really bothers me... There must be some ruins here as well, though. - Bhatair


I think we've gathered quite a collection of clues since we started. If we fit the pieces together, it might help us prepare for what lies ahead. - Murielle

On the Brink

All right... are we ready to rumble? For the trap we're surely walking into, of course! - Bhatair

Manannan mac Lir

At the top of Scuabtuinne... Will we really find Manannan there? And... will we be able to get his help? - Murielle

Unexpected Guests

Those are the same brutes from before! Were they in on this together? I can't let this stand! Let's mop the floor with 'em! - Bhatair

A Lonely Path

Morfyd and Talek have been defeated. And it looks like Manannan has made use of his powers...

When the Sun Remains

Are you all right? Are you awake? We're not too late, are we? - Altam

Well-Trod Roads

Whatever happened to Murielle and Bhatair? Go look for them.

Two Knots

Hey, where have you been? The rain stopped, and I bet you have something to do with it. Hurry back. - Eirawen