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Script - Generation 22: Apocalypse

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  • Note: Special dialogue and how to get them will be marked with Pan Speech Bubble Sticker.png Pan speech bubble stickers.

The Long Night's Beginning

Examine the suspicious evidence on the ground

Generation 22 - Broken silvery pendant.png
(The faint glint of something on the ground catches your eye.)

(It's a pendant, wrought in the image of a wing gently folded inward. The scratches and light pitting on the back side suggest that since being dropped, it has been trodden underfoot. That may explain how it came to be broken.)


(You hear someone shouting somewhere nearby! You'd better see what's going on.)

Generation 22 - Broken silvery pendant 2.png
(You find a metal fragment in the shape of a wing: surely the other half of the pendant you picked up earlier. Someone must have dropped it and left it here.)

No! *cough* L-let me go! Why... Why are you doing this to me? I have urgent business in Tara! Please, you must release me!
I-Is anyone there? Please, help me, I beg you! Help! Anyone Pl... mmmph......!

(As you listen closely, the voice you hear seems to be getting closer.)

Observe the Situation (Enter mission)

(You keep your distance in order to observe what's going on for yourself.)

(The milletian hides among the wheat fields and observes a delegation from afar. Fomors number among them, along with two robed people and a scythe-wielding elf. The milletian watches on as a human male is being led along, hands tied in his back.)

Abducted Young Man
Helloooo? Anyooooone?! Please.... Won't someone help me...?

??? (Shadow Warrior)
Bite your tongue, cur! All you need is to follow me in silence, but you have moaned the entire way. At the speed you walk, the journey promises to drag on interminably.
Haha.. We may be a bit behind schedule, to be sure, but we did manage to gather quite a few of the offerings required.
Pathethic wretch... You should be honored you have a part to play in his magnificent plan, but all you seem to be able to muster is an infant's braying.

??? (Black-Robed person)
You never can be certain about those with folded wings. Those unfortunate souls have not been chosen, as we have. Hahaha...

??? (Silver-haired Elf)
That is enough! Idle gossip is forbidden within these ranks. I cannot afford for your careless chatter to compromise his plan.
We must be on our way before it's too late. Now, onward!

Abducted Young Man
*sniff* *sniffle*
H-help me... Somebody...
Someone.... *sniff* Please...

(The milletian attacks the strange party to rescue the boy, Piran)

You worthless clods....
Look at the lot of you, struggling to take down a single foe. It turns my stomach to watch such incompetence.

I've half a mind to simply let you go, since I AM in a hurry.
Unfortunately, I cannot take any threat of hindrance lightly.

(Cethlenn gets in combat stance.)
If you're quite done with those wastrels, then come at me, if you think yourself the better. I'll make short work of you myself.

(The milletian fights Cethlenn)
On-screen text: Come at me, weakling, and be broken as waves upon the rocks!

You... How dare you.
To have the gall to get in my way...

Black Moon Combatant
Cethlenn! We haven't much time remaining!
I-I'm sorry, but we'll have to leave him.

Damn him! Who does he think he is?

Black Moon Combatant
We still have other living sacrifices. Losing one ought not pose an impediment to us.
A thousand pardons, but... We must leave, without delay!

...Count yourself fortunate this day.
If I ever see you again, I'll grind your face into the dirt beneath my bootheel.
Now, let us quit this place!

Black Moon Combatant
As you command, Cethlenn!

(In a flash of blinding light, the mysterious robed figures quickly wink out of sight, one by one.)
(You look around for the boy who was being held captive.)

(The young man who was being dragged along behind the shadowy band stands, head cocked, looking at you. He seems to have carefully pieced the broken pendant you found back together.)

Er, umm...
Well, first things first, thank you for coming to my rescue. If not for you, I'd still be in a whole heap of trouble, as you saw yourself.
Ah, but where are my manners? Introductions first! My name is Piran.
Uwaaa, it was really scary. I'm not sure what they had in mind for me, but I know it wasn't anything good. If you hadn't helped me when you did, I don't know what would've become of me...
Anyway, what's your name? I might seem a bit bedraggled and out-of-sorts right now, but I'd like to repay you for your kindness someday.

> Prompt: Tell Him Your name or Say Nothing

W-Wait, Those clothes....

(You stand still as Piran inspects you with increased interest.)

Wait. Are you... the Milletian? As in, THE famous Milletian (Character Name) ?
W-wow! I'd heard you were strong, but.... To think I'd get to actually meet a real, live Milletian. My siblings will be so impressed when I tell them!
Since you're the famous Milletian, you must know the way to Tara, right? That would be really swell, I need to get there quickly, you see.
I'm sure I followed my brother's directions, but maybe his explanation was a bit off. No matter how much I've looked, I haven't been able to find a single road sign!
Can I reach Tara if I just follow this path straight? It's not the path I was told to take, true, but... something about it seems right to me!

> Prompt: Say he is right or Say he is wrong

But I'd feel shameful if I asked anything more of you! I just need to keep to the right path this time. Hehe, thank you for showing me the right path, (Character Name).
Well, Tara's not getting any closer while I'm just standing here... Hehe. Don't worry, I'll be sure to get in touch sometime.
Anyway, I'm taking off, (Character Name). May the unbound wings of Hymerark guide your path.

To Rise Against Misfortune

Talk to Yvona

Oh, hey, you made it!
Yvona! (Character Name)'s here to see you!

Ah. (Character Name), you got here faster than I expected.
You might have seen him as you entered the camp, but there's a young man out back who says you helped him before. Is that true?

He kept going on about having to get somewhere quickly and, near as I can tell, was on the verge of tears. Whatever it is he's doing, it must be something urgent.

...I swear, it's so annoying to care about other people.
His sense of direction seems so terrible, it almost borders on the preternatural. I'm amazed he was actually able to find his way here.

(Yvona stops for a moment, her brow furrowed. She sighs.)

Seriously, I don't want to stick my nose into others' affairs.
But he keeps wandering around the area and I'm not sure how to send him on his way.

(At that very moment, the whinny of a horse breaks the stillness.)

...Wh-whoa! I just wanted to give you a li'l pat on the nose... D-did that scare you?

(The sound of several dull thumps follows shortly after.)

Oh no! I'm sorry... P-please calm down. Pleeeease! What's gotten into you? Now I feel bad...

Heh. If only you could see your expression right now, Yvona. You keep it up and those wrinkles will etch themselves into your forehead.

You may keep your choice commentary to yourself, Ailla. *sigh*

(Though her response was brusque, after hearing Ailla's comment, Yvona coughs awkwardly a few times to calm herself down.)

Anyway, that's about how things stand, (Character Name). Please get him out of here. Do whatever you need to. I'm so distracted I can't get anything done.

I'm sorry to push this problem child on you, (Character Name). I don't think he's a bad guy, but what in the world's got him so anxious?
[CharacterName], can you go talk with him while I stay here and help Yvona cool down?

What do you mean by 'cool down,' Ailla? As you can see, I'm perfectly composed.

Wroooong! We're composing a very important song. We must rid ourselves of anything that could be a distraction!

(They've started squabbling, so it may be best to just leave them to it. You should go find out what happenned to Piran first.)

Defend Piran

(Piran is gazing down at his feet with a sullen look on his face. He notices your approach and raises his head.)

H-hello, (Character Name)... I didn't expect our next meeting would be like this.
You see, I really did try my best to stick to the path you told me...
It's just that along the way, a raccoon appeared and started following me! That weirded me out, so I just started running and kept it up until I found myself here.
If I knew this would happen, I would've sent one of my brothers to Tara instead of going myself... But that's... no, no, that wouldn't work. I couldn't just send a child out on the open road alone.
I'm sorry. I have this uncanny tendancy to get lost and trip over my own feet even when there's nothing on the ground. Even my family pokes fun at me for it.

(After a brief pause, you see Piran's determination begin to show through in his expression.)

But no matter what, I MUST get to Tara, (Character Name). My errand is too important to bungle like this.
Not just for my own sake, but for my precious siblings, friends, and neighbors whose livelihoods are all at stake.
I hate to impose on you, but... would you be willing to guide me to Tara? Please... I'm begging you. The fates of so many are on the line.

> Lead the way (Enter Mission)

Shadow Mission: Wheel of Misfortune

Ahh. We can make our way around this lake... right?
But... Well, you know already how I fare in navigational matters. It would really put my mind at ease if you could lead the way, (Character Name).
And don't worry if it looks like I'm falling behind! I'm a pretty good runner, if I say so myself, so I should be able to quickly catch up to wherever you are, (Character Name).

> On-screen message: Let's go to Taillteann!
(The milletian guides Piran through Abb Neagh towards Taillteann.)

> On-screen message: Violent animals have appeared! to be safe, you'd better defeat them all!

Piran (Chat Bubble):

  • [Monsters appearing] : What ARE these? / Whaaa?! Go away!
  • [After defeating the monsters] : T-Thank you! Let's go! / Phew! That's a relief!
  • [After 2 waves]: Wait... what's that strange sound coming from the lake?

> On-screen message: A strange cry can be heard somewhere nearby!

(After the battle)

A-are you all right?! My goodness, how in the world can a creature that large just seem to pop out of nowhere?
You sure are amazing, (Character Name)! I guess all those things I've heard about you must be true. How else would you have just sent that thing packing like it was nothing...?
Anyway, we'd better keep moving. I don't want to stick around here long enough to find out what'll stick its head out of the lake's depths next...

(You continue the journey to Tara.)

The younger of my two brothers always teases me about how strange things always seem to happen when I'm around. He can be so insensitive, you know? He has no idea the lengths I go to just to take care of him!

(Though it sounded like he was complaining, he really does seem to care a great deal for his siblings.)
(Engaged in a discussion of everyday matters, you pass through Taillteann and the Corrib Valley, finding yourself at last at the entrance to Tara.)


(The milletian and Piran walk up to Tara's northern gate.)

(Character Name)! We're here! I actually made it to Tara!
I don't know how to thank you for accompanying me all the way here...
Without you, I would never have been able-- Well, maybe not NEVER, but going it alone would've been difficult, that much is certain.
Heehee. Thank you so much!

I wish I could stay with you a little longer, but...
I have urgent business I need to take care of, so... Regretfully, I mist bid you farewell for now.
I'll never forget you and how you helped me. We'll definitely see each other again sometime!

(Piran runs ahead into town.)

A Gaze Unwavering

(The way into the Great Hall is blocked by three soldiers. They are clad in grey uniforms with the golden crest of the Order of Lymilark emblazoned on the chest of their tabards.)

Brown-Haired Temple Knight Soldier
Halt. You must be... the Milletian, correct?

Beret-Wearing Temple Knight Soldier
It looks like the information from the Pontiff's Court chamberlain was accurate. A little later and we might have missed you.

Masked Temple Knight Soldier
You must be on your way to meet with Her Highness, then?

(The sharpness of their tone belies an underlying wariness about your presence. They seem unlikely to budge in this rate, meaning you won't be able to meet with Eirawen.)

> Try to convince them (Enter Shadow mission)

Shadow Mission: Holy Barrier

(You catch a glint of wariness in their gazes.)

(It seems you'll have to persuade them to get inside the Royal Castle.)

Brown-Haired Temple Knight Soldier
...I'd prefer it if you were to leave without us having to treat you too roughly. But from the look of it, you have no intention of just walking away from this.

Beret-Wearing Temple Knight Soldier
I doubt there's much to be done about it. We're simply at cross purposes here.

Masked Temple Knight Soldier
Hush, you. The order from the Chamberlain of the Pontiff's Court was to send the Milletian away, or try our best to stop them, should they insist on entering.

(It sounds like someone ordered the Temple Knights to stop you. And the one who gave that order was none other than...)

Beret-Wearing Temple Knight Soldier
Hey! Put a lid on it! We can't have it be perceived as an order... right?

Brown-Haired Temple Knight Soldier
Calm down. The Milletian isn't THAT stupid. They probably already knew who we were. Even of not, I'd wager it wouldn't be hard to find out.
You understand, Milletian, do you not? We cannot simply let you pass here. We have reason to believe you're involving yourself in a matter that will prove... detrimental to the Pontiff's Court.

Masked Temple Knight Soldier

Well... let's take this from a different angle, then. Those who come seeking an audience at the Rath Royal Castle are the very cream of the nobility, well mannered and well educated. I would assume no less is true of you then, Milletian.
Then you would, of course, know which deity is venerated by the Pontiff's Court, no?

Brown-Haired Temple Knight Soldier
I wonder... have you been to the Pontiff's Court? It's a beautiful place where we children of Erinn can feel the loving embrace of Lymilark.

Beret-Wearing Temple Knight Soldier
It really is a great place. I especially like the confessional, where I can get all quiet and introspective. Then there's that little winde cellar behind the altar. That always tickled my fancy. And the offering box contains a good many donations from considerate members of the faith. It's all quite impressive.
...How about you, Milletian? What do you find most pleasing about the Pontiff's Court?

Masked Temple Knight Soldier
Answer me one more thing, Milletian. have you aided the Pontiff's Court before?

Brown-Haired Temple Knight Soldier
Ah, you must be talking about the volounteers who help Corentin. I was told such services are often renderede by the more devoted members.

Masked Temple Knight Soldier
That's correct. And any faithful volounteer would surely know the hours when the court accepts charitable work.

(They seem to be asking about the hours during which one can take jobs and run errands for the Pontiff's Court. If you answer correctly, they may well believe you to be a friend to the Pontiff's Court.)

(Someone is walking this way.)

??? ...
You're late. I thought perhaps something happenned to you.
You three. Have you no sense of propriety? How can you keep such an important guest waiting outside the gate? Even little children know to bring in an invited guest waiting on the doorstep.

Beret-Wearing Temple Knight Soldier
Ack..! Of all people, why did it have to be her?

Masked Temple Knight Soldier
Is that Queen Eirawen's royal escort? It was told she usually doesn't spend much time around the castle...

(The blue-haired woman looks your way as she approaches. Her polished armor adorned with the kingdom's crest and her aqua eyes that gleam no less brightly capture your full attention.)

The Milletian, I presume?
It's a pleasure to meet you at last. My name is Marleid. I serve as the Queen's royal escort. You were unusually late in coming, so on this occasion, I've been sent to escort you.
You needn't tarry here any longer. The Queen is waiting. Please, go inside.

Brown-Haired Temple Knight Soldier
W-wait! We can't just let them through like this...

Are you saying you intend to dispute a direct order from the Queen?
If so, I imagine the cardinal will be receiving an official letter of complaint in the near future.

(Marleid sounds rather agitated, with her voice dropping into an intimidating tone to match. You hear the Temple Knight soldiers whispering amongst themselves.)

Beret-Wearing Temple Knight Soldier
Hmph... It doesn't look like there's much we can do. We'd better let them go. This is getting complicated... We can't afford to make a scene and draw any unwanted attention.

Brown-Haired Temple Knight Soldier
It's unfortunate she came along when she did. She doesn't even officially hold the rank of Knight. Still, we can't simply ignore her. She has the Queen's ear, and that's rank enough to cause trouble.

Masked Temple Knight Soldier
Well, Corentin, we did what we could...

(The Temple Knight soldiers grumble, clearing the way for you to enter.)

...There. That wasn't hard, now, was it?
The way the acolytes of the Pontiff's Court deal with others can be... bothersome, to say the least.
Now, if you'd please follow me to the Hanging Garden. Eirawen is waiting for you there.

(Marleid, the Royal Escort, strolls into the palace. Follow her to the Hanging Garden.)


Talk to Eirawen

(You finally meet Eirawen in the Hanging Gardens.)

(Character Name)... I'm glad to see you finally came. But then, you always do.
I have a question for you, and a favor I wish to ask of you. I also called you here to issue a formal request of you in my capacity as the ruler of the Kingdom of Aliech.

(Her eyes and her bracing posture clue you in as to how serious the matter must be.)

Marleid informed me you were stopped by the Temple Knights as you tried to enter the castle.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Their intentions were flagrantly obvious, of course. Honestly, the situation would likely have resolved itself even if I hadn't intervened.

Is that so? Perhaps the situation wasn't as serious as I thought. I'm relieved to hear that, but--

...Miss Eirawen, I urge you not to underestimate them. In this world, few things are as fiendish in their complexity as difficult to understand as the innermost thoughts and intentions of another.
Well, I'm sure you're no stranger to the particulars of human duplicity and self-aggrandizement.

Llywelyn! You overstep your bounds. You ought to watch your tongue in the presense of Her Majesty.

It's fine, Marleid. You know I keep Llywelyn in close confidence because of his... unvarnished analyses of people and situations.
I'm ever in need of trustworthy people willing to give me their honest opinions on all manner of topics.
I have no shortage of servants and retainers whose purpose is to defend me, but I require insight and good counsel to chart the right path for this kingdom to take.

(As you watch her speak, her bright purple eyes land squarely on you. You feel a commanding maturity that you've never felt from her before.)

To lead, I require both wisdom and strength. My people should feel unafraid to offer their advice, but also respect the desicions I make. (Character Name), the reason I called you here is related to that very issue.
You may already be aware, but there are those within the castle who doggedly oppose my opinions, regardless of the stance I take.
These obstructionists refuse even to seek a middle ground with me, no matter what I say. I suspect they're worried about losing their present level of status and influence within the royal court...

You probably have some idea, having just witnessed it yourself. Those three guarding the gate are reprentative of a larger faction at work.

You see, I recently received an official position to conduct an investigation of a certain incident. Or rather, incidents: a string of purported kidnappings, to be precise. Depending on what is discovered, it may turn out to be neither serious nor significant.
That said, I was advised that the citizens's faith in both the kingdom and my leadership would grow exponentially if I proved able to resolve the matter myself. On this point Sinead, Lezarro, and Arzhela were in full agreement.
But either way... there are certain voices who are against me leading the charge and exercising direct oversight of the investigation.
Frankly, nothing would please me more than to set aside this inane jockeying for power within the castle's court and focus on aiding those who have been abducted.

Heh. Spoken like a true regent, Miss Eirawen. If only the other aristocrats were as clear of vision.

Milletian. Have you heard anything of this rampant string of kidnappings that seems to be taking place all across Erinn?
At first, I thought this to be a simple string of 'missing persons' cases. However, after gathering preliminary information about the victims, it turns out that all those who were targeted possess one conspicuous factor in common.

Are you familiar with Hymerark, (Character Name)?

Just so. Now, the reason why bring up Hymerark is because, as I mentioned, all those who have been reported missing are followers of that order.

Though they may number fewer than the worshippers of Lymilark, aiding the Order of Hymerark in their hour of need would seem a prime opportunity to sercure their support for the Royal Regime.
It would also be an excellent maneuver to keep the Pontiff's Court in check while fostering a positive view of the kingdom among the populace.

And with one decisive move, Eirawen can both build and bolster her base of support, the better with which to act with an increasing degree of independence in the future.

A-also... ahem...

(Eirawen clears her throat, as though to steady her voice and giver her one moment more to compose her thoughts.)

If... the Milletian, the hero whose deeds ahve gained renown across Erinn, were to be a part of this investigation, I could scarcely ask for more.
(Character Name), do you remember what I said to you before?
I told you I would become someone worthy of the people's trust... and a better ruler.

(She seems reluctant as she recalls her words, but her eyes are filled with resolve.)

I wish to make a formal request of you as the Queen of Aliech. Of course, I won't ask you to shoulder this burden alone. However...

If you agree to aid the queen in this matter, I expect results. That is... acceptable to you, yes?

(As Marleid's firm gaze seems to test your mettle, Eirawen speaks in a voice so small and slight, only you can hear her.)

(Character Name)... In order to keep the promise I made to you, and to better my rule for the sake of this kingdom and its people, I promised myself that I would give my utmost, no matter the size of the task before me.
I know it must seem as though I'm taking advantage of you, but... I fully intend to keep the promise I made you. You understand, right...?

(An investigation into the Order of Hymerark? If that was her request, then why would she choose to meet in the Hanging Garden instead of someplace more official?)

Talk to Llywelyn

By the by, Eirawen, since you've gone to all the effort of getting the Milletian involved, don't you think formal introductions are in order?

Ah. I was so preoccupied, it completely slipped my mind. (Character Name), allow me to introduce Llywelyn and Marleid.

The pleasure is mine, I assure you. It's wonderful to finally put a face to the name behind so many daring exploits.

(You lock eyes with Llywelyn for a split second, but it's impossible to guess what he might be playing at behind his mischievous smile.)

Still, I never expected I might meet the Milletian in so formal a setting! Haha.
But come, we wouldn't want our friend here to feel uncomfortable! Now, tell me, was your encounter at the castle gates your first meeting with Marleid?

O-oh. How silly of me, I've been so preoccupied with the matter of the Expeditionary Force that I'd completely skimmed over circumstances of your late arrival. My apologies, (Character Name).
You met Marleid when I sent her to fetch you, but she serves as my personal escort. I have on many occasions entrusted her with my safety. In fact, she is one of the finest sharpshooters to be found anywhere in the kingdom.

Your Majesty exaggerates. I'm simply glad my skills are of use to you.

(A slight but unmistakable blush warms Marleid's face. It is obvious she and the Queen share a strong bond, built on mutual trust.)

And this silver-tongued scion is Llywelyn Cinnsealach, eldest son of the distinguished Cinnsealach family. His demeanor may be a bit aloof at times, but he's a trusted retainer who always provides insightful advice when I'm deliberating important decisions.

Do I truly provide such cold company?
You wound me, Your Majesty. I'm merely doing whatever I'm able to help you make wise decisions, out of the boundless goodness of my heart!
I will, however, take 'silver-tongued' as a compliment.


Tsk tsk, Miss Marleid. Such incredulity in your gaze! Turn that pouty frown upside down, for Miss Eirawen's sake!

...Hah. As you can see, he and Marleid are sometimes at odds in personality, but I can trust both of them with my innermost thoughts.

Your Majesty, I think that will suffice for introductions. The sooner we move to investigate the events surrounding the Order of Hymerark, the better.

Indeed. (Character Name), I plan to give my personal attention to the case of the missing followers of Hymerark, and am planning to dispatch an Expeditionary Force to see to the matter forthwith.
Sinead is positively champing at the bit to announce the force's mobilization to the whole kingdom.

That's to be expected, considering its objective. The kimgdom is extending direct aid to the Order of Hymerark, a minority group that seems to exist on the periphery of mainstream society.
I can think of few stronger ways to send the message, loud and clear, that the kingdom is invested in the concerns of its people.

True. Bur as Your Highness mentioned earlier. there's a particular faction that stands opposed to you at every turn, regardless of the issue at hand.
As things stand, I have my doubts that we could deploy an Expeditionary Force without blowback from them. Before we make an official proclamation, we need to take measures to ward off any anticipated interference.

Unless we provide sufficien deterrent, the forces of the Pontiff's Court will continue to hinder us at every turn.
*sigh* I have considered a number of options since I received this request, but none of them has been especially good.

Seeing as they tried to stop the Milletian from entering the castle to meet with you earlier, I'd wager they're growing nervous. This is excactly when we ought to make a push and secure our advantage.

...If that's how things stand, our options are limited.
Hmm. All right. Let's bribe them. Money talks, as you well know.

(Llywelyn grins, tousling his wavy hair.)

Miss Eirawen, Miss Marleid, you've surely not forgotten that, even in my advisory capacity, I do stop somewhere short of wholehearted advocacy for the Royal Regime?

...Yes, I'm well aware of that. That is partially why I consult with you as an advisor: you provide a point of view that is both neutral and intelligent. That is not so common a thing to find as one might hope.

Hmm. I see. So you think it would be prudent to pursue that course of action. *sigh* I admit, it's a gambit worthy of House Cinnsealach. I can only hope I never have to face you as an enemy.
What you're getting at is that the Queen ought to preemptively reach out to you and the other moderate nobles as well as the intractable members of the Pontiff's Court?

A gold star for you, Miss Marleid. Remember what I said earlier: few things are as difficult to understand as the innermost thoughts and intentions of another.
A large part of the reason for that is because thoughts and emotions constantly fluctuate. In other words... setting aside zealots and other hard-liners, most people don't possess strong opinions on the majority of issues, and can be swayed with fairly trivial amounts of effort.
Personally, I despise such gormless, suggestible simpletons, but that mental malleability is the very quality we can lean on to resolve this problem.

Then we should convince the aristocrats ahead of time, before I announce my intention to deploy the Expeditionary Force?

Yes. If all goes well, we should be able to dispatch the Expeditionary Force with little to no resistance. I beleive the core of Llywelyn's plan is to plant in the minds of the nobility the belief that this holds some benefit for them as well, or, if they prove intractable, to make it worth their while to remain silent on the matter.

In other words, I can't be the one doing the convincing, then?

Correct. You must be perceived as being removed from the debate. There's also your authority as a monarch to consider. At its most effective, manipulation achieves the ends you desire without having to sully your own hands.

(Llywelyn stares at you, the glimmer in his eyes dancing like sunlight through a crystal. Before you know it, Marleid is standing right beside you.)

Your Majesty. Please leave this task to me, Llywelyn, and the Milletian.
You are the kingdom's symbol of authority. At the banquet, you need only stand before the people and confidently share the exact same plan you had in mind from the beginning.
Before then, we will convince a sufficient number of aristocrats to join in support of the idea, so that the Expeditionary Force can be dispatched to investigate this matter without issue.

What's this? Are you sneakily roping me into this little venture, Miss Marleid?

It IS your plan. Don't tell me you're getting cold feet now.

Well... all right. Since we do ahve our new friend the Milletian here with us, I suppose there's some enjoyment to be had from it.

Hmm... very well, then. I leave matters in your capable hands. Marleid and Llywelyn. And yours as well, (Character Name).

Understood, Your Highness. We won't let you down.

Heehee. Good, good. Well then, we ought to be on our way as well. There's much we need to accomplish and a short time in which to do so.

(Llywelyn flashes his broad smile once more, slowly withdrawing toward the Great Hall with Marleid. You should follow them.)

Behind the Facade

The Will of the Kingdom

Overlapping Trails

What the Wings Conceal

The Mists Below

Seven Eyelids

From Bud to Blossom

Eyes Wide Shut

Phantoms Among the Snow

A Scene Beyond the Veil

Float like a Fairy

A Memory of Emain Macha

The Broken Prison Gate

Seeking the Last Symbols

A Missing Memory

Tipping the Scales

The Lengthening Shadow

The Land Beyond the Mists

Balor of the Evil Eye

A Mist-Shrouded Dawn