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Script - An Unremembered Dream

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An Unremembered Dream

I've heard rumors of a particularly skilled cleric who's been active in Taillteann. Whoever it is, it can't hurt to meet them, right? - Laoire

Aha. There you are, (Character Name).
I've important news, so let me get right to it. I have a lead on a new candidate for the Arcana Association.
Do you know of the Taillteann Headquarters? I... overhead a message from the Vice Commander of the Tara Royal Guard, Andras, which contained something interesting. I followed it up by gathering some first-hand accounts from soldiers at the Headquarters.
The talk is of someone who works with Priest Collen who has unrivaled healing abilities. It may be an exaggeration, but they say he's worthy of a royal appointment.
Of course, if he's simply a very skilled healer, than[sic] he's of no interest to us... but! The stories also say that he has a beautiful voice, and an unusual power that crops up in moments of great danger...
The soldiers tell tales of being worn out and tired during a battle, about to be overwhelmed, when his beautiful voice rings out, and they are suddenly full of energy! Apparently, it's turned the tide in a couple of tight spots.
When I heard that, I thought of course of the legendary Starlet, companion of that druid that keeps popping up across the Aliech Kingdom, but it seems she wasn't present...
It's hard to say, but...
It's strange that no one has heard of him until quite recently. With such a talent... you'd think he'd already be famous, wouldn't you?
Given how recently, and how suddenly, his skill seems to have cropped up, I believe him to be a good potential candidate for the Arcana Association.
Healing and singing... I've never seen them combined before. Fascinating, isn't it?
That's why we must get in contact with him as soon as possible. Please go to Taillteann and locate him.
Act with haste, because if he doesn't know he's using the power of the Arcana, he could be in danger.
All I've been able to find from here is that he's been seen with Priest Collen. I'm sure if you talk to some locals, they'll know more.
A new form of Arcana! This is an important matter, (Character Name), so I'm entrusting this to you.

(Laoire, finished talking, goes back to his research.)

(You need to find a healer who works with Priest Collen. People in Taillteann who are informed about local events will probably know more.)

(You go seek Pierrick in Taillteann.)

Well, if it isn't (Character Name)! Good to see you!
Is there something you need? Come, don't be shy. Speak up-- I've got wares of every shape and size here in my General Shop!

(You apologize, telling Pierrick you came to find someone, not to buy something.)

(Pierrick's expression grows sullen for a moment, but his eyes lose none of their sparkle and he begins rattling off questions, seemingly undaunted.)

Oh? Looking for someone, you say? Who is it? Someone I'd know? I mean, I DO overhear a lot of things here in Taillteann, you know. So, who is it? Come on, spill the beans.

> Prompt: They have a great voice... or A priest who accompanies Collen...

> Prompt: They have a great voice

(According to Laoire, the individual in question has a beautiful voice. A voice so good, in fact, that their singing gives strength to others.)

Really? Hmm...
No way... It couldn't be ME, could it? Some have said that I sing as beautifully as a nightingale!

> Prompt: A priest who accompanies Collen...

(You explain that the person you're looking for has often been seen with Priest Collen of the Taillteann Church.)

Hrm... Well, Priest Collen is a man who gets along with almost everyone! He's a very good-hearted soul.
Hmm. I think I may know, but I'd need to narrow it down a bit.

> Prompt: They are skilled in healing...

(You added the person you're seeking has become widely known among the guardsmen of Taillteann due to their amazing skill in healing.)

...Ah. Yes, I know just who you're talking about!
You must be looking for Eochaid, no? And to think, I almost thought I might be who you were looking for!
Eochaid was raised by Priest Collen, you see. He's not an official priest of the Order of Lymilark, but he might as well be. I guess he picked up on healing while following Collen around.
He's quite the prodigy, from the sound of it. One needs to be able to quickly assess a situation and respond intelligently to heal well. *sigh* Maybe he was born with it! I must say, I'm a bit jealous.
His personality can seem rather strict, but he's a good kid once you get to know him. Last time I fell and scraped up my knee, he patched me up right away!
Oh, did you find Eochaid? You said you were looking for him, right? Ah! I should've told you where to find him.

(Pierrick raises his hand and points toward the residential area across the way.)

You see all the way over there? That's Eochaid's house.
I'd be glad to show you there myself, (Character Name), but I still need to man the counter here at the General Store. You understand, right?
It's not that far, though, so just head out toward where I was pointing and you should get there pretty quickly. Eochaid doesn't usually leave his house unless he's out doing work, so I'd bet he'll be home right now!

(The individual spoken of in the intelligence Laoire had gathered appears to be this 'Eochaid.' You should be able to meet him yourself if you head to the house Pierrick pointed out to you.)

(This is the place Pierrick told you about. Let's hope Eochaid is home...)

> Prompt: Knock lightly



(No response. Maybe he didn't hear you?)

> Prompt: Knock decisively



(No response. Are you being ignored?)

> Prompt: Bang on the door with both fists or Try yelling

(You keep calling and knocking, not willing to budge away. The lack of response DOES get on your nerves, though...)

I said I'm not buying any Baby Potions! I'm not a baby!
Ugh, I know they're just fruit juice... What a scam.
Wait, you're not-- who are you? What could you possibly need?

(The door finally opens. you look right, then left, but no one is there...)

What-- I'm right here!
Down! Look down, dummy!

(As you do, you finally see a small child.)

What's wrong with you? You can't even see someone right in front of your nose?

Let's just get this over with. I'm Eochaid. What do you want?
You don't even look like you're hurt. What could it possibly be?
You don't look sick. No open wounds... What are you doing here, then?
I was up late last night helping Collen and... *yawn*

(The child's whole face scrunches up when he yawns. After realizing you weren't injured, he seems to have lost interest in you.)

I was... *yawn*... taking a quick break. I wasn't napping...

> Prompt: Are you Eochaid?

Yes... Why do you know my name? Who are you?

(After you make a brief introduction, you explain that you're here on behalf of the Royal Castle's Arcana research.)

Wait, hold on. So you're saying...
You're the famous Milletian. And...
You need me for some... Arcana business?
Just out of nowhere?
Do you think I'm an idiot? That's super sketchy. I'm not gonna go off and get kidnapped just because some weirdo claims to be a Milletian.

> Prompt: Strongly deny his suspicions.

(You try to tell him you're telling the truth about the organization.)

Well... With that outfit, you do look like a Milletian, at least.
Still, Grandma Dorren told me that I shouldn't just believe in--

Elf Guard
Eochaid! Come quickly! There's trouble!

Ugh, what is it now? I'm supposed to be on break...

(A soldier hurries over the two of you from the direction of the Elf Headquarters, interrupting your attempts to prove your identity to Eochaid.)

Elf Guard
The scouts returning from Stonehenge are heavily injured--
Oh, is the Milletian here too? Perfect. Come right away, both of you!

> Prompt: Follow Eochaid or Not quite yet...

> Follow Eochaid

(You don't know what's going on, but it sounds urgent. You'd better follow.)

Shadow Mission: Young Cleric of Taillteann

(You accompany Eochaid to the Elf Headquarters.)

*sigh* What now? Did something happen again today?

Elf Guard
I'm so sorry, Eochaid, Everyone got hit pretty hard in the Shadow Realm again.

What? Again? But we were just peeling the lot of you off the floor yesterday!
Did what Collen and I repeatedly told you just go in one ear and out the other? We told you to exercise caution. You can't go getting beaten up and come back crying like it's an emergency three or four times a week!

Elf Guard
Hahaha, I'm sorry... When you're out there on those missions, you start getting into the thick of it and... y'know... things just happen.
It's not like we were planning on getting hurt! But we came back and found out Collen would be away for a couple days, sooo... we decided to come to you since the sooner we get patched up, the better.

...You DO know there's a dedicated Royal Guard Physician assigned to your support unit, right?

Elf Guard
O-of course. *cough* But you're nicer to us. And you're not far from our barracks, either.
Besides, there are quite a few soldiers who feel more familiar with you than with anyone out there in the town. I've heard that creating a comfortable atmosphere is important when treating patients, and I firmly believe it.
Aaaaanyway, the unit's not looking too hot right now, so if you could hurry...

Ugh... Well, I suppose it's an emergency, so I don't suppose I have much of a choice, do I?

(Eochaid turns towards you.)

You said (Character Name), right? You should wait here for a little bit.
As the soldier said, there are some who won't consent to receive treatment if it's not from me. You can tell me whatever you came to say once I'm back.

Elf Guard
C'mon, hurry!

(You watch Eochaid heal up the soldiers in record time, with strange skills you've never seen before.)

Are you all recovered now?

Elf Guard
Nnnn... Ugh, my head's still throbbing...

Elf Guard Eochaid, did you help them out again? Thank you for your cooperation. I'm a bit ashamed that it came to that, though.
I hope you'll consider becoming our Headquarters Physician when you grow up one day!

Elf Guard That's right! Just like... *ahem* At any rate, looks like I owe you another one.

Eochaid What are you saying? I told you to watch out for Life Drain!
I'm going to invoice this treatment through Collen, so... expect that to come in a day or two. And please, be more careful next time.

(Though he grumbles as he speaks, his face is entirely serious as he quickly scans the soldiers for injuries.)

(...Suddenly, his gaze darts toward you-- those searching, violet eyes assessing all they take in.)

You came from the Royal Castle, didn't you? Something-or-other to do with 'Arcana', right?
Listen. I've heard from people like you before. You want me to join your association so I can heal you up when your "experiments" go wrong. As you can see, I have more than enough on my hands with everyone here at headquarters.
Besides, there's something I need to look into personally...

Eochaid! *sigh* There you are.

(You see Collen walking up to the group.)


I'd been looking for you. You disappeared while I was away.

Elf Guard
Priest Collen, I find myself indebted to you once again. I'll send you an official letter explaining all later.

(Compared to the way they regarded Eochaid, you notice their tone was strangely sharp and stiff.)

It's fine. Since it concerns the safety of the town and its residents, it's only natural that I'd lend a hand.
Well, it's actually what Eochaid did, not me...

So then... the situation here has mostly been taken care of, right?
Collen, I'm stepping out for a moment. There's something I need to check on.
Well then, farewell.

> Prompt: W-wait!

(You try to deter Eochaid, who turned to leave with a smile, but he quickly departed from the town.)

Allow me to apologize on his behalf. He has a tendency to come and go like the wind, doing whatever he pleases.
It seems like you came all the way out here to meet Eochaid. As his guardian, allow me to hear you out in his stead.
It's a bit cluttered around here, don't you think? Please, follow me over to the church. Whatever questions you have, I'll answer to the best of my knowledge.

(Collen, glancing toward where Eochaid disappeared, motions to you to follow him.)

(You follow Collen to the Taillteann Church. It sounds like you'll be able to learn more there.)


Thank you for giving Eochaid a hand.
This town is always busy, thanks to the three Headquarters. Without fail, our services are always needed by the soldiers in jured in the Shadow Realm.
Eochaid has been accompanying me as an extra set of hands for quite some time, but it's only recently that he's shown such a gift for healing.
...(Character Name), I'm sure you've heard the rumors about him, since you're here now.

(Collen's face is clouded with competing looks of pride and worry. It's clear that Eochaid is the source of many a wrinkle on his forehead.)

Listen. I've heard about your latest venture at the Royal Castle. I can guess why you're here, and I'd never deny him a chance to learn, but...
Well, he's still so young. I don't want too much responsibility dumped on him just because he's talented. He's already had a hard time of it. He deserves to enjoy his childhood as much as he can.
Hm, you had questions for me, though. What did you need?

> Prompt: ask about his ears or Ask about his age

The Arcana Association... Well, if you're a member...
If I can't trust you, who can I trust? Please give me a moment.

(Collen disappears inside the Church. You can hear a faint clattering.)

(Collen emerges with a small notebook in his hands.)

> On-screen text: You received Eochaid's Journal from Collen.

Here, take this. Eochaid's been troubled by strange dreams all his life. He wrote them down here.
They've been worrying me for a while. One of his dreams is repeating, and he remembers it with such striking clarity. Don't your dreams get blurry and fade when you wake up?
And he says the dream has gotten even clearer of late. What if it's a sign of something? I think Eochaid is worried about it, too. He stays up later and later to help me, like he's avoiding sleep.
The dream, and Eochaid's talent awakening... seem related. Maybe you can help him.
Read what i gave you and you'll understand. After that... please talk to him.

(Collen seems like he's got more to say, but he's holding back for now.)

(You should read the journal Collen gave you.)

(This is Eochaid's diary, given to you by Collen. The writing is dense and messy, but it's accompanied by cute illustrations.)

(If you read it closely, maybe you will notice something Eochaid missed.)

> Prompt: Read throughly or Not quite yet...

> Read thoroughly

Shadow Mission: Songstress of Dreams

(You see a vision of the Emain Stage. Eochaid is also there, as a projection of his own writings.)

Uh... what?
Oh. This dream again. I've been seeing it for so long now. Ever since I was little. How many times is this now?

(You turn your gaze to see what Eochaid was peering at.).

(You espy a neatly dressed woman, practicing for a performance of some sort. Her singing is unhurried, her voice soft.)

Woman in the Dream

Even though I know this is a dream, I can't help but love the sound of her voice. I never tire of hearing it, again and again, as many times as I see this dream.
It has such a unique tone, doesn't it? When I listen to her, it's like I can feel my cares just melt away. I wish I knew what song it was...

Fellow Singer
Don't you think you're practicing too hard?

Fellow Singer
I agree. Even though you're the best of us, you're always the last to leave. It's like you want to squeeze in every spare minute to sing.

Woman in the Dream
Oh, you guys... You flatter me.
There are lots of singers out there in the world who far surpass me. All I want is to sing without any mistakes in our next performance.

Before, my dream always ended while that woman was still singing. But today, it's... continuing past that?

Fellow Singer
True, our next engagement is pretty big. Makes sense you'd be nervous.
But trust me, you'll be fine. You're not just a good singer-- people really respond to your performances!

Fellow Singer
Hah, that's right. Actually...

Fellow Singer
... Hey, look! That guy came again!

(The view pans on an elf watching the rehearsal.)

Woman in the Dream

Fellow Singer
I saw him in the audience last time, and the time before that. In fact, I think he may well have come to every performance you've given.

Fellow Singer
I guess that Elf really likes your singing. How do you think he got here?

Fellow Singer
I've wondered the same thing... O-oh! Are... are you blushing?

Woman in the Dream
N-nooo, of course not!

Eochaid I find that hard to believe when even a blind man could tell your face is totally flushed.

(The elf leaves.)

Fellow Singer
Oh-ho! It looks like her number one fan overheard us!
Why don't you go over and talk to him? I'd beet he'll be in the audience at the next performance too, so it wouldn't hurt to get to know each other a little better.

Woman in the Dream
Y-you think so? Ehee...
*cough* *cough*

Fellow Singer
Oh no! That cold's still hanging on, huh?

Woman in the Dream
Yeah. I've been taking the medicine as directed, but the cough still comes through every now and then. It's probably because of all the vocal practice I've been doing.
Our performance is coming up in just a few days, so I suppose I ought to manage my condition a bit closer so it improves before then. I'll have to be more mindful.

Fellow Singer
Well, I think the best treatment would be talking to that guy. Maybe you'll blush the last of that cough away.

Woman in the Dream
Geez, would you stop teasing me?

(Her face, radiant with a bashful smile, gradually fades away.)

Why is it that I keep seeing this dream? I've always seen it, indistinct and distant at times, but these days, it's been going longer and longer; its people growing clearer and clearer.
Could this dream be something that happened to someone who really exists somewhere out there in the world?
Or perhaps they even have some sort of connection to me. But... what connection? And why this dream?
... Oh!
I can go to Emain Macha and look for it myself! Why didn't I think of that before?
The performance is right around the corner and she's still got that cough. I might be able to give her some treatment.
Hmm. I suppose the easiest way to find her is to just ask everyone coming and going near the stage.


(That seems to be all you can see.)

(It appears that Eochaid has been having a recurring dream about a certain songstress, and is making his way to Emain Macha in the hopes of meeting her. You should follow him and see what happens.)


(You meet up with Eochaid at the Emain Macha stage. Some people are rehearsing nearby.)


(Eochaid hasn't noticed you. He's looking at the musicians preparing to perform with dismay.)

I thought I'd be able to find her by just asking around, but... no one knows who I'm talking about.
*sigh* What should I do...
Wh-hey! Don't sneak up on me like that!

> Prompt: What are you doing?

I was just trying to find the person from my dream and... heal... I mean...
Wait, l-let me explain. I almost never dream, but--

> Prompt: I know who you mean.

Wha-- but-- how?

> Prompt: Collen showed me your journal.

Eochaid Wh-what...?!
You read... You read my journal?

(Eochaid's face turns beet red. He's so embarassed that he's struggling to get words out.)

Collen... How could he?! Just-- Just showing me journal? To some stranger?
Fine. Go ahead and make fun of me. Just get it over with.
Silly little baby Eochaid, believing my little baby dreams.
Not even Collen took me seriously. But... the dream felt so real...

(Eochaid trails off into a sullen silence.)

> Prompt: It does sound a little unlikely or I think it might be real.

(Eochaid's[sic] clenches his staff in a white-knuckle grip. In that moment, his eyes look incredibly distant.)


(There seems to be commotion on the stage.)

> Prompt: Observe the situation or Not quite yet

> Prompt: Observe

Shadow Mission: Theater Etiquette

(As the actors and singer rehearse, a group of four troublemakers make their entry.)

Hey, what gives? These noisy clowns are making a racket again!
You're a public nuisance, you are! You woke me up! I'm not gonna stand for that!

(The actors look distraught.)

Rehearshing Actor
W-well, this stage is our rehearsal space...

Rehearsing Singer
Find somewhere else to sleep! It's a public area.

Rehearsing Actor
Why do you all keep following us around, if you hate the noise so much?

You think you can tell me where I can and can't go in my own city, is that it? You think you can disrespect me and my nap and get away with it?
Well I think you're gonna find out what happens when a bunch of two-bit jesters come in and disturb our city with a bunch of caterwauling!

(The bullies advance on the stage.)

Are they serious?! ....But, it's not really our business...
Ugh, we can't just let them harass these performers, though... can we?
Plus, if they hurt someone, that's just more work for me.
Well, if there's no other choice... we'd better take care of these bullies together.

Wave 2:

> On-screen text: A sip of this special elixir and even we should be able to go toe-to-toe with this Milletian for a bit!

The bullies are back on their feet.

Wave 3:

> On-screen text: Damn you, Milletian! And who the heck's this runt?

Wave 4:

> On-screen text: Y-you...! Don't get in our way!

(You deal with the bullies with Eochaid's support.)

It's those nasty thugs!
Why are you picking a fight? We've done nothing to you!

Rehearsing Actor
Hey... Thank you. Really.

Rehearsing Singer
Thanks for the help. Those miscreants have been giving us all sorts of grief these past few days.

Rehearsing Actor
They've been damaging our props and raising a general ruckus, like they were doing just now.

Rehearsing Actor
Heehee. We owe our thanks to this Milletian and, um...


Rehearshing Actor
Right-- thank you as well, Eochaid.

Rehearsing Singer
I think you laid into that lot hard enough that they won't dare show their faces around here for a good while!

Rehearshing Actor
Hahaha. I guess all that's left now is to go clean up.

(The actors and singers who have been preparing for the performance bow their heads in gratitude. They file past you to the other side, generally ignoring the thugs lying in a heap on the ground.)

I suppose there really is something to your fame after all.
It was kind of impressive, seeing you fight. I'm more accustomed to healing others' wounds and just assisting them in battle.
...A-actually, I was able to shout out to you to go first because you were with me.
I never would've done that if I'd been alone-- I don't fancy taking a fist to the face. But anyway...

(Eochaid, who has been chattering away, coughs awkwardly, clearing his throat.)

I've heard some of the stories about hte famous Milletian, so I have to admit to being rather curious how you'd acquit yourself in a situation like this. It was... amazing to see you in action with my own eyes.
You were saying before that if I joined that odd-sounding association you mentioned, I'd be able to see you more often and learn about my power in greater depth, yes?
If I join, do you think I'll be able to find more clues about that dream I keep dreaming?
The reason it bothers me so much is...

(His quiet voice quickly trails off, becoming inaudible, and Eochaid simply shakes his head.)

Bah. Why am I worrying about this? It's not like me to indulge in such a waste of time.
Anyway, I've decided to take you up on your offer. After all, what have I got to lose? You're based out of Rath Royal Castle, right?

> Prompt: Really?

Yes, really. Why would I lie about a thing like this?
When we were giving those thugs their just desserts earlier, I felt surprisingly spirited all the while. I think it's because I found you easier to get along with than I expected.

> Prompt: ...Really?

REALLY really! Is it THAT hard to believe me?
It's like you're still grilling me even after I said I'd go! Seriously, what's wrong with you?
Are you poking fun at me because you think I look like some fresh-faced kid? I'll have you know I've seen 15 summers. As for my height, well... that'll sort itself out in time. I hope.
Y-you know what? Why am I still talking about this? I'm going to Tara, and that's that!

(Eochaid quickly cuts off his prattling-on, his face red, and takes to the road with strides as long as his dainty legs will allow.)

(You head to the Arcana Association Room in Rath Royal Castle, in Tara, to make sure Eochaid has arrived there safely.)

Good, you're back! Eochaid arrived before you, so we're all introduced.
I have to say, from the rumors...
I was expecting someone a bit older.

If he is as young as he looks, though, it's a fascinating example of Arcana manifesting young...

I can hear you guys whispering about me, you know!
While we were waiting for you, Laoire told me the basics. You're all planning on doing research on me?

Ah, to be more specific, we'll be doing research to help you control and stabilize your talent.
For those of us who aren't Milletians, controlling multiple talents at once contains many risks. It could put your body under dangerous amounts of strain. That's why we need to research, and that's why (Character Name) is helping, as well.

Um, well. The thing is... that still just sounds like I'll be a test subject.

> Prompt: It kind of does or Not at all!

I'm truly sorry for concerning you, Eochaid. I do think membership can provide some benefits for you, as well.

Hmm... like what?

Well, for once, we won't be requiring you to make drastic changes to your life. Of course, you may be called upon by the Royal Castle to help in times of need, but I've heard you're already helping the guards at the Taillteann Headquarters, so I doubt you would object to that, would you?
And, for that matter, the backing of the Arcana Association can get you more support in your work at the Headquarters. You'll be able to call on the resources of the Royal Castle, after all.

Oh, that... would be good, actually. The Guards are so reckless! They keep getting wounded in dumb ways. We could use, like, twice as many healers.

All that would be required of you is some occational assistance with our research. Certainly nothing that would cause you undue stress.
If you want, I can even draw up a contract specifying limits on your responsabilities, and laying out the benefits. That may help ease your guardian's mind as well.

That does sound good. Collen would probably like to see a contract... Hmm...

(Eochaid seems lost in thought, weighing out the decision. Laoire's looking at you expectantly. Maybe he expects you to convince Eochaid?)

(There may be ways you can ease his doubts further. Talk to Eochaid again.)

So the Arcana Association will have the full backing of the crown...
There will be more people gathering soon... Maybe people more talented than I am, even. A place where talent can be researched and developed... and maybe even explored past what we know is possible...

> Prompt: Say he might be able to learn about his dreams

...Even my dreams...?
I guess... If we have the support of the crown... it might be easier to ask about her...
Or maybe... she might even find me?
...I know--
I know that everyone's always looked at me weird. Because of my abilities... And my looks.
But-- that just makes me want to know more about it. About why I was left in Collen's care, and where my talents came from...
I thought we worked pretty well together during that fight in Emain Macha.
And-- and although I didn't mean for you to... You found out what's been going on with me, and you didn't make fun of me. So you can't be all that bad, I don't think.
What that Laoire person was talking about also seems like a good idea... It should lift a weight off Collen's shoulders, at least.

Hmm... It sounds like you've made up your mind, then?
I should report this to her Majesty right away. I'm sure she'll be glad to hear news about you, Eochaid.

(Laoire extends a hand to Eochaid with a broad smile on his face.)


(Eochaid hesitantly takes Laoire's hand and shakes it.)

All right. Please draw up the contract you mentioned first, if that's all right. I'll probably be in and out of here a lot. And I'll need it to explain this to Collen.

Of course. I'll have it ready for you before you leave the castle.
I look forward to working with you, Eochaid. And of course, you too, (Character Name).

(You can now work with Eochaid at the Arcana Association! Together, you can research the Harmonic Saint Arcana Talent of which he has proven a paragon.)

(You might also be able to learn more about the person Eochaid saw in his dreams. Look for clues while you improve the Arcana Talent with Eochaid.)

A Diorama of Reality and Dreams


The Hidden Outcome

You left with Eochaid last time, right? I thought he was doing better, but since then, he's been even more depressed. Is there anything I can do to help? - Laoire


A Heartfelt Delivery

S-so... It's natural for one who has received a benefit to pay it forward, right? What am I talking about? I-I don't really need to explain it, do I? Just come see me. - Eochaid