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Script - Waves Amidst the Calm

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For explanations and advice on quest completion, see Waves Amidst the Calm.
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Waves Amidst the Calm

There's been an incident in Bangor recently that I need your help with. Come by if you have the time; I'll tell you more about it then. And don't worry, I'll make it worth your while. - Edern

You examine the letter from Carasek. It must have been mailed from Belvast, as its seal bears the city's emblem. Immediately noticeable is the hastily scawled penmanship on the envelope.

You carefully open Carasek's letter.

Two days ago, my crew and I boarded our ship and set sail due east from Port Cobh. heading for Belvast.
Now, I've been a sailor for many years, and I've seen all manner of strange and wild things out there on the sea, but never in my life have I encountered weather like we saw that day. T'was like the devils themselves were driving the storm. It was right as we neared Belvast Island...

(You read the rest of the letter, picturing the events in your mind as you do.)

(In bad weather, Carasek barks orders.)

Secure the rigging!

(After a moment, the weather finally lets up, the storm clouds passing. Carasek sighs in relief.)

The coast's in sight, and not a moment too soon.

...C-Captain! I think you need to see this.

What's this fuss about, now?

There, over yonder!

(The sailor points toward the shore, where a strange, tall castle sits on top of a hill.)

...What in Manannan's name is that...?

(The letter's contents end there. You head over to see what Edern's missive was about.)

Ah, (Character Name)! Welcome. Thank you for coming so quickly.
Do you mind if we take a moment before getting down to business? I've had a lot on my plate lately, and any chance for a breather is one I mean to take.

(Edern lets out a heavy sigh and smoothes back his coarse, untamed hair while muttering to himself, as if organizing his thoughts.)

Hmm... Now, where to begin...?
Okay. So, I'm not sure if you've heard, but adamantine was discovered near Bangor recently.
Aye, you heard me right: adamantine. Back before the mines dried up and it became scarce, Bangor was famous for its adamantine. It's what put this town on the map ages ago.
Recently, some prospectors discovered a new vein of adamantine. Nothing huge, but certainly worth mining. It set folks here to thinking about bringing back the town's glory days. Turns out it was all for nothing, though. The lot of it got stolen right out from under us.
Here's what happened, near as we know.
Some sly fella contacted us under the pretense of doing business. He was offering to pay a premium for the ore and even had the Ducats on hand. But after he'd loaded his wagon full of adamantine, he vanished into thin air.
We've looked into this from every angle, as you can imagine, but we ain't been able to turn up anything concrete. From what we've learned so far, the one thing I'm pretty certain of is that no one in Bangor would be able to pull off something like that.
Even Digo doesn't remember a thing, and they helped load the wagon! Says one minute they were jotting down the transaction, then turned to collect the payment and... poof. Claims their memory's a blank after that.

(Edern's brow furrows as his frown makes plain his displeasure. He coughs dryly, then continues.)

'Strange' doesn't even begin to describe it.
Anyhow, I wrote asking you to come in the hopes that you'd be willing to lend us a hand with our investigation. There's only so much we can do on our own steam, and it's been frustrating to make so little headway. But with someone as smart as you on the job, I figure it's only a matter of time a'fore we crack this case.
'Course, we're not asking you to lend your expertise just out of the goodness of your heart. You'll be well-compensated, mark my word. What do you say? Are you in?

> Prompt: You can count on me. or I am not quite sure yet...

> Prompt: You can count on me.

> On-screen text: You nod in agreement with Edern's proposal.

(Upon hearing your answer, Edern strokes his beard and lets out a hearty laugh.)

Haha, much appreciated! With you on the case, that's one less thing to lie awake fretting about at night.
We'll continue looking into any leads on our end, so don't hesitate to reach out if you think you've found something that might help advance the investigation.

(You see Edern's frown-furrowed face relax as he looks toward you.)

(According to Edern, the adamantine was carted off by someone who approached them with an offer to purchase a significant quantity. The best place to start rounding up information would likely be Bangor's Trade Helper, Digo.)

(You head to the Bangor Trading Post.)

(Digo, Bangor's resident Trade Helper, busily flips through a ledger listing a variety of mercantile transactions. Upon noticing your presence, they turn to face you.)

Ahhh, so many Ducats to be made, so little time. Greetings, (Character Name). What brings you here?

> Prompt: Ask about the adamantine robbery

(You relay what you heard from Edern and ask about the events of that day. Digo's whole body shakes, recalling that you can tell they would prefer went unremembered, but eventually they begin to speak.)

Hmm... I had a feeling the investigations had hit something of a dead end. So, Edern finally reached out for your help, did he, (Character Name)?
Yes, it's as you heard. I'm ashames that such a bold robbery happened right here-- and literally right in front of me, to hear Edern tell it! I loaded that wagon with the adamantine ore myself, right before it vanished without a trace.

> Prompt: And you have no memory of it?

(Digo seems taken aback that you're aware of even this detail.)

That's right. But, to be more precise...

(The public acknowledgement of their mistake makes Digo falter, but they seem resigned to the fact that it couldn't be kept secret forever and continue telling you about the robbery.)

Thinking back, it was more like I fell asleep.

> Prompt: You... fell asleep?

I know it sounds crazy, but that's what it was like. I was almost done loading all the adamantine when I decided to treat myself to a piece of candy the child on the wagon gave me. The last thing I remember was its sweet flavor spreading through my mouth. That was the moment the perpetrator departed, slipping away without any immediate suspicion by pretending our business had concluded normally. Except for, you know... the part where they didn't pay us.
*sigh*... I know it was just a child, but I should have known better than to accept anything from a stranger, especially when conducting official business. I really screwed up.
That's all the story I have to tell, unfortunately. I don't remember much else.

(Digo suddenly clasps their hands tightly over yours and looks intently into your eyes.)

You said you came at Edern's request, right? I really hope that with you involved, the investigation will pick back up. Whoever stole an entire wagon full of adamantine ore, I'm going to make sure I get back five times the Ducats they owed!

(Digo fumes silently, looking to you for hope.)

(Digo said they were given a mysterious piece of candy by the culprit after the shipment had been loaded. Then, with Digo temporarily incapacitated, the thieves slipped out of Bangor without anyone suspecting a thing by acting as if they'd simply completed their business, payment and all...)

(The Dragon Ruins are located in the hills on the outskirts of Bangor. If anyone there witnessed the wagon passing through, they may have seen something that would prove useful to your investigation.)

(You go see Seumas.)

*Pant* *pant* ...Is there something you needed from me?

> Prompt: Ask about the stolen wagon

(Seumas wipes the beads of sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand before answering.)

Whew. Let's see... A wagon loaded with adamantine ore? Hmm...
Ah, yeah. Now I remember.
I saw this wagon that was so loaded down with ore that the wheels were creaking from the weight. It was moving at a good clip, and I mainly remember thinking it was unusual to see a single wagon hauling that much when you usually seee caravans handle shipments like that. But the fact you're here means there's something more to all of this, right?

> Prompt: Tell him about the stolen goods

(Seumas looks surprised. His grip on his pickaxe slackens as he frowns.)

Sakes alive... I thought it was just a lone trade wagon, but that whole load of ore was stolen?

> Prompt: Anything else you remember?

Some other details? Hmm... I only saw it from a distance, so while I'd love to help, I'm not sure I noticed anything that would--
...Wait. There was one thing.
Now, take this with a grain of salt, because I was at a distance and, like I said, that wagon was really booking it, but I heard them arguing -- something about getting to the port as they headed toward the Gairech Hills. I figured they must've benn planning to shop the ore overseas.
It sounded like a man talking with a child, but I didn't see any children. Just caught sight of a full-grown man and... what looked like a cast. Honestly not sure what I saw at this point.

(Seumas finishes his recollection, squeezing the handle of his pickaxe.)

Anyway, I still have to meet today's quota, so I'd best get back to work. Good luck with that investigation, and here's hoping you nab those thieves.

(As you update your map based on what Seumas told you, you can see that after leaving Bangor, the wagon was bound for...)

> Prompt: Port Ceann? or Port Cobh?

(waiting for time to run out will default to Port Cobh)

(Mapping out the culprit's route, you conclude they must have traveled through the Gairech Hills to Port Cobh.

(It strikes you as more than a little strange how Digo claimed to see a young child who gave them candy, while Seumas said he saw an adult man with a cat. Could there be more than one perpetrator?)

(For now, follow the clues to Port Cobh and see what else you can find.)

Come one, come all! No time like the present to make the purchase you've had your eye on!
Feast your eyes on my wares! Whatever your problem, you can bet I'm selling the solution! Take these empty bottles, for instance! You can use them to store water, milk, or even some other, more questionable fluid! Far more effective than cupping your hands together, and all for the low price of 400 Gold each!
Ah, welcome, (Character Name). What can I help you with today?

> Prompt: Ask about the wagon

Ah, yes... The location of my storefront does offer an excellent vantage of the shipments arriving from the port.
(Siobhanin's nose and cheeks scrunch up, as if he's trying to remember something.)

Hrm, let's see... A wagon loaded with ore? And driven by a man with a child... or cat?

(After murmuring to himself for a moment, Siobhanin lightly clasps his hands together as he finally recalls the memory.)

Ah! Now I remember! It must have been at least a week ago now.
I was actually delivering a few crates to Carasek that needed to be transported by sea. That was when I saw it: a wagon so loaded down with ore that it practically sagged under the weight.
I think there was an adult man and a cat near the wagon. The man was wearing a hooded robe, though, so I didn't get a good look at his face.
I remember him coolly tossing his money on the counter when he paid his passage aboard the ship. His voice was firm and forceful-- in fact, it was only when I heard him speaking then that knew it was a man.
Sooo, why the particular interest in the wagon, (Character Name)?

> Prompt: Tell him about the investigation

What?! You mean to tell me he was absconding with STOLEN cargo? That hits me in the pit of my merchant soul! I hope what I've told you helps you further your investigation.


(According to the information you've gathered thus far, it seems like the culprit - or perhaps culprits - behind the adamantine robbery passed through Port Cobh on their way to Belvast.)

(Before following the trail to Belvast,. you should give Edern an update on how the investigation is going.)

(You head back.)

(Character Name!) How goes the investigation?

(Edern's bushy eyebrows twitch in interest as he listens to the information you've uncovered thus far.)

Excellent! I knew I was making the right call when I decided to pen you that letter for help.
We were mining that ore for days on end; sweaty, dirty, and aching... I can't wait until we catch the bastard who thought he could pull one over on us!
If he's trying to transport his ill-gotten cargo through Belvast, it may expedite matters to ask for Admiral Owen's cooperation with our investigation.
So the ore could already be in Belvast? This has already gone well beyond the scope of a clear-cut local investigation.

(Edern mulls something over before presenting a small box.)

I know compensation is typically given once the job is done, but... Well, consider this an advance of sorts.
I shudder to think how we might've fared without your involvement, (Character Name). When the adamantine we spent days and nights mining vanished without a trace, we feared we might be up a creep without a paddle. So, on behalf of the citizens of Bangor, I thank you.

(Edern briefly sets down his hammer and gives you a deferential nod.)

Thanks again, and good luck out there. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with.

(You gave Edern a report on how your investigative efforts have fared so far. Now, head to Belvast and se eif you can pick up the thief's trail.

(As per Edern's advice, you seek audience with Admiral Owen.)

So, what business brings you to the Commonwealth today?

(You tell Admiral Owen about the wagonload of adamantine that was stolen from Bangor.)

(Admiral Owen cannot hide some measure of surprise as he hears the particulars of the adamantine robbery. He strokes his chin, thinking.)

I had no idea there had been such a heist on the mainland. I pray you're not here because any of Belvast's residents has come under suspicion, haha.
...To be frank, I was surprised to hear about this wagon you're describing. It immediately brought to mind an incident that happened here scarcely a few days past.
I think you'd be best served hearing the exact details rather than simply what I recall in the telling. Let's take a look at the official reports on the incident. Shayla, if you would?

Yes. Admiral. The incident in question occured exactly three days ago.

(Shayla shuffles through her papers until, finding the one she was looking for, she plucks it from the stack and hands it to the Admiral.)

Here's the report, sir.

Thank you. Hmm... yes, this was it.

(Admiral Owen quickly scans the document as he cocks his head and begins his summary.)

(Admiral Owen's usually friendly expression grows grave as he continues.)

Three days ago, our guardsmen were hit with an ambush while on duty. But this wasn't simply a thrashing from some beast, that much is clear.

(Admiral Owen lightly taps the report in his hands.)

Our findings, recorded in this report, suggest they were ambushed by one or more assailants, likely human. And the last thing one of the guardsmen reported seeing before losing consciousness was...

Crom Bas - Wagon.png
To quote the report, '...A massive trade wagon loaded down with ore, moving with surprising speed.' We believe it was headed deeper into the Tory Ravine, but without anyone left conscious to track it, the blasted thing might as well have disappeared.


Your account shares too many details with this report for me to write it off as a coincidence.

(Admiral Owen rubs his temples with one hand, contemplating the situation.)

I believe this merits further investigation. Shayla, your thoughts?

I agree completely, Admiral.
...And I'm certain that having (Character Name) on the case is likely to turn up evidence that escaped our own information-gathering efforts.

Ahem. I see your point, but it would be poor form to simply assume that (Character Name) will give us another stoic nod and agree to solve our problem for us.

...Point taken, Admiral.

That said, it's clear that this incident is related to the subject of your own investigation in some way.
Would you be willing to lend us a helping hand? The Commonwealth is prepared to furnish you with a team and any material or moral support you may require.

> Prompt: Accept the offer or I am not quite sure yet...

> Prompt: Accept the offer

> On-screen text: You nod in agreement with Admiral Owen's proposal.

(Hearing your answer, Admiral Owen breaks into a wide smile.)

Thank you, (Character Name). In truth, I already have someone in mind who will undoubtedly prove an invaluable member of your team. She is, admittedly, somewhat prone to bouts of wanderlust, but it just so happens that she's in Belvast right now.

Admiral, you're not planning on enlisting HER aid for the investigation, are you?

I am. She's more than capable of assisting (Character Name). I guarantee it.

(Shayla politely nods in deference to Admiral Owen, though you can tell what she thinks of the prospects of your partner-to-be.)

Well them, (Character Name), first things first, you should make for the Tory Ravine and see what you can learn. There may be something our own people overlooked. We'll send the team to meet you there as soon as they're ready.

(Admiral Owen, having said what he wished to convey, turns to Shayla to resume discussion of official business and duties.)

(According to the Admiral, a wagon matching the description of the wagon bearing the stolen adamantine ore was sighted heading into Tory Ravine before vanishing into the darkness. Go there and search for potential clues.)

The Dark Beneath the Veil

I'd like for you to go to the Tory Ravine and check things out straightaway. I'll assemble an investigation team and send them to rendezvous with you soon. - Admiral Owen

(You head inside Tory Ravine.)

(You see a child crying, seeming very lost and out-of-place in the Tory Ravine.)

Crying Child
*sob* M-Mittens... Oh, Mittens...

> Prompt: Ask why he is crying

Crying Child
*sniff* ...(Mister/Miss), h-have you seen Mittens...?
My cat Mittens scampered off into some scary place. Wh-what if something terrible happens? *cries*

> Prompt: Console the child.

(You gently pat the sniffling boy on the back.)

Crying Child
I ran in here chasing Mittens, but... this is such a scary place. *sniffle* I wish Mummy and Daddy were here...


Crying Child

(You see a black cat with golden eyes.)


(The cat runs away further inside the Ravine.)

Crying Child
Mittens! Don't go over there! It's dangerous!

(The child runs after the cat, crossing one of the bridges.)


(Before you can stop him, the child dashes off! Follow him before he goes too far.)

> On-Screen text: The Crying Boy ran into the Tory Ravine! Catch up with him before something happens.

(You follow the child deep into the Tory Ravine.)

(Despite following the young boy's trail, he is nowhere to be seen. The dark and monster-infested Tory Ravine isn't even a safe place for combat-hardened soldiers, to say nothing of children.)

> On-Screen text: You hear the hoot of an owl echoing from somewhere.


(You hear the hooting of an owl. There's something strange about it that you can't quite put your finger on.)

(As you look in vain for the owl, your eyes catch sight of an unfamiliar-looking castle perched precariously on a faraway hill. You're certain that wasn't in the Tory Ravine before...)

(You begin searching for a path that might lead to that hill, as it appears to lie in the same direction you last saw the child heading.)

(Following the trail, you find your way up a path that you've never seen before.)

(You manage to find the young boy who was crying at the entrance to the Tory Ravine. Although he seems quite scared, he appears to be unharmed.)


(However, now that you're closer, you've even more certain that this place wasn't here in the Tory Ravine before.)

(...Only then does it occur to you that this may be the same castle Carasek saw from off the coast.)

Cat-Chasing Child
Oh, there you are, (Mister/Miss)! Look! I found mittens!

(The child points to a small black cat in the distance.)

Cat-Chasing Child
But, um... I'm afraid they might run off again if I get close. (Mister/Miss), do you think you could get Mittens for me?

> Prompt: Sure (Enter Mission) or Not quite yet...

> Prompt: Sure (Enter Mission)

(You should approach slowly and quietly to avoid startling the cat.)

Cat-Chasing Child
This place is kinda scary... Let's hurry and get Mittens and skedaddle! C'mon, (Mister/Miss)! I believe in you!

(You should approach slowly and quietly to avoid startling the cat.)

(You get close to the cat.)


(You approach the cat when you feel a sudden tickling in your throat!)

> Prompt: Stifle it for as long as you can or Burp as a distraction instead

(You managed to get close to the cat again. It seems acutely aware of your presence.)

(What should you do?)

> Prompt: Try meowing at it or Just ignore it or Stare right back at it

(This time, try your best to approach the cat slowly and quietly!)

(You managed to get close to the cat again, but... you suddenly feel your stomach begin to rumble.)

(What should you do?)

> Prompt: Try pinching your arm or Let it rumble or Try thinking of something else. Blaanid, Ferghus...

(Though it didn't feel like the right choice at first, the cat seems to have gotten used to you after you've followed it all the way and sits still.)

(Take advantage of this chance to get even closer to the cat.)

(Luckily, you manage to draw closer without startling the cat.)

(You cautiously grab hold of the cat, and just as you're about to return to the child...)

(Your body gets engulfed in a black smoke.)

Cat-Chasing Child
Heehee... I've got'cha now!


(A strange energy envelops your body, clouding first your vision, then blanketing all your senses...)

Iru-huhu! That was almost TOO easy.

(The child who had asked for your help suddenly bends and wavers, exchanging his human form for something stranger. The creature glares at you in cold disdain before breaking into a grin.)

(In place of the child, a winged cat floats in his place.)

B-b-but still, isn't this the BAD kind of trickery? It's probably gonna make 'em feel all 'Owowowow'...

Again with you popping outta nowhere and getting all soft again?! Grow a spine! Or at least rent one for now. Just look at 'em, struggling in the Dark Erg. Bwahahaha! It's everything we could've hoped for.

> On-screen text: From afar, you can hear the shuffling of many footsteps.

(A man appears next to the cat-like being, who is muttering unintelligibly to himself.)

...Very good.

Nyahaha, what a cinch. Like swiping candy from a one-legged baby. Now that (player race/ gender) won't be barging in here for a while, right? ...Though, I suppose since (he/she)'s functionally immortal, (he/she) ain't outta our hair forever.

A Milletian can be bested, but not truly killed. And, as you said, they have an irksome habit of coming back at the most inconvenient times.
That's exactly why I devised this measaure. By binding their body with Dark Erg and destabilizing their connection to the Soul Stream, their physical body will be restrained as well.

Er... I suppose they ARE just a Milletian, which is small potatoes compared to someone like me.
But still, they're a Milletian nonetheless. You can bind them, but they won't stay bound forever.

(The man and the cat-like being are discussing something, but it's difficult to make out the particulars.)

Those... the preparations... Almost... at hand...

Soon... open... Everything will... be complete...

(After another quick exchange, the man walks toward you, his voice barely above a whisper.)

You're a Milletian, aren't you? We may not be able to kill you, but... does it matter? This should be more than enough to buy us the time we need.
We have set the perfect stage, and there is no need for unwelcome actors.

> On-screen text: Your vision is... fading...

Hahaha. Sweet dreams, restless though your sleep may be.

> On-screen text: Nao's... voice... growing faint... the Soul... Stream... is also fad...

(You feel a splitting pain in your head as the sound of your surroundings starts to fade away.)



> On-screen text: As your vision comes into focus, you can make out the voice of someone speaking to you.

(Character Name)! Wake up!

(The girl summons a dark, foreign magic.)

Stop this at once! If you won't, I'll be forced to take more direct measures.

Those powers...

Bwuh?! Who's this chunk of raw onion befouling my sweet, sweet day?

Nngh, H-how dare you... Aahahahaha.

(The unknown man reaches out, dispelling the girl's magic.)

Your magic! Are you... like me?

I see the similarities are not lost on you. But the last thing I need at this juncture is meddlesome guests.

Wait, what similarities? You mean... with that purple-haired girl? Seeeeriously?!

I have neither reason nor desire to explain things to you. But tell me, (Character Name), is this your idea of 'reinforcements'?
All you've done is buy yourself a minuscule amount of time. Go on, struggle valiantly to your heart's content. The preparations are almost finished anyway.

...What preparations? What are you talking about?

You're hardly in a position to be asking questions. Come, come, keep throwing yourself against the current.
It will all be for naught, in the end.
Irusan, if you would?

A-a-ahem! I am the great and powerful Irusan!
Don't address me all condescendingly, like I'm some third-rate butler! Besides, in my great wisdom, I've already prepared our little exit.

(As the man turns to face the cat-like being, it waves its arm, as if casting a spell. Then, with a flash and a brief ripple in space, the two vanish.)

That coward...

(The mysterious girl warily watches the spot where the man and his feline companion vanished, then at last turns her attention on you.)

(Character Name), are you all right? I was sent here by the Admiral...

Can you walk? Here, lean on me if you need to.

Crom Bás

I'm so glad I wasn't too late. Are you all right? And this place... I don't think I've ever seen it before. Perhaps no one has... - Girl

Are you okay, (Character Name)? I'm glad I wasn't too late.

After you helped me, I kept my promise by studying really hard to become an archaeologist.
I gained something of a rapport with the Admiral while traveling the world, and I just happened to be in Belvast when he asked me to come here. When he told me that you were involved in the investigation, (Character Name), there was no way I could refuse. I always hoped I'd be able to thank you someday, (Character Name). You gave me the courage to go out into the world when I was like an inexperienced little child. And now, we finally meet again.

(Brielle bows her head to you, showing her respect and thanks.)

Anyhow... I don't believe I've ever been here before, but I'm guessing this is more ominous than one would normally find in the Tory Ravine.

(Brielle stretches out her hand and waves it around, as if testing something in the air.)

...It's faint, but I can feel it.
This place is filled with otherworldly energies. There are both forces that obscure space and magic that refracts light at work here.
My guess is that those people from before have been using those magics to shield their activity, making this place appear as a normal cliff or outcrop.
And for whatever reason, whoever it is has decided that now is the time to drop those concealing magics and reveal themselves. Perhaps it has something to do with the preparations they mentioned.

(Brielle's expression darkens as she continues to analyze the area)

And the energy I'm feeling certainly isn't giving off any pleasant vibes.

(Brielle ruminates, her brow furrowed in thought, until you see a spark of insight flash across her face. She claps her hands in excitement and continues her explanation.)

Oh, that's right!
I got a head start and hurried over first, but I believe we should be expecting the rest of the Admiral's investigation team any time now.
Hmm, I wonder how long they'll be...

(Brielle cranes her neck, gazing down the path that leads back to Belvast. The investigation team sent by Admiral Owen will probably be arriving soon.)

How about we chat a little to pass the time until they get here, (Character Name)?

(Brielle looks toward you, smiling gently. Since Admiral Owen's investigation team should be arriving any time now, there should be enough time for at least one question...)

> Prompt: About Brielle or About the Investigation Team or About Gillach or (Remain Silent)

(While Brielle is speaking, you hear the dull thud of stee-shod boots tromping over the ground.)

Ah, the investigation team is here!

Crom Bas - Gillach.png
(You see Brielle's assistant Gillach waving in the distance.)

Thank you for coming all the way out here. I expect this area will seem rather new to everyone, even those who are somewhat familiar with the topography of the ravine. (Character Name) and I were quite surprised by it ourselves.

Belvast Scout
What in the world...? I've patrolled the ravine more times than I can count, and I think I would've noticed if a castle was here...

Belvast Supplier
Ugh... Gives me the willies just looking at it. Is there a particular reason the Admirala ssembled such a large team for an investigative foray?

My preliminary survey of the area has determined that both forces that obscure space and magic that refracts light are present in the immediate area.

Brielle, does that mean this castle has been here all along, but that up until recently, it was glamoured to appear as just some natural stone outcrop?

That seems to be the case, yes. We also had a minor clash with people assumed to be the residents of the castle. They said that the 'preparations were almost complete'. Whatever that entails. I believe the sense of assurance they took in that fact is why they were willing to reveal themselves.

'The preparations are almost complete'...? What do you think they're doing in there?

Nothing wholesome, I'd wager, but that's what our investigation team is supposed to discover. These people seemed a rather dangerous sort,and I recognized in one of them the same sort of powers I possess.

The same kind of powers as yours? What are you saying?

It means he's no ordinary man. I had a hunch this investigation wouldn't be a simple matter, but...

(Brielle and Gillach both turn and look to you.)

With (Character Name)'s help, I believe we can and will succeed.

(Smiling, Brielle nods in agreement with Gillach.)

My sentiments exactly.

Still, we should each make sure we pull our own weight. (Character Name) isn't here to shoulder all the heavy lifting. This is a joint investigation, as you're all aware.

(Gillach lightly claps his hands and the soldiers spring into action.)

Now, shall we set up our research outpost?

Ah, Gillach... Ever the meticulous assistant.

(A campfire is first set down, the soldiers waiting for Gillach's directives.)

Let's see...
The crates of potions should go over there. As for the repair tools...
Why don't you set them next to that big tree there, at least for now?

Okay, we've got all our tasks, everyone. Let's get to work!

Belvast Team Members

(They salute, then get to work. The camp is quickly built.)

See that tree with the thick trunk? Take this load and set it under there.

Got it!

Many thanks.

Wait a second...

What is it, Brielle?

Did you say something just now, Gillach?

I was asking that soldier to set his load under the tree instead of placing it here. Should it go somewhere else?

No, that's not it...
I've been hearing this constant whispering, but I can't make out the words. ...Do you not hear it? Am I just exhausted?

I've heard nothing out of the ordinary myself, and our Milletian friend hasn't mentioned anything.

(You gesture that yes, you aren't hearing anything especially odd, either.)

Belvast Guardsman
Wish I could help, but I haven't heard anything besides the moaning of the wind.
This place is already creepy enough without anymore weird sounds.

This was no flight of fancy. I know I heard something...
Let's try this.

(Brielle readies a spell, a ball of light appearing in her hands.)

> On-screen text: You who linger here, your memory is not forgotten. As life gives shape to verdant leaf, I entreat you, reveal yourself to us.

(A moment of illumination flashes across Brielle's face, and she stretches out her hands, incanting a spell.)

(The spell cast, shapes heretofore invisible to the eye are given form...)

(Ghosts appear, their wailing audible for all.)

> On-screen text: ...How did it come to this...?

> On-screen text: *wailing*

> On-screen text: Hearken to our words...

Belvast Guardsman
Aton Cimeni defend us! I...I'm not ready to die!

...I suspected as much.

Are these... wandering souls, unable to pass on after death? What happened here, that they would haunt this place?

*sigh* ... Let's finish setting up the camp for now. Then, we can find out what those specters have to say.
How does that sound, (Character Name)?

(You nod.)

(Brielle's magic reveals a ghost. They're trembling, as if in the throes of terrible grief.)

Trembling Ghost
*mournful sobbing*
*sob* ...You... are not the ones who reside in Crom Bas.

...Crom Bas?

(Upon hearing the words 'Crom Bas', Brielle immediately opens her book and begins flipping through the pages, hoping they might contain some clue as to its meaning.)

In the old tongue, 'Crom' is something akin to 'misshapen' or 'twisted,' 'Bas' is, of course, 'death'. So Crom Bas would be something akin to a place of 'twisted death,' if taken literally.

(Brielle looks upward, pondering the meaning of the words.)

Trembling Ghost
Judging by your reactions, this would seem to be the first you've heard of it. Not that it's surprising. Crom Bas is the name of this cursed castle, and its existence has been concealed from the world for quite some time.
We are the shades of those who were unjustly kidnapped and killed there, unable to pass on to the underworld.
Denied peace even in death... *sob* And by no fault of our own...

Whatever the goal, whatever the intent, taking human lives as a means to some end is absolutely unforgivable!

(By the time the ghost finishes their tale, Brielle is fuming with anger. Trying to regain her composure, she faces the trembling ghost.)

...I hate to ask you to recall so painful a memory, but... would you be willing to tell us what happened in the castle? We're an investigation team from Belvast, and we'd like to help you, if we can.

Trembling Ghost
I... I'm not exactly sure myself. All they ever seemed to talk about was a need to create some sort of 'breach,' and how they needed even more lives to make it larger...
For their plans, they made sacrifices of us. We had done nothing wrong... *weeps*

(Visibly pained by the ghost's lamentations, Brielle's face softens into an expression of heartfelt sympathy.)

I don't know what this breach is, but any process that requires lives as a reagent is surely carried out with the blackest of intent.

Trembling Ghost
Recently, I heard them saying they were finished with their preparations for... something. It was around that time that all the illusory glamours cast upon this area began to fade and you could see out to the horizon again.

That must've been when the castle became visible to the outside world.

Trembling Ghost
That's all I can tell you... aside from what I recall of being killed in there...

(The ghost appears to grimace, its whole form shuddering from the horrible memory.)

Trembling Ghost
For all we have suffered, I pray you can vindicate us... *sob*

Hm... Let's review all of the resources at our disposal here.
First, Gillach just informed me that the outpost camp is fully set up and ready for use.
We have the medical and supply teams on permanent standby, so you can visit the camp whenever you find yourself in need of healing or equipment repairs.
Back when the Moon Stones rained down from the sky, one of them landed right here. This works to our advantage -- the massive Moon Stone fragment was augmented based on the magecraft that underlies Uladh's Moon Gates, allowing it to function just like one.

(After relaying Gillach's updates, Brielle's voice hardens as she continues on.)

It appears this place is properly known as Crom Bas.
According to the ghosts, the ones who took up residence here have been using human lives as a catalyst-- something about wanting to 'create a breach,' whatever that implies.
It's all incredibly suspicious. Doubly so when I consider how the man I saw before had powers of the same sort as mine.

> Prompt: What kind of powers?

> On-screen text: You ask Brielle what kind of powers she's referring to.

Ah, I forgot I hadn't explained it to you in detail, (Character Name).
As I mentioned before, I was born with strange powers.

Since these powers were the reason I was abandoned by everyone I knew, I grew up resenting them. To me, they were little more than a curse. And holding them in low esteem as I did, I was blind as to what they really were.
But on my travels, I found a clue in one of the Longa Desert's many hidden ruins.

(Brielle' expression becomes more subdued.)

Brilliant the branches that crown the tree
fate entwined in its canopy
cradling a flame for all to see
the world to guide to its destiny.

Yet life's bright blaze burns not for all
as branches pruned shall earthward fall
then bloom anew from beyond the pall
bound to the turning wheel.

It's... certainly open to interpretation, but if my reading is correct...
These powers are some mixture of the human and the divine.
Those who possess these powers weren't meant to be born as ordinary humans. But... due to some unforeseen event, they ended up not being born where-- or perhaps even when-- they were meant to be. Their very fates were changed.

(Brielle falls silent as she gathers her thoughts. She carefully considers her next words.)

The man we encountered definitely had powers like mine. When I realized that, I wondered whether he and I might be connected somehow. But knowing what someone can do with these powers makes me all the more concerned about this place.
I just...
I think that if we want any concrete answers, I expect we'll probably have to break down the doors and storm the place. Perhaps literally.
There's no way those miscreants in the castle will invite us in for an informative question-and-answer session and a nice spot of tea. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, though. What do you think, (Character Name)?

> Prompt: I like how you think! (Enter Mission) or We should wait a bit...

> Prompt: I like how you think!

(You nod in agreement with Brielle's proposal.)

I knew you and I would see eye-to-eye on this, (Character Name). There's no telling what awaits us in there, but don't forget that I'll be there if you need me.

(Brielle looks at you and smiles confidently.)

Now, shall we go digging for some secrets?

(You and Brielle stride toward Crom Bas, determination in your gait. Upon throwing open the castle gates, a chilling dread washes over you.)

Shadow Mission: Where Unknown Guests Dare to Tread

(You prepare to explore the halls of Crom Bas with Brielle.)

(Perhaps because the castle is located in Tory Ravine, where night seems to eternally hang in the sky and the sun's rays seldom reach the cracked earth, an ominous chill sweeps over you.)

(Brielle, who has been meticulously inspecting the castle's interior, suddenly pipes up.)

Ah, now this is pretty interesting.

> Prompt: What is?

The way this place is laid out. The castle appears to be designed like a maze. You can never actually see what's in the room you're going to until you're there.
And this smoke...

(Brielle walks toward the purplish-black haze that hangs in the castle's halls, reaching a hand to touch it.)

*cough *cough* Well, that probably wasn't safe.
For a gaseous substance, it's very heavy-- you can almost feel the thickness. I'd bet it would react badly with liquids. In fact, it may even be dangerous to drink a potion in here.

> On-screen text: There's someone there!

Fools! How dare you trespass here!
Sound the alert! We have intruders! Stop them! Seize them! Whatever it takes!

Whoopsie! Looks like they're really rolling out the welcome wagon for us. I suppose it's only right that we give them an equally vigorous greeting!

(Recovering from her coughing fit, Brielle confidently readies herself for battle. The enemies seem to swarm in from nowhere, rushing toward you!)

> On-screen Text: Brielle: This is a bigger welcome party than I was expecting!

> On-screen Text: Disciple: Kill the intruders!

(You defeat the enemies.)

Gah... You're stronger than you look, but you'll go no further.
Fill the chamber with Dark Erg, and don't stop until I tell you!

(The disciple barks orders to Ronaun nearby.)

Urgh... Grrraaaaugh!

(A dark fog envelops Ronaun, and then the other enemies still standing.)

> On-screen text: The unsettling aura in the room grows even more opressive!

Hahaha. Your doom is nigh, interlopers.

They're drawing on the energy diffused in this room to become more powerful!

Raaaaghhh...! In this pain...! I am renewed! Fire surges through every nerve and sinew!


Excellent. Let us stamp them out at once!

Here they come again, (Character Name)!

(Join forces with Brielle to defeat the onrush of enemies once more!)

> On-screen Text: Ronaun: Death to the unworthy!

(Yet despite this, you and Brielle manage to work through your foes.)

I cannot believe they could push us to such an extent...
We must... alert... Irusan...


(Brielle tries to catch her breath as she points ahead.)

(Character Name), look! I'll bet those are teleportation circles.

(Brielle stares intently at the glowing circles, then breaks into a smile.)

Interesting... veeeery interesting. These portals seem to have multiple 'links.' Basically, if you enter them, you could wind up at one of several possible destinations.

(Brielle continues her analysis of the portals before firmly shaking her head, indicating that you should hold off on leaping into them for now.)

Whoever lives here really set up a cunning site-to-site warping system. If we're not careful, we could end up wandering an endless maze, as was no doubt their intent for uninvited guests.
As much as I want to explore even deeper, we ought to finish up our observations for now and return to the investigation camp before deciding how we're going to approach this.
I'm betting the ghosts wandering around Crom Bas have some knowledge of how these portals work, and what kinds of places they may lead.

(The castle's portals appear to allow you to warp to different rooms through the use of an unknown magic.)

(For now, you should follow Brielle's advice and regroup at the camp to go over the information you've learned thus far.)


The Souls Speak - Part 1

Let's see what we can learn from ghosts haunting the entrance to Crom Bas. While you're out speaking with them, I'll be working on preparations for some rituals that will help us plump the depths of the castle's dark secrets. - Brielle

A tearful ghost near the entrance to Crom Bas regards you with guarded suspicion.)

Weeping Ghost
...Who are you? I've never seen you around here before.
A-are you with those brutes in the castle?

> Prompt: Say you are with the investigation team

Weeping Ghost
In...vestigation team? Then you've come to put an end to their hellish work?
And not lightly do I call it such, for demons would shrink from the deeds done within those walls. They imprison upright mena nd women, feeding their profane rites with the blood of the innocent. If you've come seeking a wretched shade, there must be things you wish to know...

> Prompt: We need information about the castle.

Weeping Ghost
You seek knowledge of Crom Bas? ...I was but one of many who were brought here against their will.

(The weeping ghost lightly pats their chest, seeming to recall some fresh thought.)

Weeping Ghost
While I was held in chains, I did overhear a few things about one of them. The one who took a catlike form.
And... I managed to pick up something interesting in one of the rare moments when no eyes were upon me. It must have been important to them, because those thugs grew increasingly agitated when they realized it was missing.
...That I might heap further misfortune upon them, I will give it to you. I ask only that you do something for me in return. And who knows? That curio may prove more important than I ever realized.
I thank you for entertaining the request of a pitiful shade such as I. Though I feel ashamed to be so forward, I am glad that there is still mercy to be found in the world of the living.
My spirit may be wandering outside the castle's keep, but my body yet lies moldering in Crom Bas.
I will tell you where you can find my remains, and I would like you to bring me the object you'll find in the pocket of my shirt.
You needn't worry about getting lost. Even now, I remember quite clearly where I breathed my last.

(The shuddering ghost gazes intently into your eyes-- almost as if it is looking right through you-- and hands over a piece of tattered paper with mostly legible directions scrawled on it.)

Weeping Ghost
Simply follow th path you see here. Though I could not tell you how or why, I have a strong feeling that if I could only retrieve what was in my pocket, I could finally pass on and leave this sorrowful state of limbo behind...

(Search for the mysterious object in Crom Bas where the Weeping Ghost requested. You should speak with Brielle first before entering the castle.)

Ah, hello, (Character Name). Did you find out anything interesting?

(Brielle smiles with satisfaction as she listens to your story.)

So, there's a mysterious trinket we're supposed to find, is there?
That seems quite promising! You see, the special magic I've been tinkering with is actually meant for extracting memories that reside within objects. Sort of like a Memory Cipher.
You've heard about them before, right, (Character Name)? I seem to recall Stewart mentioning he'd explained them to you once.
But, as this is experimental magecraft, the preparations to invoke it are still rather complicated, and I'm not finished setting up yet.

(Brielle taps her ancient tome with one hand as she thinks before turning to you with a decisibe look in her eyes.)

Here's what I'm thinking. Gillach can take care of the rest of the preparations for the ritual while we go retrieve this curio the ghost mentioned.

(Gillach, standing to the side, glances over and gives a nod of assent to Brielle's plan.)

I'll make sure everything is ready so the spell can be performed as soon as the two of you return with the object in question.

Excellent. Shall we get started right away, then?

> Prompt: Sure (Enter Mission) or Not quite yet...

> Prompt: Sure (Enter Mission)

> On-screen text: You nod in agreement with Brielle's proposal.

(You nod to Brielle, signaling your readiness to proceed with the plan. In preparation, Brielle reaches toward you, sprinkling you with some sort of luminescent powder.)

> On-screen text: Your HP was fully restored. Your body feels much lighter.

Gillach asked that I give you a light dusting of this, (Character Name). Just in case those goons have laid a trap for you somewhere.
I'll be with you, but still, let's try not to get lost, okay?

(You and Brielle head into Crom Bas once more. The creeping chill wafts over you again as you throw open the castle gates...)

Shadow Mission: A Warm Day Amidst the Sunflowers

Well, here we are again.
I don't recall seeing this dark purple wall last time. Do you think our foes erected it to try and waylay us?

(Brielle approaches the wall and places a hand on it...)

> On-screen text: When Brielle places her hand on the wall, it fades away.

Oh! Well, that was unexpected.
It must be an energy barrier of some sort. But...

(Brielle stares at the place where the wall vanished for quite a while. Then, you see her face light up, as though she's figured something out.)

They may have put up this barrier to stymie us, but I think there's a way we can turn it around and use it against them as well.
We could use it to figure out enemy movements beyond the wall, or find out if enemies have laid a trap for us before we unwittingly spring it. You know... real next-level strategy!

(You and Brielle pass beyond the area that had been blocked by the wall of energy and move toward the center of the room.)

(In the middle of the room, a bell held on top of a worn-out wooden rack sits still.)

Just so we're on the same page, that bell looks incredibly suspicious to you too, right?
It loks liek we'll have to travel through a portal to reach the place the ghost told us about, but I'm not seeing any portals here. At least, not yet.

(Brielle studies the bell until she reaches a decision.)

Well... I suppose if there's no way to avoid something, we may as well charge into it head-on, right? Haha.

(You touch the bell.)

> On-screen text: A haunting bell tolls!

The bell starts tolling loudly as soon as you touch it!

So it WAS a trap. Not that I expected anything different.

> On-screen text: You can hear the sound of distant enemies swarming in!

Intruders! Intercept them at the entrance!

Shall we start warming up?

(You defeat the enemies as well as the pursuers.)

> On-screen text: Portals appeared upon defeating all of the enemies.


(Brielle's bangs are matted with sweat as she wipes her forehead.)

It's so exhilarating when a full-on confrontation works out in your favor like this!
Okay, shall we get going? Let's see...
According to the ghost's map, we need to proceed down the green path. This way, (Character Name)!

> On-screen text: Follow Brielle and take the green path!

> On-screen text: You were taken to another room via the portal.

(As you step out of the portal, you see a corpse lying on the cold ground of the room.)

(Since you followed the path indicated on the map, the corpse must belong to the ghost you were talking to.)

I think that must be who you were talking to before, (Character Name).

(Brielle's expression is filled with genuine sadness and pity.)

Disturbing the body feels like we're desecrating the dead, but... well, it IS a personal request from the deceased, so we should investigate, then head back quickly.

(You carefully slip your hand into the corpse's shirt pocket, as the ghost requested.)

(You feel something thin that bends when you touch it.)

(You gently pull the item from the pocket. In your hand is a picture of a smiling father and daughter standing in a field of sunflowers.)

It's... a picture?

(A mixture of emotions flashes across Brielle's face as she looks over the two smiling faces.)

Kidnapping happy, innocent people for their twisted ends... How do these cretins even sleep at night?!
Let's hurry back with the picture. I'm sure our spectral friend is waiting.
Later, when we have a clearer idea of the castle's layout, we should come back and collect these remains.

(Head back to the entrance of Crom Bas and return the picture you found in the corpse's pocket to its rightful owner.)


(You hand over the picture you found in Crom Bas to the ghost who had been weeping bitterly.)

(The ghost's hands tremble softly upon taking the picture into its hands.)

Weeping Ghost
...My dear Belle.
*sniff* ...I couldn't bear to leave you behind in that hellish place-- not even as a picture.


(The ghost stands still, staring silently at the picture for a long time, then slowly looks up to you.)

Weeping Ghost
You have my thanks, (Character Name). Doesn't she have the prettiest smile? Her name is Belle. She's my beloved daughter.
How long has it been since I last saw that smile? She must have grown into a young lady by now. It must've been so terrible... Her papa went out one day and never came back. She never knew what befell me. She must've had so many questions; so many regrets...
I think I can finally depart from this hellish place in peace, thanks to you. I don't know what distant shore my soul will set sail for, but I'll be waiting for my daughter there.

Crom Bas - Butterfly Sigil.png
(The ghost rummages around in its nebulous form for something, then presents you with a butterfly-shaped sigil.)

Weeping Ghost
...Take this. It's what I promised you. It bears a strong resemblance to the pendant hanging around that cat's neck. Perhaps it belongs to them.
The hooded thugs who served as the castle's guards called that weird-looking cat Irusan.
Irusan was completely unpredictable when it came to the treatment of the hostages. One minute they'd be taking pity on us, then brutalizing us the next.
I hope this sigil and my recollections will prove useful to you.

(The ghost seems to at last relax, the tension leaving its form as it makes a deep bow of gratitude toward you.)

Weeping Ghost
Thank you for all you've done. Now, I can finally look forward to the day when I'll be reunited with my little Belle.

(Straightening up once more, the ghost turns away, clasping the picture tightly to its chest.)

(Return to Brielle and show her the sigil you received from the ghost.)

(You see Brielle discussing something with Gillach, but she looks up as you approach.)

Welcome back, (Character Name). Did the ghost give you that curio they'd mentioned?

Crom Bas - Butterfly Sigil.png
(You hand Brielle the butterfly-shaped sigil.)

Oh-ho, what's this...? Some sort of brooch or emblem in the shape of a butterfly?

(Brielle, immediately intrigued, turns over the sigil in her hands, inspecting it from every angle.)

Butterflies are sometimes used as a symbol of happiness and hope, and at other times, they're used to suggest the transitory and illusory nature of the world as we know it. Sometimes, they're even used as a shorthand for Mother Nature herself.
Hmm. I seem to remember...

...Near the Goddess Statue at the entrance to the Fiodh Dungeon...?

That's it! the form may not be an exact match, but I,ve seen a lot of similar emblems in the Fiodh region.
Hmm. Fascinating. The power I sensed from Irusan was... Fomorian in nature. So for them to be holding onto an artifact like this with ties to the natural world doesn't make a lot of sense.
Well, I'm sure we'll learn more once we take a peek into the memories contained within.

(Gillach nods in agreement.)

Everything is ready, Brielle.

Thank you, Gillach. How about you, (Character Name)? Are you ready?

> Prompt: Sure (Enter Mission) or Not quite yet...

> Prompt: Sure (Enter Mission)

> On-screen text: You give Brielle a strong, affirmative nod.

(Brielle quietly recides an incantation and faint traces of light begin to seep out of the Butterfly Sigil.)

Just a warning, you may feel a little odd when the memories start flooding into your mind.
But remember, I'll be right here throughout the process, so there's no need to worrry.

(A sense of weightlessness washes over you as the sigil's dim, chalky light swirls around you. And then...)

Shadow Mission: Tanya

(A temporary haze washes over you, then gradually starts to subside.)

(As you begin to regain your senses, you think you hear someone talking.)

(You find yourself in Gairech Hills, near Fiodh Forest.)

> On-screen text: Your vision and hearing slowly return, and you can make out Brielle's voice.

...(Character Name)!
Can you hear me? I think the magic worked without a hitch. Look over there.

(Gazing in the direction Brielle is pointing, you see Irusan, sitting alone in a forested glade.)

Since this is just a memory, they shouldn't be able to see us, even if we get closer.

Ooooh! I hate all of you! You said we'd be friends forever, even if I was a halfsie! The Queen, Fionnait, Fleur, Kerune... You're all stupid liars!
Waaahhh! I hate youuuu! I hate you all!

> On-screen text: The creatures of the forest have been disturbed by Irusan's loud bawling!

Black Grizzly Bear


Wh-who are you?! Goooo awaaaaaay!

(When the monsters appear, your vision suddenly blurs and Irusan's memories seem to flicker, verging on fading entirely.)

Argh... I think all these animals being here is putting a strain on the memory. If we don't do something about them, we may not be able to hear what Irusan says.
I'll try to anchor the memory so it doesn't fade away. While I'm doing that, you'll have to deal with our forest interlopers, (Character Name).

(Defeat the hostile animals before Irusan's memory destabilizes.)

> On-screen text: Vainquish all the monsters before the memories are lost!

Irusan (Chat Bubble)
Suspicious! Those monsters backed away without taking so much as a single punch.
H-hey, what's goin' on?! Those monsters couldn't have tripped over themselves... could they?
Huh? those monsters toppled over even without anyone pushing 'em... I-is someone there?
Is... someone out there?

(You defeat the monsters.)

Whew... I think we narrowly avoided a crisis there. Let's keep watching and see what we can learn.

*huff*... *puff*... *sniff* ...I can't help that I'm a little mischief-prone. That side of me just won't behave, no matter what I do. I t-told them I wasn't doing it on purpose...
Waahhh! Siora, you big meanie! You're the one who said I could live with you guys forever 'cause I didn't like humans! But then... then you drive me out? Now what am I supposed to doooooo?! *sniffle*
...I c-can't even go back to visit the Queen anymore... I'll never be able to lap up those delicious waterfalls of honey...

> On-screen text: You, whose blood is Fairy and Fomor both... Yours is a life surpassing rare...

W-was that a voice just now?

Wh-who's there?!

> On-screen text: I am one who would guide you anew...

Who are you? How are you in my head?! Get out of there this instant!

> On-screen text: When they tired of you, they casted you aside, as though you were nothing.


> On-screen text: In the world I will make, you shall be a lord among spirits, feasting upon a mountain of candy.

Wha...? Did you say 'mountain of candy'?

> On-screen text: It is what you desire, yes? You have but to follow my voice...

As the mysterious voice trails off, your vision begins to blur...

The memories that lay dormant within this sigil seem to end here.

Hmm... I think that's all we'll be able to see from this sigil.
Fascinating... So Irusan is of mixed Fomor and Fairy descent. I'm not sure I,ve h eard of such a pairing before.
It sounds like they used to live with the fairies, until they were finally banished due to... well, probably some bad behavior from the Fomor side they couldn't keep under control.
But that voice we heard at the end...
I mean, it has to be him, right? That man who was with Irusan at Crom Bas.
I'd say we've gotten some very enlightening information about Irusan, so let's leave this memory and discuss it back in reality.
Okay, on my count. One... two... three...

(Brielle snaps her fingers and your vision blurs. Suddenly, you feel the stony ground of Crom Bas beneath you once more.)


The Souls Speak - Part 2

Shall we dig deeper into the mysteries of Crom Bas? You never know when we might find something that has some link to the man whose voice we heard. - Brielle

(Perhaps it's because you were seeing someone else's memories, but your head feels fuzzy, your senses indistinct.)

(As the fogginess leaves your senses, you see Brielle peering at you, concern evident in her eyes.)

(Character Name), are you all right? If you feel uncomfortable in any way, please tell me.

(Her expression still filled with worry, Brielle starts to speak.)

Fortunately, I think we found what we were looking for in the memories drawn from the sigil.
So, it appears that Irusan is of mixed Fomor and Fairy descent. I wasn't even aware it was possible. Truly fascinating...
And like I said as we were viewing the memories, I heard that man's voice very clearly as well.
Based on those memories we witnessed, do you think he's the one who called Irusan here?

(As Brielle summarizes the details, her eyes widens as something dawns on her.)

Oh, that's right! I felt something when I handled that sigil earlier.

(Brielle turns the Butterfly Sigil over and points to a rough area that has obviously been damaged.)

The wear on the back of the sigil gives me the impression that it may have originally been part of some larger object. I think we should hang onto this-- it may come in handy later.
Well then... Shall we continue our exploration of Crom Bas? You never know where we might fing more objects linked to the man whose voice we heard. Our next big clue could be anywhere!

(Brielle shoots you and Gillach a look filled with anticipation.)

Gillach and I will stay back here and make preparations to cast the ritual again. (Character Name), if you can find another object to use as a Memory Cipher, we may learn something new.
And if anything dangerous happens, tell me at once. Don't just smile and keep silent about it, because I know you do that sometimes. Okay, (Character Name)?

(Gillach slowly turns to Brielle.)

Hmm. Should we grind up the Mandrake first, Brielle? I already put three spoonfuls of Magic Powder in the bottle.

Let's see. The Mandrake...

(As Brielle suggested, take a look around Crom Bas and see if you can find something that might contain memories you can extract.)

(Heeding Brielle's tip, you look around.)

(You spy a terrified ghost, quivering in fear. Perhaps they may have some information that could prove helpful...)

Terrified Ghost
U-uuu... aaagh... GuaaaaAAAAAaah! *pant*
Wh-who are you?! I have nothing! Nothing more I can give! All I have was taken from me; even my life! Please, just leave me be. I beg you...

> Prompt: Tell the ghost about the investigation team

Terrified Ghost
An in-v-v-vestigation team? S-s-so you're not with those brutes in the castle?
Whew... That's certainly a relief, but... what does this 'investigation team' want with me?

> Prompt: We need information or objects related to Crom Bas.

(As soon as the words 'Crom Bas' leave your lips, the ghost lets out a blood-curdling wail.)

Terrified Ghost
UuuoooOOOaaagh! Cr...Crom Bas? No, nonono... How horrible... Too horrible...
Those brutes would always talk about needing more human lives-- always more, to make a 'perfect body'... Then they'd slaughter innocents by the dozen without a hint of remorse. Even now, their dying gasps still ring in my ears...

(The ghost once again shudders, its whole form shaking from soul-deep terror.)

Terrified Ghost
Then there was that black smoke they used all the time. What was it again? Some sort of dark energy or 'nerg' or somesuch? I can't rightly recall, but I know they were planning to use it to trigger some sort of collapse.
AaaAAaah, yes, you said you were looking for something? I did find a trinket cast off into a rubbish pile there... b-b-but I held onto it. Even to my eyes, it seemed clear it was something more than just trash.

(The trembling ghost draws nearer, now speaking barely above a whisper.)

Terrified Ghost
I feel ashamed to beg a boon of the living, but if you would do something for me, I'll give you what I found that day.
I-it shouldn't be too difficult. You see, when I was first brought here, I had a little baby chick with me, riding in my pocket. Thank goodness my captors never discovered her.
I lost count of the days when I felt a quick death would be preferable to my reality. But even in those dark days, my little Chickpea was the one solace to my weary soul.
...B-but then the day came, and I was taken away and killed. My little Chickpea... I hope she's still alive out there somewhere; that she somehow managed to avoid any run-ins with that malevolent bunch.
That is what I'm asking of you. Find out if Chickpea is alive, and if she is, please bring her back to me.

> Prompt: Accept the ghost's proposal

Terrified Ghost
Thank you... for doign what I cannot do for myself.
Take this. It's a rough map of where I was the last time I remember being with Chickpea. As you're likely aware, the castle's halls can be rather confusing to navigate.
Be cautious as you venture inside and, if there's any justice for a wretched specter like me, bring my little Chickpea back.

(Enter Crom Bas and find out if Chickpea is okay, as the ghost requested. You should speak with Brielle first before entering the castle.)

Ah! You've returned, (Character Name).

Something about how bright and beautiful the moon is tonight gave me the feeling you'd be back soon, (Character Name).

Yeesh, Gillach... I don't know how you can say something that corny with a straight face, haha.

(Brielle shakes her head, sighing in mock exasperation.)

Sooo, (Character Name), did you find anything?

(You relate the ghost's story to Brielle and tell her that you need to enter Crom Bas castle.)

I see. So... this ghost has something that might contain some memories.

(Brielle gazes into the distance as she thinks, then quickly continues.)

Okay. We'll make a quick foray into Crom Bas to find this little chick. While we're doing that, Gillach...

Yes, yes. I'll have everything prepared to invoke the ritual again by the time you're back.
As you said, that castle is dangerous, and it seems easy to get disoriented. I'm relieve that you and (Character Name) will be going in together.

Heehee. I knew I could count on you, Gillach!

(Gillach shrugs nonchalantly and waves Brielle off.)

Okay, (Character Name). Shall we get going?

> Prompt: Let's do it. (Enter Mission) or Not Quite yet...

(Once again, Brielle leans in and sprinkles you with her luminescent powder.)

> On-screen text: Your HP was fully restored. Your body feels much lighter.

Apologies if you're allergic to magic powders or anything, but as you probably guessed, my talented assistant asked me to sprinkle you with this again.
Now, let's be off, (Character Name).

(You and Brielle head into Crom Bas once more. The creeping chill washes over you as you push open the heavy door...)

Shadow Mission: The Warmest Embrace

Do you think we'll find that little chick the ghost was looking for here?
If this map is accurate, it should be close by now.
Th-that corpse over there... That must be who you were talking to, (Character Name).
I don't think I'll ever get used to rummaging through a dead man's pockets, but I guess his spirit did give us permission as a sort of final request...
Gillach is probably getting worries, wondering what's taking us, so let's look and see if we can find anything, then head back.
Anyway, the sooner we get this over with, the better.

(You and Brielle go inspect the corpse.)

Hm, let's see...
Strange. Based on what the ghost told you, it should definitely be on their person somewhere, or at least in the general area.
Y-yikes! What the heck?!


(Monsters appear, and the Erg feels stronger in the area.)

S-seriously?! Did they booby-trap the corpse?
(Character Name), watch out!
To think, they'd even use the bodies of the dead to thwart us...

(As you defeat your foes, something strange happens.)

> On-screen text: The thoughts of the defeated foe begin seeping through. It appears to be information regarding the castle...

(The thoughts of the foe you defeated begin seeping into your mind.)

Did you feel that just now, (Character Name)? It wasn't just me, right?
Some sort of knowledge about the castle just sort of... flashed into my mind?
I think we may be able to learn more about this place and what we're up against as we deal with the foes we run into here!

(The disquieting energy hangs in the air. You sense more trouble is headed your way.)

(Character Name), it looks like we've got a second group incoming, and larger than the first, from the sound of it. Don't let your guard down!

(This time, when you clear the enemies up, the strange atmosphere in the room also lifts.)

*huff* *puff*
Well, that seems to be the end of it for now. At least, I sure hope so.
Now that we have some breathing room, let's look around a little more.
I'll examine this poor soul one more time...
I feel like there's something we're missing, but I can't put my finger on what it could be.
There's no telling what we might discover, so if you'd take a look at the other corpses here, we could finish this unpleasant business that much quicker, (Character Name).

(You check on the other corpses as instructed.)

> On-screen text: As you approach, you feel someone's thoughts flow into you.

> On-screen text: It's all over. Everything I've done, all for nothing.

> On-screen text: I'll probably never make it out of here alive...

> On-screen text: It hurts... So hot... My strength has left me.

> On-screen text: I-it wasn't supposed to end up like this...

> On-screen text: I just wanted to see them again...

> On-screen text: That was it. So why...

(Character Name). Look here...
This must be the little chick that ghost was talking about.
I think it could've been enchanted with some sort of protective magic that kept it from being noticed.
It seems like some time since it passed. The poor thing... And all along, it stuck by its master's side.
As muct as I want to recover the remains of everyone here so we can give them proper burials, I'm afraid we'll be drawn into more fights if we linger here.
It's sad, but... At the very least, we should bring it back.
...Come on. We have to tell the ghost what became of little Chickpea...

(Brielle trembles as she gently lifts the little chick's body and clasps it to her chest.)

(Deliver the news of Chickpea's fate to the ghost waiting outside.)


Terrified Ghost
Ah! You're back! Did you find my little Chickpea?

(You relay what happened to Chickpea to the trembling ghost. As they listen, the ghost slumps forward, hanging its head in grief.)

Terrified Ghost
I see...
Oh, Chickpea... You poor, foolish thing. You could have escaped...

(The trembling ghost stares vacantly into the distance before slowly speaking again.)

Terrified Ghost
That castle is crawling with the foulest specimens of man and beast I've ever encountered. I know it can't have been easy to get inside. Thank you for risking so much to discover what became of poor Chickpea.
I think I can finally leave this place in peace now. In fact, I should hurry. Chickpea must be peeping away, waiting for me to come.

Crom Bas - Old Pendant.png
(The ghost holds out an old-looking pendant, placing it gently in your palm.)

Terrified Ghost
Thank you, (Character Name). Here is the trinket I spoke of.
It's one of those old lockets you can pull a small picture inside. I may have found it discarded atop a rubbish heap, but it just didn't seem like trash to me. I've held onto it all this time, in case its owner ever came looking for it.
I hope you'll find the value in it that I always figured it had. And... thank you again, from me and Chickpea.

(The ghost gives you a long bow in thanks for your help.)

(Return to Brielle and show her the pendant you received from the ghost.)

(Brielle and Gillach beam at you with accomplishment, seeming to wrap up their preparations just in time.)

Well, that didn't take long. Gillach is just putting the finishing touches on the preparations for the ritual.

Crom Bas - Old Pendant.png
(You hand over the pendant you revceived from the ghost and Brielle eagerly begins inspecting it.)

...Hrm. It's not in as good condition as I'd hoped. I see surface damage in several places. And while it's definitely a locket, like the ghost said, there's no picture in this one.

...I'm not sure if we'll be able to draw out a complete memory from this.

(Brielle seems worried as she analyzes the pendant. Finally, she looks up to address you.)

(Character Name), are you ready?

> Prompt: I am ready. (Enter Mission) or Not quite yet...

> On-screen text: You give Brielle a strong, affirmative nod.

(Like before, a bright light appears in your field of vision.)

(Again, Brielle recides an incantation and a faint light begins to seep from the Old Pendant.)

...You know the drill. This is going to feel a little weird like last time. If you start to feel dizzy, just hold on to my hand.

(A sense of weightlessness washes over you as the chalky light swirls around you. And then...)

Shadow Mission: Sleeves wet with bloody tears

(Upon activating the Memory Cipher, a hazy feeling washes over you once again.)

(The fogginess gradually clears from your brain, but... this time, Brielle's voice sounds tinny and far away, and your vision is awash in red.)

> On-Screen text: It's hard to see... You feel altogether out-of-sorts.

Gah, why...
What the hell... is this feeling...?

(As your vision clears up, you see a boy trample over a ghostly version of himself, looking in pain.)

(Mission Note: That which impedes our way must be eliminated...)

> On-Screen text: Oh... Oh no...

> On-Screen text: No...

> On-Screen text: B-but still...

> On-Screen text: Don't get soft.

> On-Screen text: What the hell...?

> On-Screen text: Th-this strange power...

> On-Screen text: What the hell is happening?

> On-Screen text: No, no!

> On-Screen text: Nngh... Please...

> On-Screen text: No.

> On-Screen text: Indeed.

> On-Screen text: Hahahaha... Indeed.

> On-Screen text: But... Still...

(Mission Note: All foes standing before you must be eliminated...)

(After finishing with the apparition, the boy moves on to unknown people nearby.)

> On-Screen text: It can... after all...

Augh... Ahahahahaha!
Yes... This is what should've happened.

(What on earth is this feeling? Guilt? Gratification? And this power...)

> On-Screen text: Unchosen one, your power has been made manifest. It is not alike to my own. But... it is more than enough.

(The voice you heard in Irusan's memory seems to reverberate through the air.)

Who are you?!

> On-Screen text: I am that which can guide those who have lost their way...

Tch... Speak plainly, and show yourself!

> On-Screen text: Folamh... In the world to come, I shall grant you the power over Dark Erg. Elestrenne shall once again be by your side.

Young Folamh
What?! How do you know--

> On-Screen text: It is what you desire, yes? You have but to follow my voice...

Young Folamh
Who are you?! Answer me!

> On-Screen text: Take refuge... within the darkened canyon... And... and Erg collapse...

> On-Screen text: Your vision begins to blur...

Young Folamh

(Once again, your vision grows more and more distorted as the strange, beckoning voice trails off...)

...! Please...

*pant* *pant* ...Please!

(As Folamh's memories grow hazy, the sound of Brielle calling your name becomes clearer.)

Aha! I got through!
What a relief. I was starting to get really worried. I think the memories materialized in an unstable state because the pendant itself was in poor condition. I'm so sorry... You wouldn't have had such an uncomfortable time if I'd only been more careful.
I don't think it's safe to remain here any longer. Let's return to the camp!

(Brielle grasps your hand tightly, preparing to bring you back with a snap of her fingers, when suddenly...)

(The man standing far in the distance turns to face you.)

First, you came unwelcome into my castle. Now, you trespass in my memories themselves?

How is this possible?! We're viewing a memory. He shouldn't be able to see us!

It's no matter. What do you think you'll accomplish?

> On-Screen text: The space around you contorts violently and a wave of powerful nausea washes over you...

(Your vision flashes red as the image of the young Folamh channels a spell. The entire memory warps, leaving you and Brielle clutching your heads in pain.)

> On-Screen text: Brielle: Gah! N-no...!

> On-Screen text: Brielle: I... I have to protect...

(Brielle readies a protective spell.)

All you like!
And your efforts will STILL amount to nothing! Bahahaha!

Ugh, no! My mana is almost gone... We have to get back... before the... memory... collapses...!

(After several seconds that felt far longer, Brielle finally regains enough control to end the memory with a snap of her fingers. Your vision blurs, then you feel the stony ground of Crom Bas beneath your once more.)


A Twisted Faith

They definitely said the preparations were finished, right? I don't think we can wait any longer. We need to take action, without delay. - Brielle

You find yourself short of breath, panting raggedly as you try to recover from the disorientation of the incomplete memory you witnessed. Turning to Brielle, you find her wheezing as she looks at you.)

*pant* *pant* Well, let's not do that again, (Character Name).
I was already concerned by the pendant's condition, and the destabilizing effect that might have on the memory within it, but even still... If we'd stayed a moment longer, the memory would've collapsed in on us.

(Gillach looks back and forth between you and Brielle, obviously concerned about your condition.)

Your breathing was so ragged when you first re-emerged that I was worried you might pass out from lack of air. Are you certain you're all right, Brielle? You look so pallid...

We were attacked by that man. Trying to fend him off while keeping the memory stable drained me of all my mana, so it'll take some time to recover...
Fortunately, I was at least able to keep (Character Name) safe, so... I'm glad for that.

You were attacked inside the memory field? How is that even possible?

(Brielle waves Gillach away, clearly needing a moment to recover while pondering what just happened. Smoothing her discheveled hair with one hand, she looks toward you.)

Okay. Just to make sure we're all on the same page, let's recap what happened.
To start, in the memory we witnessed just now... That was definitely the man we saw before. It seems to be from a younger time, but I'm almost certain it was him.
From what we heard, it sounded like his name is Folamh.

(Gillach, who has been silently listening to Brielle, tilts his head and ponders to himself.)

It appeared that Folamh heard that strange voice, just like Irusan did. Up to now, I had presumed that was HIS voice, but now...
It sounds like this voice is what led Irusan and Folamh here in the first place. Like it was whispering to them to prepare something.
I remember them saying that the preparations were almost complete.

We may not have much time to waste.

(Brielle nods in agreement with Gillach.)

That seems likely. But there's still too much we don't know. It certainly doesn't help that I got drained of all my mana at the worst possible time.

(Brielle falls into deep thought, and as she continues pondering in silence, Gillach speaks up.)

Seeing as we're short on time, how about we split up our information gathering and castle investigation?
On the information side, our goal is to find any memory fragments related to Crom Bas. As for the exploratory duties, I think we ought to focus our energies on charting clear pathways so that each new sortie might allow us to delve further inside.
Brielle, I think you ought to take charge of gathering and analyzing information, especially in light of your current condition. That leaves (Character Name) to head up all subsequent forays into the castle.

Feh... I can't deny you have a point, Gillach, but there's no way we can just send (Character Name) into those forsaken halls alone.

(Brielle protests, her concern evident in her voice, but Gillach firmly cuts her off.)

I understand where you're coming from, Brielle, but sometimes you just have to face the facts. You're going to be dead weight if you venture into the castle with (Character Name) before you've recovered your mana.
I understand. I really do. Not being well enough to accompany (Character Name) in such an uncertain situation feels maddening; perhaps downright unfair, but...
I feel we can do more for (Character Name) by fulfilling our present responsabilities to aid the investigation and continue preparing the ritual to view more memories.

But, Gillach, sending (Character Name) in alone is just...

(Perhaps out of concern for you, Brielle seems hesitant to stay behind even after Gillach's heartfelt appeal...)

> Prompt: Agree with Gillach or Gently pat Brielle on the shoulder or Nod reluctantly

(Character Name)... I don't like having to send you into that place alone one bit. But if that's how you really feel, I won't stop you. While you press on, I'll remain here, making sure we collect every scrap of useful information like Gillach said.

(Character Name).

Thinking on that now, my heart feels heavy, just as Brielle's does. That's why I promise to train as hard as I can so I can accompany you if something like this should ever happen again.

All right, friends, listen up. Here's our plan.
Gillach and I will start compiling all the information we can find related to Crom Bas.
(Character Name) will continue to make forays into the castle to investigate, and we'll meet up to discuss anything they find there. As far as entering the castle goes, I can still help with that.
Above all... take care of yourself out there. And remember to tell me or Gillach if you run into any trouble.

Please be cautious while exploring the castle, (Character Name). I'll do whatever I can to help.

(Brielle and Gillach wish you well in what is sure to be a challenging endeavor.)

(As Brielle and Gillach suggested, you should enter Crom Bas and see if you can find anything inside that might further your investigation.)

(Press on into the depths of Crom Bas as far as you can and see what you can find.)

(You venture into Crom Bas until you reach a larger room than usual, and find Irusan there. When you defeat him, your pathway is blocked, but you managed to find a Serpentine Sigil.png Serpentine sigil.)

>>>(Missing dialogue)

An Unwelcome Guest

Have you found anything in your explorations of Crom Bas. I have some new information on that old pendant we found that contained some of Folamh's memories. I'll be waiting for you at the entrance to Crom Bas. - Brielle

(Character Name)!

Hello, (Character Name).

I contacted you via express owl because we recently uncovered some new information about that pendant we found in Crom Bas.
We've also discovered another sigil on the grounds of Crom Bas. It's different from the Serpentine Sigil you found, and...well, it’d be faster for you to just see it for yourself. Here, take a look.

> Prompt: Accept (Enter Mission) or I am not ready yet...

> Prompt: Accept (Enter Mission).

> On-screen text: You nod in agreement with Brielle's proposal.

(Brielle motions to you while Gillach rummages through his pockets. And then…)

Shadow Mission: Cold Anger

...! Wait a second.

> On-screen text: An ominous energy pervades the atmosphere...

(As Brielle senses something is amiss, a spine-tingling vibration washes over you.)

He's coming!

(Folamh appears with an entourage of followers.)


You meddlesome whelps... You just had to keep pressing onward, scurrying around my castle like vermin.
Was violating the sanctity of a man’s memories too meager a thrill?

Folamh! Stop!
I don't know what you’ve been through, or why you're doing what you're doing, but I can’t just let you blithely walk into the abyss. You'll hurt so many, yourself included, and I think you understand that on some level.
But it's not too late. I know from experience that even when you do something wrong, there's always a way to make it right. That’s true for everyone. Even you.

Silence, human.

(With a wave of his hand, Folamh signals those under his command to prepare for battle.)

...If you would wriggle your way through my domain, then I shall grind you beneath my boot like the worms you are.

> On-screen text: Defeat the enemies amassed at the gates of Crom Bas!

> On-screen text: Folamh: Tch. You Milletians...

> On-screen text: Your sense of direction has been distorted due to Folamh’s interference.

> On-screen text: Disciple: Taste the power bestowed by Irusan!

> On-screen text: You have been marked with Irusan’s Binding Brand.

(As you persevere against the swarm of enemies flooding from the castle, Folamh shoots you a malevolent glare, addressing you directly.)

Well, well. I admit, I may have underestimated you, Milletian.

Folamh! Stop this, please!

(Folamh's face contorts, the very portrait of a man barely able to keep his rage from boiling over.)

Shut your mouth. How dare you beg to me, human.

(Folamh makes a sweeping gesture with his hands, conjuring a powerful wave of energy that sends Brielle flying.)

Brielle! No!

*huff* *huff*
Folamh, I... Once, I was walking down a dark path, just like you. That's why I want to hear your story. To know more about what you've gone through. After all, we've both diverged from the life we were fated to live.

(Hearing Brielle’s impassioned plea, Folamh merely laughs.)

Bah. Talk is cheap, and I’ve had my fill of your worthless pleas.
Oh, you’ve done your best trying to convince me...
But your efforts to sway me serve but to stoke the furnace of my rage.


Matters here may have taken an unforeseen direction, but the wheel of fate has already begun to turn.

(Folamh turns to face you.)

If you continue rampaging through the castle, I have no doubt we'll meet again, (Character Name).
But you will rue that day, for the fully completed Embodiment of Destruction will be there to snatch all hope from your grasp.

(As Folamh's threat rings in your ears, he vanishes before your eyes with a wave of his hand, the black fog disappearing with him.)

Brielle, please… Tell me you're all right. (Character Name), how are you feeling?

(Gillach looks back and forth between you and Brielle, worry filling his gaze.)

...I'm fine, Gillach. You, of all people, should know I'm hardier than I look.
There's so much damage to the camp...

Yeah. I'll see to the wounded soldiers right away.
Brielle, you're in no condition to be moving around. You should rest. I'll oversee the cleanup efforts.

I’m totally fine. There’s no need to nag...

Either way, if it weren't for you, (Character Name)...
The damage would have been far, far worse. I’m glad you were there. For now, I'm going to tend to the injured.

(Gillach heads towards the wounded soldiers. Pained moans and shouts hang over the entrance to Crom Bas like a darkened cloud.)


(You go to see Gillach.)

(Gillach is dashing to and fro, tending to wounded soldiers. Moans of pain echo throughout the area.)

Belvast Scout
Aaaagh... it much...

We've braced your shinbone with a splint, so you'll feel some initial discomfort. Now, come on. You're a tough-looking guy. You've come back from worse than this, right?

(Gillach, sensing your presence, looks up from the soldier he's treating.)

Ah, it’s you, (Character Name). Things have been so hectic around here that I didn't notice your arrival.
You must be here for that sigil, right? I can barely keep track, what with everything that’s been going on.

(Gillach fishes around in his pockets until he finds the sigil in question and hands it over.)

Here you go. Brielle and I went ahead and performed an initial analysis. This one is cast in a shape similar to a fleur-de-lis. However, rather than the lily, we believe it to be closer to a representation of an iris, and so have been calling it the Iris Blossom Sigil in our notes.

(Gillach looks up as he ponders aloud.)

Heh... Curious, isn’t it? The sigils we've found so far have symbols that feel ominous, like the Serpentine Sigil, or are linked to a specific individual, like Irusan and the Butterfly Sigil.
But even after some animated discussion, Brielle and I couldn’t figure out what this one is supposed to represent. On top of that, it seems completely unrelated to Folamh.
Well, I'm sure we'll figure it out as more pieces of this puzzle come together. Brielle has something she wants to tell you about the pendant, so you should meet up with her. I'll likely be here for the next couple hours tending to the wounded.

(Gillach turns away, focusing his attention on the injured soldiers. Find Brielle to hear what she's discovered about the empty pendant.)

Oh. Hey there, (Character Name).

(Despite trying to greet you warmly, it appears that Brielle is in poor spirits. Her shoulders droop limply as she stares down at the ground.)

I’m sorry... I feel like I just made things worse by trying to step in.

>Prompt: Assure her that it is fine or Remain silent

I keep thinking there must be some reason why Folamh would choose such a dark path.
Nothing would excuse what he’s done, but... something in me wanted to try extending a helping hand to him, just like you did for me.

(Brielle broods silently for a moment before looking to you once more.)

At any rate, let's get back to the matter at hand.
As I mentioned, I've made some progress on my research into the pendant, (Character Name).

(Brielle presents you with a pendant that looks much like the one you found in Crom Bas, though in much better condition.)

I had a nagging feeling I'd seen a pendant like that before. And, as it turns out, one of the soldiers on the investigation team has one just like it.
I think if we rub the back of the tarnished pendant with some Mandrake-infused water, it just might...
Crom Bas - Belvast Pendant.png
(Brielle turns the pendant over, applies a few drops of Mandrake-infused water to it, and gives the locket a vigorous rub. As the luster begins to return, a faint engraving can be seen on the back.)

I knew it!
Do you see the design lightly etched there? That’s the emblem of Belvast Island.
We know the memories contained in this pendant are Folamh's, and this strongly implies he has--or had--some connection to the city of Belvast.
We've also uncovered a bit about the newest addition to our sigil collection.

(Brielle points to the Iris Blossom Sigil Gillach handed to you.)

Gillach and I spent some time analyzing it before you got here. The reaction was faint, but we did detect a resonance with both the Butterfly and Serpentine Sigils.
My theory is that the weakened resonance is due to it being worn and damaged in places.
However, you'll be glad to know I took special precautions to keep you out of danger this time, (Character Name).

(Brielle clasps the tarnished Iris Blossom Sigil in her hands, reciting an incantation that causes the sigil to begin glowing faintly. Then...)

Crom Bas - Iris Blossom Sigil.png
...Perfect! That's much better.
It's not a perfect restoration, but this should allow us a clearer view of the memories within. The easiest way to think of it is that I've temporarily reverted the sigil to its past form--the object's memory of its own former state, if you will.
We need to hurry, though! The enchantment won’t last too long, and the sigil will likely have reverted to its present state by the time we've viewed its memories. Are you ready to see them, (Character Name)?

> Prompt: All right. (Enter Mission) or Not quite yet...

> Prompt: Accept (Enter Mission).

> On-screen text: You nod in agreement with Brielle’s proposal. Brielle
If you start feeling weird, just give a squeeze. I'll be here holding your hand.
Now then…

(Brielle reaches out her hand and a faint, chalky light from the Iris Blossom Sigil begins to swirl around you, giving a disorienting sense of weightlessness.)

Shadow Mission: The End of a Long, Dark Tunnel

(Upon activating the Memory Cipher, a hazy feeling washes over you once again.)

(You hear the sound of crashing waves as your vision comes into focus. As you take stock of your surroundings, you see a familiar-looking boy with his back turned to you.)

(Following Brielle's gaze, you notice that the boy is hiding behind a pillar, watching for something.)

Young Folamh
I made it all the way out here. But how am I gonna get to the boat?
The security's pretty heavy, too. Maybe I shouldn’t... If those guys catch me again, I might end up starving for another week...

(The boy anxiously rocks back and forth on his feet, opening his bag to peer down at a small chocolate cake.)

Young Folamh
No way, not this time. Not after all the trouble I went through to get this!
Hmph! It's all or nothing! And it’s been so long since I’ve seen her, too...

> On-screen text: Elestrenne should be inside the ship.

> On-screen text: Avoid the Pirates and board the ship Elestrenne is on.

(You successfully sneak onto the pirate ship, and head below deck.)

> On-screen text: Almost there!

> On-screen text: Take out the Spiders blocking your way.

(You defeat all of the spiders.)

> On-screen text: You see Elestrenne ahead!

(Visibly startled, the girl looks towards the boy.)

Oh... Folamh!

...So Elestrenne was Folamh’s little sister...

(The girl seems to have immediately realized her voice was a hair too loud. Shifting to a whisper, she continues to speak.)

How did you get here?

Young Folamh
Haha, how have you been, Elestrenne? I missed you so much, I wanted to pay you a visit.

But you're gonna get into so much trouble... You have to leave before they come back!

Young Folamh
Do I, now? I bet you'll change your mind once you see what I've got!

(The boy rummages through his bag, presenting the girl with a Chocolate Crepe Cake wrapped in old paper and a shiny Iris Flower Sigil.)

Folamh! Did you...

Young Folamh
Ta-daaa! Happy birthday, Elestrenne!

I thought you’d forgotten my birthday, remembered it all along.

Young Folamh
I got a chocolate cake--your favorite., I made this brooch for you. I think the flower complements you well.

But you barely have enough time to sleep. When did you find the time to do all this?

He used to be so warm, so kind... So how...

(The boy clasps the girl's hands tightly.)

Young Folamh
You know...
When we’re older...when we're stronger... We're gonna get out of here. We'll be adults. There'll be no one to tell us where to go, or what to do.
The life we have won't be a fancy one, but we'll be free. Free to learn whatever we want--to BE whatever we want. A normal life, just like other people have.
My sights aren't set high. That would be more than enough.

...Yeah. That does sound nice.

> On-screen text: The sound of heavy footsteps can be heard outside...

> On-screen text: There’s someone here!

What? At this hour?

(A pirate rushes towards the children, brandishing a whip.)

These runts... They must be itching for a beating!

Ahh, no...!

(The pirate lashes the boy.)

Young Folamh

Folamh, you bastard! You again!

(The pirate strikes him repeatedly.)

P-please, forgive him! It’s my fault that my brother...

Young Folamh
Stop, Elestrenne! There’s nothing to apologize for!
That’s right... It was all me! I did it!

Bastard... You must have lost your damn mind! If that’s how you want it, fine! I'll carve this lesson into your worthless hide.


How...? Why would you do something like this?

> On-screen text: The memories begin to fade from the pain...

Please, forgive him... *sob* Stop beating my brother. Please...!

> On-screen text: It hurts so much...

So, starving you for a week wasn't enough, eh?

> On-screen text: I hate this so much... Everything about it. Why can't I be strong enough to keep her safe?

We paid a high price to take in you destitute Fomors, and this is how you show your gratitude? By baring your fangs like the dogs you are?

Please... Stop it!

Brielle's hands crackle with magic, but her spellcraft has no effect within the memory...

(Suddenly, a massive tremor shakes the area!)

The hell was that?!

*sob* Brother... Please, wake up...

(The sound of explosions thunders from the ship's deck, followed by a cacophony of panicked voices.)

It’s an ambush!
It’s coming from the sky! They’re loosing volleys of flaming arrows from hot-air balloons!

The panicked voices and explosions begin to drown each other out as the vision of the memory begins to fade.

(Brielle slumps to the ground as her legs give out beneath her, shocked by what you just saw.)

So terrible... What kind of life did Folamh have...?

(Still coming to grips with the cruel memories, Brielle remains quiet for some time.)

...I scarcely know what to say.
You saw it too, didn't you? That beating he took...
...But it's starting to become clear why he'd have a pendant bearing the emblem of Belvast.
I think the most expedient way to find out more about the pendant is to ask Admiral Owen.
I'll keep watch at the entrance to Crom Bas with the Investigation Team. In the meantime, you should go and see if the Admiral can shed some light on matters.

(The space starts to tremble precariously once more as you feel a splitting pain shoot through your head.)

Oh no...
The enchantment I cast on the Iris Blossom Sigil is fading!
We have to get back before the memory collapses!

(Brielle just barely manages to regain her balance within the convulsing space, snapping her fingers. Your vision blurs, and then you feel the stony ground of Crom Bas beneath you once more.)

(Once your nerves have had a chance to settle, you should go ask Admiral Owen if he knows anything about the Pendant.)


A Story Unknown

To get to the heart of all this, we need to learn more about what happened to Folamh. Could you ask Admiral Owen what he knows about the pendant? - Brielle

Ah, good to see you again. I've been receiving Brielle's updates on the situation at Crom Bas through the investigation team's reports. I assume that's why you're here?

> Prompt: Ask about the pendant

Crom Bas - Belvast Pendant.png
> On-Screen text: You ask Admiral Owen about the pendant found in Crom Bas.

(You present the pendant with the emblem of Belvast to Admiral Owen.)

(Admiral Owen gives a knowing nod as he carefully inspects the pendant.)

This pendant...
I don't know who it might've belonged to, but I do recognize the design. These were made in commemoration of the liberation of Belvast. Isn't that so, Shayla?

That's correct, sir.

(Admiral Owen nods upon receiving Shayla's confirmation and looks at you.)

So, you were able to see the memories sealed within this pendant? A horned boy and the dead, you say?

(Admiral Owen gently brushes back a strand of stray hair from his face as he considers how to phrase his next thoughts.)

As you know, Belvast is a city that strives to be a place where people from all walks of life can coexist under the banner of mutual peace and prosperity. And not just humans, but any Fomors who are willing, as well.
But the path of turning this ideal into reality wasn't lined with roses, to put it mildly.
In the early days of Belvast's liberation, there was a period of constant conflict between those who hated the Fomors and those who despised humans.
Around that time, there was an incident that's come to be known as the Bloody Night.

(Shayla, who has been standing quietly beside Admiral Owen, presents him with several sheets of parchment.)

These are the case documents related to that incident, Admiral.

Thank you, Shayla.

(Admiral Owen takes the documents and leafs through each page, his eyes skimming over the details.)

Yes, these were the names. Folamh and Elestrenne.
A ghastly incident transpired at the dwelling of these two Fomor siblings. When the scene was finally discovered, authorities found the younger sister brutally murdered, along with three other human victims. There were no traces of the older brother-- he seemed to have vanished without a trace.
Of course, the natural assumption was that finding the missing brother could provide crucial information that would help the city get to the bottom of the case, but he was never seen or heard from again. And without knowing what he'd seen or knew, the case went cold.
Because this all happened late in the evening, the murders took on a particularly sinister aspect in the mind of the citizens, who quickly took to calling the incident the 'Bloody Night.'
It's surprising to think this unsolved mystery would end up related to Crom Bas somewhow. The question is, HOW is it related?

(Admiral Owen starts leafing through the documents again, looking for potential links between past and present.)

Unfortunately, this is as much information as I have to offer you at present. There was one minor detail that caught my attention, though. This report from the city's records list Mont as a member of the team that investigated the scene of the crime.
As I know of no other Monts in Belvast, it would appear to be the very same fellow who handles transactions at the Belvast Bank. He's likely our best lead if you wish to learn more about that incident.

(Admiral Owen hands the pendant back to you.)

(As Admiral Owen suggested, you go visit Mont to see if you can find out more about Folamh.)

Hey, hey. Did you come here just to loiter? This is the Belvast bank. If you have need of our services, state your business and I shall assist you.

> Prompt: Ask about the 'Bloody Night'

> On-screen text: You asked Mont about the Bloody Night incident'à

(As soon as you mention the words 'Bloody Night', his playfully chiding demeanor seems to frost over with a stony expression.)

You... Where did you hear about that? Who told you? Fess up!

(Mont looks somewhat intrigued when you tell him about your current investigation.)

What? Admiral Owen himself, eh? Hmm...
All right, little squiddle, let me see if I've got this straight. You and the city's investigative team are currently looking into some creepy castle called Crom Bas in the middle of Tory Rvine? And based on the clues you discovered there, you have reason to suspect this whole thing's got some connection to the Bloody Night?
*sigh* It happened back when the city was going through some... considerable changes. To say it was chaotic is an understatement; discrimination was rampant, and racial animosity seemed to bubble just beneath the surface everywhere you looked.
But even amidst that backdrop, the Bloody Night murders were so brutal, they shocked even the most hardened residents. No one who lived in Belvast back then will ever forget the incident, though many probably wish they could.

Crom Bas - Belvast Pendant.png
(Mont points at the empty pendant as he continues speaking.)

Now that pendant... I might be able to help shed a little light on that.
Just give me one second. I promise it won't take long! There's something I want to show you.

(Mont starts frantically looking around for something.)

Let's see. Nope, that's not it...

(You hear a crash.)

That's... not it either...

(You hear something teeter, then fall with a loud crash.)

(You hear another crash.)

Blast it all! I really need to start keeping things properly organized around here!
Ah! Yes, this is it!

Crom Bas - Treasured Possession Artwork.png
(Mont turns to face you, his hand clasping a small picture of a brother and a sister.)

I found this while searching the scene in the wake of the Bloody Night. It looks like it might fit into that pendant perfectly.
These are the oens you're curious about. The brother you see there is Folamh, who disappeared without a trace after the incident, and his sister Elestrenne, who met her tragic end that night.
As I recall, they were Fomors, not humans. The two were orphans who had lived hand-to-mouth since childhood, and were sold to work in the city as slaves when the pirates took over the island.
They'd had a rough life, but at the heart of it, they were two brave kids who wanted to make a life for themselves here after the liberation. To have something like that happen... it's one of those things that makes you question whether there's any justice in this world.
There's one more thing, though. Maybe it doesn't have much to do with what you're investigating, but...

(Mont hesitates for a moment before a look of determination washes over his face.)

Look, I don't know all the details, but I do remember that there was another strange happening that took place at the same time as the Bloody Night. Of course, the murders were front-page news, so it went largely unreported.

> Prompt: Something else happened?

The same night the murders took place, the Legacy of Gabhaidheachd Go, under heavy guard at the trading post, vanished without a trace.
What IS the Legacy of Gabhaidheachd Go, you ask? Well... The most reliable description suggests that it's a very large bone of some sort.
I thought to mention it because, although the investigation into the Bloody Night indicent ultimately came up empty-handed for want of evidence, there were witness statements taken that claimed to have sighted Folamh near the Trading Post that night.
Getting to and from the Tory Ravine was nigh impossible in those days, but there were rumors of a secret passage used by thieves and other ne'er-do-wells beneath the Belvast Trading Post.
If you consider both what I've told you and what your own investigation has turned up, this 'Folamh' from Crom Bas may well be the very same young man from back then. Though, of course, there's a lack of conclusive evidence to prove such conjecture.
Bah. I can't remember the last time life caught me so straight-faced. It's just not like me. But it was such a tragic incident. Even remembering it today...

(Feeling a little self-conscious, Mont scratches his head.)

Anyhow, that's about all I have to say about that! And just in case this somehow comes around to bite me in the arse, remember that I cound my photographic memory among my foremost qualities!
Now then, I have no shortage of work requiring my attention, so if you've nothing else to ask, I'll be getting back to that. Best of luck in your investigation!

(Mont adjusts his spectacles and whips around t o focus on bank business.)

(It looks like you've gathered all the information about Folamh you're likely to find in Belvast. You head back to rendezvous with Brielle at the entrance to Crom Bas.)

Wow, you got back more quickly than I expected, (Character Name)! I actually just finised fixing the Iris Blossom Sigil.
How'd things go on your end? Did you manage to find out anything from the Admiral?

> Prompt: Tell them about what you learned

(You tell Brielle and Gillach about everything you learned during your investigation in Belvast.)

...I see. So Folamh and his younger sister were once residents of Belvast.

(Brielle's expression betrays the complicated nature of her feelings.)

To fall into the abyss is a simple matter... but once you have, it's incredibly difficult to claw your way out.
But as powerful a pull as the abyss may exert, the fear of having to confront one's own misdeeds should one ever escape its clutches is greater still.

Crom Bas - Treasured Possession Artwork.png
(Brielle nods firmly, casting a sidelong glance at the empty pendant and the picture as she continues.)

(Character Name), if this picture you brought back is indeed the one originally held in the pendant's locket, we should finally be able to view the entire memory.
So... Shall we dive right in?

> Prompt: I am ready (Enter Mission) or Not quite yet...

> Prompt: I am ready (Enter Mission)

> On-screen text: You nod in agreement with Brielle's proposal.

(Brielle recites an incantation and a faint, chalky light spills forth from the pendant.)

You know how this works by now, right, (Character Name)? It's going to feel a little funny for a second as the memories enter your mind. That's a normal side-effect of the spell.
But just like before, I'll be right here with you.

(Brielle clasps your hand-- a reasurring anchor as the now-familiar feeling of weightlessness brought on by the light from the pendant begins to take hold.)

Shadow Mission: Bloody Tears on My Mind

(Upon activating the Memory Cipher, a hazy feeling washes over you once again.)

(Perhaps because the pendant was in a more complete state this time, your vision quickly comes into focus.)

Now that's what I call success!
Let's take a look at the memories we didn't get to see last time.

(Brielle points ahead.)

I think that's Folamh over there.

Young Folamh
Phew... I'm beat. That job really took it out of me.
Feels like my joints are creaking. I can barely bend my knees.

(A tired-looking boy is staring down at the several golden coins in his palm.)

Young Folamh
Still, I can't complain about the pay.
And I got the chocolate cake, too.
Haha... I can't wait to see the look on her face. She'll be so excited.


Young Folamh
Anyway, time to head home for some well-deserved relaxation. I can kick up my feet and start in on the next chapter of the Darkblade Chronicles!

> On-Screen Text: Better Get a move on. Elestrenne's waiting for me.

(As Folamh walks home, the nearby workers interact with him.)

Worker (Chat Bubble)
Hey, good work today, Folamh!

> On-screen Text: Thanks for all your help!

Folamh (Chat Bubble)
Thank you for all the trouble!

Worker (Chat Bubble)
Going already? Must be nice having someone waiting for you.

Folamh (Chat Bubble)
Well, my sister's waiting, so I'm off. I'll see you tomorrow!

> On-screen Text: Can't keep my sister waiting. I'll see you tomorrow!

Folamh's Associate
Folamh! Folamh!

> On-screen Text: A panicked voice can be heard in the distance.

Young Folamh

Folamh's Associate
*huff* *puff* ...Folamh! You have to come! This is bad!

Young Folamh
Wait, what's bad? What happened?

Folamh's Associate
It's... those malcontents who've flouted the Admiral's every statute...! Th-they've always resented the Fomors...

Young Folamh
...Whoa, slow down. One thing at a time. What are those spiteful idiots up to this time?

Folamh's Associate
There was a couple of them; they were passing by your house when they made some untoward remarks to Elestrenne. An argument broke out, and they--
Look, you've got to hurry! They dragged her away, and knowing them, they've not a mite of good intent between the lost of 'em!

Young Folamh
No... Elestrenne!

(Folamh runs up to the people the associate mentionned.)

Young Folamh
*pant* *pant* Stop it, you animals!

Anti-Liberation Thug
Bahaha! Well, lookie here...! The horned freak oozes out of the darkness. Come to save your sister, have you?

Fo...Folamh... It hurts... so much...

It can't be... How could they?

(The thug hits Elestrenne.)

Anti-Liberation Thug
You keep your dirty Fomor mouth shut!


Young Folamh
No! Please... Please! Stop this!

...Brother... Run...

> On-screen Text: her breathing, already faint, ceases entirely.

Young Folamh
El... Elestrenne...?

(Folamh grasps his head.)

> On-screen Text: You hear a river of thoughts, hot as molten iron.

> On-screen Text: Is it okay... to respond in kind? To hit back when you're hit?

Anti-Liberation Thug
Bah. 'Shared prosperity of humans and fomors alike'? Piss on that! The Admiral's gone and bleedin' lost it. Bastard might as well ask us to sleep in the sty while the pigs dine at our tables!

> On-screen Text: No... It's wrong to hurt others... No good comes of it.

Anti-Liberation Thug
Bahaha! Heard you two used to be slaves, back before the Admiral turned this town upside-down. I thought you slaves were supposed to know your place! Or didn't your old masters beat that into you? Well, never too late to learn, I say.

> On-screen Text: How is it wrong... to fight back against this?

Anti-Liberation Thug
Hey, pipe down! You want someone to tip off the town guard? I say we have a little fun with the brother. I've seen more than one maiden looking his way. Disgusting. They won't be fawning over that face after I'm done re-arranging it.

> On-screen Text: Look what they've done to poor Elestrenne. She did nothing to deserve this.

Anti-Liberation Thug
Whoo! Take a look at those horns. Y'think he'd feel any pain if we broke 'em off?

> On-screen Text: What did any of us do to deserve this? Simply have the audacity to draw breath?

(Folamh's panicked, ragged breathing slows, his countenance growing stony and cold.)

> On-screen Text: ...This is self-defense.

Young Folamh

Anti-Liberation Thug
Eh? The hell did you say?

Young Folamh
I said 'This ends now.' For you.

Anti-Liberation Thug
Hah! Get a load of him! Thinks he's a real tough guy all of a sudde--

Young Folamh
Grrr.... Grrraaaaaaaagh!

> On-screen Text: This feeling... My body...

(The thugs are slammed to the ground.)

Anti-Liberation Thug
Aaaaarrgh! You little twerp... Wha... what the hell?

> On-screen text: How is it wrong... to fight back against this?

> On-screen text: All who seek to do you harm must be eliminated.

(The three thugs prove no threat. Folamh eliminates them all.)

Young Folamh

(Folamh starts to laugh.)

Young Folamh
You all deserved every bit of that, you hear? And more besides!
(What on earth is this feeling? Guilt? Gratification? And this power...)

(A thunderstorm suddenly erupts.)

> On-Screen Text: Unchosen one, your power has been made manifest. It is not alike to my own. But... it is more than enough.

(A gruesome scene you bore witness to once before plays out before your eyes again.)

Young Folamh
Who are you?!

> On-Screen Text: I am that which can guide those who have lost their way...

Young Folamh
Tch... Speak plainly, and show yourself!

> On-Screen Text: Folamh... In the world to come, I shall grant you power over Dark Erg. Elestrenne shall once again be by your side.

Young Folamh
What?! How do you know--

> On-Screen text: It is what you desire, yes? You have but to follow my voice...

Young Folamh
Who are you?! Answer me!

> On-Screen text: Hide yourself within the darkened valley and there make ready an Erg collapse, that my eminence may fill this world.

Young Folamh
You said Elestrenne would be by my side again. Is that a promise?

A familiar scene unfolds before you, but your vision begins to blur once more...

(Brielle walks to the place where Folamh's younger self stood moments before, gazing down with a heavy heart.)

Folamh. You were...

(With a weary sigh, Brielle recalls Folamh sobbing over his murdered sister.)

...I guess even with the locket's picture restored this is all we can see of this memory. Let's go back for now. There's... a lot to think about.

(Brielle snaps her fingers. Your vision blurs, then you feel the stony ground of Crom Bas beneath you once more.)


Ne'er to Linger in the Darkness (Incomplete)

We have all the information we need, so it's time to take action. Let's go and confront Folamh before he does something we'll all regret. - Brielle

Good news, (Character Name). I think we finally have all the pieces of the puzzle. Now, we just need to put them all together.
Let's go over everything we've learned over the course of our investigation.

(Brielle takes out a small note pad and begins connecting the information gathered thus far.)

First, we have Folamh and Elestrenne, a Fomor brother and sister who lived in Belvast as slaves before the island was liberated.
As we know, when Admiral Owen drove the pirates from Belvast, he also outlawed many of their practices, including slavery. Thus, the siblings were freed from their lives of servitude. Unfortunately, Belvast then entered a period of great social unrest.
Relations between humans and Fomors have historically been strained even at the best of times. Despite the fact that a majority of the citizens did seem to wish to live in harmony, those opposed to the integration of humans and Fomors were quite vocal, with the contention between the two sides sometimes reaching a fever pitch.
Folamh's little sister Elestrenne was the victim of one such incident-- almost certainly an anti-Fomor hate crime. And that was when Folamh's powers came screaming to the surface.
Immediately following the 'Bloody Night' incident, Folamh heeded an unknown voice that guided him here to Crom Bas, as was the case with Irusan.
As your investigation suggested, (Character Name), he probably absconded with the Legacy of Gabhaidheachd Go on his way out of the city.

Wait... When you say 'Gabhaidheachd Go,' are you referring to the man who was given a Glas Ghaibhleann from Balor, the ancient lord of the Fomors?

The very same, Gillach.
See, ever since (Character Name) told us what Mont said, I've been hung up on this particular factoid. I kept thinking, what does the Legacy of Gabhaidheachd Go have to do with everything else? If we assume Folamh stole it, what use could he possibly have for it?
But when that voice spoke of an Erg Collapse in the memories we saw just now, the pieces finally started falling into place.

(Gillach perks up when Brielle mentions the 'Erg Collapse' and nods enthusiastically in agreement.)

Ah... Yes, that has to be it!

All of the clues we've found so far point to the Glas Ghaibhleann, the embodiment of destruction.

> Prompt: Glas Ghaibhleann?

(Brielle searches through her bag, finally pulling out a book. Turning to a marked page, she holds it out to show you.)

Here we are. The Embodiment of Destruction, Glas Ghaibhleann! I knew I'd seen it mentioned in this book. It's been long out-of-print and has become pretty expensive on the collector's market, so I'm glad I had the chance to acquire my copy at a reasonable price.
This passage goes on to recount the story: a man by the name of Babhaidheachd Go was bestowed a Glas Ghaibhleann by Balor, the lord of the Fomors.
It also says that this Glas Ghaibhleann was eventually lost, but Mont definitely said the Legacy of Gabhaidheachd Go was a bone, right?
What if this 'legacy' is a bone from that very Glas Ghaibhleann? From what we know of them, you need the bone of a Glas Ghaibhleann to summon and construct one! And if you can get your hands on adamantine, it'll be even stronger!
If they've succeeded, this new Glas Ghaibhleann may far outstrip its forebears. Folamh and his cronies have sacrificed a damning number of innocents-- enough, I would wager, to give life to a speciment even more powerful than those we know from the old tales. If we also factor in the adamantine, this could very well be the most dangerous Glas Ghaibhleann the world has ever known.

(Brielle seems to grow more and more worried as she continues, her speech quickening.)

Their intent in summoning a Glas Ghaibhleann is likely to trigger an Erg collapse, just as that mysterious voice instructed.
The body of a Glas Ghaibhleann is saturated with Dark Erg. The problem is, Dark Erg is a 'heavy' sort of energy, so when Dark Erg is present in too high a concentration, it can cause space and time to bend, potentially even collapsing inward on itself. This is what the academics refer to as the 'Erg Collapse' phenomenon.
If they successfully trigger an Erg collapse, it will likely open a breach in space. And they're probably planning on using that breach to call forth...
...whoever that mysterious voice in the memories we saw belongs to.

From the beginning, this place has been unsettling in many ways, but what they're trying to do goes beyond madness. We have to put a stop to their plans before they can awaken the Embodiment of Destruction.

(Brielle nods in agreement with Gillach.)

(Character Name). I don't know why, but...
I can't stop thinking about Folamh. About what happened to him.
I know... He's already sunken far too deep into the abyss.
And these hellish experiments, the sacrifices, the torment and death he inflicted on all of those people... It's unforgivable, no matter what he's been through. Nothing woudl excuse that.
But I keep wondering if we could be the ones to show Folamh the kindness the world never did. To show him a better path to walk, before it's too late.
That's why we need to make for Crom Bas without delay, (Character Name). Let's stop Folamh together!

With the restoration of the Iris Blossom Sigil, we have all the sigils we need, and we have more than enough information to give us a clear picture of the situation. All that's left is for us to take action.

My thoughts exactly, Gillach!

(Brielle looks expectantly at you, her eyes glinting with steely determination.)

Well then, (Character Name), let me know when you're ready to head off to the final showdown.

Well, (Character Name), shall we head into Crom Bas?

(You and Brielle are preparing to enter Crom Bas when a Little Ghost suddenly appears.)

Little Ghost
*sob* ... Um, excuse me...

Oh my! You really startled me, little one. Is there something you want to tell us?

Did this ghost come from the castle?

(The ghost flickering before you fights back tears, finally speaking in a voice of quiet desperation.)

Little Ghost
*sniff* C-could you help me, please? I managed to slip out of the castle when the fog cleared, but as I made my escape, I somehow lost my younger sibling...
I told them not to let go of my hand, but... I just kept running and running, and before I realized it, they weren't running along with me anymore...


Well, we're sort in the midd--

(Brielle raises a hand and stops Gillach mid-sentence.)

(Character Name). I know we don't exactly have the luxury of time here, but...
If it's all right with you, I'm going to help this kid look for their sibling, then try to join up with you as soon as I can. I know that's not ideal, but... these are the kinds of situations where I think Lymilark asks us to look beyond ourselves, helping those in need.

Little Ghost
*weeping* Thank you... Thank you...

In the meantime, you should continue making your way to the roof. We may be splitting up for now, but our paths should converge again there.

(Brielle takes the sigils and the pendant in her possession and hands them all to you.)

...Here, (Character Name). You should take the sigils for now. I have a feeling they'll be more helpful to you than they'd be staying with me.

(As she places the sigils in your outstretched palms, Brielle clasps her hands tightly over yours.)

...I'm sorry. I really wanted to stand at your side now, when it matters most.
Though, knowing you, (Character Name), I wonder if maybe I'm worrying more than I need to. But even if you think you can win with one hand tied behind your back, promise me you'll be careful, okay?

(Brielle smiles softly, a sense of conviction returning to her voice.)

Well, then, let's not hesitate. I'll see you on the roof! ...And I promise I won't keep you waiting too long.

(Brielle turns to comfort the Little Ghost and asks them about where they last remember seeing their sibling.)

(You make your way through the foreboding castle. Room after room, you urge on forward, receiving blessings from the passed spirits and helping those still alive on your path.)

(You eventually make it back up to that room you went to before, where Irusan dwells.)

Iru-huhuhu... You may have made it this far, but your luck's run out.

(After you defeat Irusan, you walk up to the door that once blocked your path before.)

> On-screen text: The sigils start to resonate.

(With their power, the seal of black chains break.)

> On-screen text: The energy that was blocking the door has worn off.

(You move on forward. You are almost to the roof.)

> On-screen text: So, you managed to make it this far, Milletian!

> On-screen text: I'm afraid I can't allow you to pass.

> On-screen text: Stop them! Stop them at all costs!

> On-screen text: Can we contact the pursuit unit?

(As you finally make it through the roof, Brielle reconvenes with you.)

(Character Name)! I knew you'd make it here.
I'm glad I'm not too late.

(Folamh stands ahead, observing you both)

So, you've finally come.


I see you didn't take the hint from our first meeting. Pity.

Folamh, I... I think I can understand what you're feeling.

...You think you understand me?
You don't even think befor you speak! How dare you presume to know what I've endured.

I'm not asking that you force yourself to do good. I'm not even asking that you repent for what you've done.
All I'm asking is that you stop what you're doing here. All the lives you've taken... they were never yours to take. Elestrenne would never have wanted this either!

...Heh. So you know slightly more than nothing.
But your sympathy rings hollow all the same.
You misunderstand me. It is for the promise of being reunited with Elestrenne that I would see this to its end.
You can keep your meager pity. I've neither the care nor charity to indulge such a desperate eleventh-hour plea.
Here and now, you will witness the culmination of all my labors!

(As Folamh channels a dark spell, the area on the altar behind him warps, and then space cracks, delimiting the new rift. Something within grabs at the edges, and tries to make its way in.)

(Folamh stumbles as a result of his spell.)

No...! He's pouring his own soul into that monstrous vessel! (Character Name)! The Shield, now!

(You and Brielle each cast your own shield, in order to shield against the surge of Dark Erg caused by Folamh.)

Gah... *gasp*

No! Folamh, please!

Gaah... Aaaahahahaha!

(The dark power radiating from Folamh makes it difficult to even stand!)

Nngh... I... can't hold on... much longer...

(Brielle's shield breaks, the spell's failure knocking her down.)

No... Not like this! I have to... protect... (Character Name)! I must... Ugh... Why, Folamh?

(The ground shakes under your feet. You look at Brielle in concern.)

*huff* *huff*

(You find yourself facing the summonned Glas Ghaibleann. While making sure the ritual doesn't finish, some ghosts also come to your aid. You eventually defeat it.)

Nnngh... (Character Name)...
Gah... Th-the Dark Erg...

*pant* *cough* ...Why...?! I made no mistakes! Did everything I had to!
Damn it all!
...Of course. It was you, (Character Name). I should have finished you off when I had the chance.
Years of work-- of hope!-- toran away by those who cannot even fathom what it means to lose what you most cherish!

...You're wrong, Folamh.
I know you cherished Elestrenne. I can feel how much it must have hurt when she died.
But what about those you sacrificed? What of those who remain, mourning their lost loved ones?


You've hurt so many in exactly the way you were hurt. Do you think Elestrenne would be happy when she learned her resurrection came at such a cost?

I'm... so close... All I need to do is revive the Glas Ghaibhleann one more time! If only that damned Milletian hadn't interfered...

Folamh, I'm begging you!

(As Folamh attempts to reanimate the Glas Ghaibhleann once more, the pendant in your possession begins to glow.)


(Character Name)! That light...

Wh-what are you doing to me, (Character Name)?!

(Rays of light spill forth from the pendant, encircling Folamh like a barrier.)

Nnngh... How can the likes of YOU restrain ME?!

(As Folamh strains against the rays of light that form his cage, his gaze comes to rest on the small pendant in your hand.)

Th-that pendant... Where the hell did you...?
Is... Is that you, Elestrenne...?

(Missing dialogue)

Ah, you've arrived, (Character Name).
Brielle told me all about what happened in Crom Bas.
...Since then, she's grown more listless, even refusing to eat.
I suppose her condition has improved a bit compared to how it started out, but it's been slow going.

(Character Name)...

(Brielle approaches you and Gillach. Her eyes look puffy.)

(Character Name), after what happened in Crom Bas, I've felt smothered by a terrible depression. But... just stewing in my sadness isn't going to change anything. It's... it's time to get going again.
Goodbyes are never easy...
But people have to keep moving forward. Sometimes, it's all we can do.

(Gillach nods knowingly at Brielle's words.)

In the end, we couldn't save Folamh. All we needed was one more step. To reach just a little further. We put forth our best, and it wasn't enough.
I'm so sorry... If only I were stronger, maybe I could have done more. I could have...

> Prompt: What more could we give than our best? or Maybe Folamh was saved after all.

Gillach... (Character Name)...
...I think I understand what (Character Name) is getting at.

(Brielle quietly puts her feelings of discouragement from her mind, looking over at you.)

By the by, we've decided that the investigation team will remain posted here for the time being.
Gillach sent an express owl to the Admiral summarizing what we'd learned and all that's happened so far.
After our correspondence with the Admiral, it occured to us that even though Folamh is hone, Crom Bas is still full of disciples, Irusan included...
There's always a chance that strange voice could try to lure more people to Crom Bas again, deceiving others into helping them emerge in Erinn. And since the breach wasn't completely sealed, the Glas Ghaibhleann may still try to pass through it.
Given those factors, we decided the team encampment should remain here for a while to keep tabs on the goings-on in Crom Bas.
The supply runners will continue to deliver goods here as well, so feel free to stop by whenever you're in the area, (Character Name).
Also, the Admiral says he's already sent a report on the case to Bangor.
Edern wrote back thanking him for the thorough investigation and requested that he pass this along to you, (Character Name).

(Brielle hands you Edern's chest of compensation, then squeezes her hands together sheepishly as she looks at you.)

Say, (Character Name)...

Um... (Character Name), I didn't know when would be a good time to show you this, so I figured now was as good a time as any.

(Gillach seems somewhat embarassed, scratching the back of his head.)

It won't win any awards, but after all we learned of Crom Bas, I was inspired to pen a few lines of verse.

(Gillach spreads open his notebook so you can follow along, then begins to read aloud.)

O void that churneth in the heart of man
by restless wave and pealing thunder driv'n
yet clasping close the iris flower dear
determined by no hardship to be riv'n.

But when, by devil's hand, the iris clipped
didst shed its final petal-- O, lament!
So keenly did he feel that blossom's loss
he passed into the darkness as he went.

Relinquishing his will to current swift
on bloodied tides, to sable shores he rose,
by zealotry benumbed, 'til he should meet
a shining star and sundrop, there opposed.

At river's end, their hands outstretched he saw.
Then, rising in defiance 'gainst the tide,
the world's reprieve he purchased with his doom
to fly to his beloved iris' side.

The die thus cast, his spirit here departs,
for unknown realms; for halls where time has ceased...

Agh... I've been struggling to come up with a proper ending for a while now, but I just can't find the right words. Could you help me out, (Character Name)?

(...At the last, Folamh defied his dark destiny. His life was cut short as a result, but if there is life beyond the veil of this world...)

> Prompt: He would have accepted his fate or He would have regretted defying his destiny

(Upon hearing your perspective, Gillach nods in agreement.)

Hmm... Yes, that gets at the heart of it.
I think I'll be able to give the poem a fitting end thanks to you, (Character Name). Who knew your talent for introspection rivaled your talent for battle?

Now that our investigation has concluded, I'm sure you'll soon be on your way, but we'll be sticking around for a while helping the investigation team. If your travels bring you to Belvast, we'd love for you to stop by and visit.
...In fact, feel free to stop by even if your travels DON'T bring you to Belvast, haha.

Thank you for all your help, (Character Name). I hope to see you again soon.

(Brielle and Gillach give you a deep bow of gratitude in thanks for all you've done.)

(To think, this started out as an investigation into the strange robbery of a wagon full of ore, and somehow snowballed into a climatic clash on the roof of a dark castle...)

(But thanks to the people you've met and befriended, disaster was averted-- even if the resolution left you wondering if there could have been a better way.)

(If you feel like making further forays into Crom Bas in the future, Brielle and Gilach will be awaiting your visit.)


(Folamh stands, alone, in a space made of a white emptiness.)

So this is the purgatory chosen for me. I wonder... how long will I be left to rot in this limbo?

...Hrm? That sound...

(Folamh turns into the direction of the sound.)

> On-screen text: The peal of crashing waves echoes in the emptiness

(The white emptiness makes place to a port by the sea.)

What manner of place is this?



(Folamh walks into the direction of the voice.)

It can't be...

(He meets up with a familiar figure.)


Are you just going to stand there like that, after I've been waiting and hoping to see you again? It's been so long...

(Elestrenne moves closer, hugging her brother.)


...I'm sorry. I left you all alone in the world...
It must have been hard. All we really had was each other...

Are you... really her? My little sister?

(A single tear rolls down Folamh's cheek as long-buried feelings well up within his breast.)

...I am.
I thought I had long ago passed the point of no return... I... I missed you so much. *quietly cries*

I understand. Times were bad. You shouldn't have had to carry so much sorrow, so much anger...
Someday, when those who lost someone dear to them because of you find their way here, we can ask their forgiveness, together.
...Then we can finally live that simple, happy life. Just like you always said.

Yes... I think I'd like that.


> On-screen text: There's something that needs your attention...

> On-screen text: It looks like a Belvast Guardsman is looking for you at the Moon Gate dear the entrance to Crom Bas.

(You seek the guardsman.)

Belvast Guardsman
Well met, (Character Name)! Guarsman Rhom reporting. All is well at the Moon Gate!

> On-screen text: Rhom warmly greets you.

Belvast Guardsman

(Rhom scans the surroundings, checking to see if the coast is clear, then leans closer, speaking quietly.)

Belvast Guardsman
Given the circumstances, I figured I ought to reintroduce myself. Rhom, of the Alban Knights' Lughnasadh unit, at your service.

> Prompt: The Alban Knights? Here?

Belvast Guardsman
Of course. When we received a report of a suspicious castle revealed in the Tory Ravine, I was dispatched to gather information under an assumed identity.
We had also taken notice of Crom Bas's appearance and were considering dispatching one of our teams, but...
I don't know if there was a leak in our information or just random circumstance, but right as we finished our preparations, we received word of a surprise assault against the Avalon Gate.
It was a large-scale attack, and all of our forces were immediately directed to join the defense of Avalon Gate... leaving none to speare to investigate matters at Crom Bas.
Fortunately, the enemies were repelled and things have settled down again. But in the meantime, it turned out that you and Brielle had dealt with the thread of Crom Bas yourselves.

(Rhom gives you a deep bow, in thanks for your service to the realm.)

Belvast Guardsman
I'd like to convey my Captain's sincerest apologies for how things turned out... as well as their deepest thanks for all you've done.
Avelin was also very sorry they weren't able to make it out here personally.
Though the incident seems to have been more or less resolved, the Alban Knights are still concerned about the existence of the otherworldly voice and would like to reassure you that we'll be keeping a close eye on things here at Crom Bas as well.

(As you're chatting with Rhom, a Belvast Patrolman approaches and addresses him.)

Belvast Scout
Hey, Rhom! You'd better not be doing that 'falling asleep standing up' nonsense again!

Belvast Guardsman
Eek, sir! No sir! There's just... nothing new to report, sir!

(Perfectly playing the role of a rank-and-file soldier on high alert, Rhom flashes you a knowing wink.)

Belvast Guardsman
...Well then.

(You mull over the information Rhom shared with you. It appears that the Alban Knights were aware of the situation at Crom Bas and have been looking into it.)


(As you ponder these insights, you notice a soft feather gently floating down toward you from above.)

(As you reach out to grasp the feather, it scatters into a puff of light, covering you in a brief moment of warmth.)

(You smile softly to yourself, comforted by the feeling that whatever may come, you're not alone. Almost as if in response, a gentle breeze caresses your cheek.)

Extra (Speaking to Gillach while the Crom Bás Durability Event is active)

Welcome, (Character Name).

> Prompt: Hi, Gillach!

Heehee. I know your services are always in high demand, so I just wanted to thank you for helping out with the Crom Bas investigation.
I was actually wanting to speak with you, so your timing works out great.

> Prompt: About what?

> On-Screen text: You ask what he wants to talk about.

I was just getting to that. You see, Brielle and I once did some research on the three gods of Colum Cuallemeach.
Called upon together more often than not, these three gods are Goibne, the god of blacksmiths; Credne, the god of reforging; and Luchta, the god of carpentry.
A while back, we excavated a small red gem that we speculated may have been used by the blacksmithing god Goibne to make equipment.
Not long ago, Brielle and I made a short foray into Crom Bas to confirm an unrelated hypothesis. But we happened to have that little gem with us and, well... there was a reaction.

(Gillach thinks about how to explain, rubbing his chin with one hand.)

The gem suddenly started floating, like it had been activated by something in the environment, then dispersed into thin air.
If that weren't strange enough, ever since then, equipement of all sorts has become far sturdier within the walls of Crom Bas, like it's been blessed.
...But still, it WAS just a little gem we found on an expedition. I can't really guess how long that blessing will remain active. All I know is that I don't expect the enchantment to be here forever.
Hmm... Rather than standing here trying to explain it to you, perhaps you should see what I mean for yourself.
Go on and venture into Crom Bas when you have a chance. You'll see what I mean. And, as always, let me know if there's anything I can do for you.

(You almost think you see a smile play at the corners of Gillach's mouth. As he explained, a special blessing that slows the loss of equipment durability is in effect in Crom Bas.)