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Script - An Urgent Request

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For Quest advice and completion, see An Urgent Request.

An Urgent Request

Though it pains me to ask, I am in desperate need of help, and you are the only one I believe capable of dealing with the problem at hand. Please, come and find me if you're willing.

(You meet up with the mysterious person in Dunbarton.)

(Whoever this is, she's wearing a thick robe that partially covers her face. She looks around nervously, seeming to be wary of her surroundings.)

Unidentified Person
...Er, excuse me...

(She looks toward you, a slight temble in her hands, and finally speaks only after taking a deep breath.)

Unidentified Person
Are you THAT Milletian? ...I mean, are you (Character Name)?
Yes, you're who I've been looking for.
I took the liberty of contacting you because I need your help, (Character Name).

(Even as she speaks, she averts her gaze. You wonder if there's something she's trying to hide.)

> Prompt: Ask why

Unidentified Person
Ah... Of course. The reason I've sought you out, (Character Name), is because this current matter, left unchecked, may lead to a loss of lives if nothing is done. The problem is, I cannot do what needs to be done on my own.
But before we proceed to that... I'm aware that, even accounting for other factors, there are differences in strength from one Milletian to the next.
With that in mind, would you be willing to show proof of your strength, (Character Name)?
Not that I'm tying to belittle you, (Character Name). Far from it. It's just that the matter I speak of is dangerous-- dangerous enough even to pose a threat to a Milletian like you.

> Prompt: I understand or Sorry, I am busy right now

Unidentified Person
Excellent. You have my thanks. As for a trial... How about this? Show me whether you can clear any of the 4 Elite Tech Duinn missions one time.
Believe me, I would not ask this of you if I did not feel it necessary. Come see me again after you clear it.

(After doing as she said and reporting back to her)

Unidentified Person
...It appears you're as strong as they say, (Character Name). My apologies for testing you like that.
However, given the danger that awaits, I felt I had no choice. To send one unprepared would be certain doom. But now that you've proven yourself, I'd like to speak plainly of the situation I've referred to only vaguely until now.

(She nervously looks on, gauging your reaction as she takes another deep breath.)

Unidentified Person
You no doubt remember the Order of the Black Moon, yes?
...Indeed, the very organization you and your allies struggled against, eventually disrupting plans that would have had a catastrophic impact on the world.
There were some within that organization, however, that refused to accept defeat, banding together under the pretext of taking revenge on the storied Milletian for hindering their god's glorious advent.
That group has found a 'higher power' of sorts to fuel their quest for vengeance.

(She squeezes her eyes shut, as if in response to an unpleasant memory.)

They pushed ahead with experiements that... Well, words fail to describe them.
Those inhumane experiments succeeded in creating a powerful being but.. what was birthed proved to be beyoond their ability to control.
Now it simply attacks anything it sees, almost indiscriminately.
It was in order to stop that monster that I set out to request your help, (Character Name).

> Prompt: How do you KNOW all this?

Unidentified Person
... ...Well...
My name is Clea, and I... I used to belong to the Order of the Black Moon. In fact, I was one of the people who contributed to that research.
...I know you may find it difficult to trust someone like me, especially given my background, but time is a luxury we don't have.
When we realized what was happening, the other researchers fled the laboratory. I stayed behind to seal the monstrosity within, which should keep it locked down for now, but... we don't know when it'll be able to break out. If and when it does, though, it would endanger lives wherever it went.
...If you can look past your misgivings and trust that what I'm saying is true, please come to the place located on the way to Dugald Aisle from Sliab Cuilin...
Here, you'll find one of the entrances to the place where the mutated being has been contained. While I hope you'll choose to fight, I wouldn't blame you if you chose not to.
I know it seems selfish to ask you to clean up a mess made by a group who fought against you tooth and nail, but if you can look past what happened then, I ask that you help me so that no more innocent people will be harmed because of my hubris.

(You meet with Clea in Sliab Cuilin, at the location she mentioned. She is wearing the Black Moon robes.)

(Beneath her blue eyes and tresses of brown hair, she wears the uncomfortable familiar robe of the Order of the Black Moon. Her tension is visible in everything from her expression to her posture. In her gaze, you see a deep insecurity--perhaps from guilt or fear, or both.)

You really came... Thank you so much, (Character Name).
Ah... These robes must bring back a lot of unpleasant memories for you. I'm sorry... at the moment, they're the only clothes I have at hand.
If you step through the Geata here, you'll find yourself in the lab where I trapped the subject of the experiments.
The power of the mutated specimen is unreal-- stronger than we expected, and likely stronger than even you would expect. I know that you're extremely strong yourself, of course, but I'd recommend that you gather several other capable Milletians you know and trust to join you for this mission.
I've prepared something that will help you before you head off to do battle, (Character Name). Please, take this.

> Prompt: what is it?

(You learn Steadfast Blessing, Dynamis Rush, and Guardian Impulse.)

The techniques I showed you are capable of enhancing certain talents Milletians possess.
I prepared this to help you, since you'll need every advantage you can get against a foe like the one you'll be facing.
...Not that I think doing this somehow atones for what I've done, but anything I can do to help ensure your success at least brings some measure of peace to my heart.
You can come see me at any time if you have questions about the new technique or the foe you'll be facing. I'll do whatever I can to support you.