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Script - Dark Knight Quest

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For explanations and advice on quest completion, see Dark Knight Quest.

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Tarlach's Request

((Quest prompt here- missing text.))

(You enter Ciar Dungeon using the Ciar Dungeon Pass given to you by an owl. As you make your way through three floors, you eventually come upon the Boss Room. You clear the room and find the Dark Knight Armor in the treasure chest in the following room.)

(You bring the armor to Tarlach in Sidhe Sneachta.)

Thank you, (Character Name). Wait... This armor is not complete... It's only a part of an armor...
...But then again, I hear that the Dark Knight Armor has a regenerative characteristics[sic] where it grows back its own parts, so this may actually be enough.

Dark Knight Armor Piece
(Tarlach started observing the armor)

Hmmm... I am sorry, but... I don't think this is enough. The piece is way too small. ...I think I'll need another armor piece to start the regeneration process.
...I will reward you as promised, but... Will it be okay if you can help me out some more...? Please ask around for more information on the piece of Dark Knight Armor and look for other pieces.
...You must be curious to find out why I am doing this...
I read a record that the Dark Knight Armor produces a certain type of a message. If that record is true, then...
...If I can track down the message that the regenerated armor produces, then I may be able to find Ruairi afterall. Please help me, (Character Name).

(You Receive 1st Piece of Dark Knight's Armor)

Gathering Dark Knight Armor Pieces

((Quest prompt here- missing text.))

(Upon initiating conversation with any NPC throughout the quest:)

> On-screen Message: I am still but an insignificant being.

> On-screen Message:You know who I am, right...? Haha...

> On-screen Message: Don't just talk to other people. Listen to me!!

(You obtain the Piece of Dark Knight Armor Keyword. With that in mind, you head to Piaras to speak to him about it.)

You are looking for a piece of Dark Knight Armor? Hahaha... You are full of curiosity. I hear that the piece of the Dark Knight Armor is an ominous item to hold on to...
...Since the Dark Knight Armor is made out of materials that are laden with special magical powers... ...That enhances the power of Fomors, the power of evil... I hear that it's got a lot of problems. Where did I hear this...

(Piaras started looking around)

Dark Knights and the Armor of Blackness
...I think it's this book. You should at least read it on[sic] your spare time. ...Don't worry. I'm giving this to you for free.

(You Receive Dark Knights and the Armor of Blackness.)

(You read the book given to you by Piaras and obtain The Curse on the Armor of Darkness Keyword. You then head to the Alby Battle Arena to speak to Goro about the matter.)

...Eh...? This... Armor of Darkness... has THAT kind of power...?
Really? It's that notorious of an item...? Hmmm... never did I think it was a dangerous item. I got this from someone that works at the Dragon Excavation Site...
And all this time, I thought it was a lucky charm... I did hear some things... and maybe that's from that...

Dark Knight Armor 2nd Piece

(Character Name), then can you hold on to this piece of armor for me? ...I'll give it to you for telling me the origin of this item.
...At least I feel safe that it's ending up in your hands. I can trust someone who displays a high level of concentration and restraint like you...
...If you need other pieces, then how about talking to that worker at the Dragon Excavation Site...? ...If it's indeed like what (Character Name) said, then I am afraid he may be in danger as well...

(You Receive the 2nd Piece of Dark Knight's Armor.)

Acquire the 3rd Piece of the Armor

((Quest prompt here- missing text.))

(You head to the Dragon Excavation Site within Gairech Hill to speak with him about the Dark Knight Armor.)

Ahhh, a piece of Dark Knight Armor...? (gasp, gasp) This? ...So you are trying to say that this piece is actually very dangerous... (gasp, gasp)
I am aware ...(gasp, gasp)... that there's a curse on this Armor of Darkness... (gasp, gasp) but what I found here... (gasp, gasp) is a piece that has already lost its power of evil... that shouldn't be a problem... (gasp, gasp)

Fossilized Dark Knight Armor Piece
You don't believe me? (gasp, gasp) Do you want to see the piece I have with me...? ...This piece of armor... (gasp, gasp) is pretty much fossilized... nothing more than a piece of rock.... (gasp, gasp)

(Character Name)
(I told Seumas that I've been collecting pieces of the Armor of Darkness)

...That means... you want to restore the piece of armor that I'm giving you... huff.. puff... To restore this (gasp, gasp), it'll require a special kind of magic... ...I advice you to visit the magic instructor around Dunbarton... (gasp, gasp) okay...? (gasp, gasp)
...I think that person will know what to do... (gasp, gasp) with that piece of armor... (gasp, gasp)

(With Seumas' instructions in mind, you head to the Dunbarton School to talk to Stewart.)

What? You want to restore the piece of Armor of Darkness that has already been fossilized?
...Hmmm... personally, I do not recommend you following that route... The power of evil that is laden in that piece is powerful enough to seduce even the most powerful person in this world... I believe the best thing to do right now is to leave the piece as it is... and...
...The reason my eye sight has turned like this is because of my insatiable desire to see the order behind the dichotomy this world presents to each and every one of us...
I understand more than most people how dangerous it is to be handling this piece of Armor of Darkness, so I am afraid I cannot follow through on your request.
...Please forgive me. It is really hard for me to say no to your request, (Character Name), but... the last thing I want to go through is to relive that nightmare.

Lassar, the magic teacher in Tir Chonaill
...But, I have a feeling the magic instructor in Tir Chonaill hat saved me from the firm grasp of darkness... ay be able to fulfill your request...

Potion of Restoration
...I'll give you this potion. and this potion to the magic instructor of Tir Chonail[sic] and explain to her your store, and... you'll be able to get what you want out of it. ......
...(Character Name), the Armor of Darkness may very well be much more dangerous than anything you and I can even imagine. ...Please be careful...

(You Receive a Potion of Restoration.)

(With Stewart's suggestion, you go to Tir Chonaill's School to talk to Lassar.)


Ahh... so the magic instructor of Dunbarton sent you here?

(Character Name)

(I told Lassar about Stewart's story and the pieces of Armor of Darkness)

Hmmm... I can see that. Anyone that experienced that would never want to set his/her hand on it ever again.
Well, it isn't any trouble for me to help you, but I think you'll have to be careful with this too, (Character Name). If you keep spending time gathering up these pieces of armor, or if you're holding onto it for a prolonged period of time...
...Then that power of Fomors that's laden in that armor may affect you in different ways.

Mana Herb
If you want me to do this, I'll need more than just this potion. I may need some Mana Herbs for this. If you can get me 3 of them, then I'll restore this piece of armor to its original state.

(You bring 3 Mana Herbs to Lassar.)

Oh, you were able to get the herb that I asked you to get. Okay, this should be a breeze now that the herb is here. Here, take it.

Dark Knight Armor 3rd Piece
It looks like a headgear... hmmm... (Character Name), while you were away searching for the herb, I looked up some information on this piece of armor, and... ....(Character Name), this might be much more dangerous thanyou think. If you feel or hear a message exuding from the piece, or if you feel that this armor keeps sticking to your body, then... I strongly suggests you do not lay your hand on this armor.
...And please don't hold on to it for too long. Just find out some things that you need to find out, and then just destroy it completely.

Gathering Dark Knight Armor Pieces

((Quest prompt here- missing text.))

(Upon intiating conversation with any NPC:)

> On-screen Message: Rabbie Dungeon... That's where my brother lives...

> On-screen Message: Go to Rabbie Dungeon... It doesn't matter what you offer on the altar...

> On-screen Message: Don't you want to control Succubus in Rabbie Dungeon.. as you wish...?

(You head to Rabbie Dungeon and offer an item to the altar. Once you are sent into the dungeon, you clear the rooms of any enemies who stand in your way. Eventually, you reach the Boss Room, where the Black Succubus is. You defeat the Succubus.)

> On-screen Message: Great work... (Character Name)... Now pick up my brother...

(You pick up the Priests's Black Medal the Succubus drops.)

(Upon initiating conversation with any NPC while the medal is in your inventory)

> On-screen Message: ...Open your inventory... and touch the medal...

(You decide to take the medal to Kristell.)

...Excuse me, about that medal you have with you... did you find that at Rabbie Dungeon...?

Priest's Black Medal
(Character Name) (I showed Kristell the Priest's Black Medal)

It is a Priest's Black Medal, but... it's black. I don't think I've seen this medal before...
Maybe I am wrong, but... this medal feels... different from other Priest's Medals. ...It looks like this one, but... I feel that this item is actually hiding its true identity.
Yes, I feel that this item is using its power of magic laden on the item to trick others into believing its something other than what it really is...

(Character Name)
(I told Kristell about the Dark Knight Armor)

No way... (Character Name), are you thinking this might be a piece of Dark Knight Armor?
...Now that I think of it, that is a distinct possibility. If you want to clarify your belief, then I'll need something. I'll need a bottle of the Tears of the Spirit.

Teardrop of the Spirit
We'll use that to find out what the item really is... minus the facade.

(You return to Kristell once you have obtained a Teardrop of the Spirit.)

Great job finding the Teardrop of the Spirit. Now let's see what this medal REALLY is...

(Kristell started reciting some spells, while closing her eyes)

Oh my gosh...!!!

Dark Knight Armor 4th Piece
...I am afraid your intuition was right. It really is a piece of Dark Knight Armor. Judging from the shape, I think it's on the shoulder pad...
...I believe someone wanted to make sure that this piece is not found... I feel that something terrible is brooding here... Anyway, please be careful, (Character Name). Well, then...
...Ahhhhh...! Wait wait! Hold on!!!
If you are looking to find another piece of armor... Maybe this story will help you a bit. Please listen.
I am aware of your accomplishments in Baol Dungeon... thanks to a letter I received from Tarlach the other day. That you have battled Dark Lord and Dark Knight, and emerged victorious...
The thing is, while you were busy acquiring the Teardrop of the Spirit, I encountered a rather strange story.
The story claims that the remnants of the big fight that took place in Baol Dungeon had actually been transferred to Albey Dungeon...
That means the remnants of the big fight in Baol Dungeon would be... maybe that thing you were talking about.
If it is true... then don't you think the piece of Dark Knight Armor may be at Albey Dungeon...?

Albey Dungeon Pass
If you are looking for more pieces...then how about visiting Albey Dungeon? Use the pass I gave you, and you should be ready to do.

(You receive the 4th Piece of Dark Knight's Armor and Albey Dungeon Pass.)

(You head to Albey Dungeon in the Other World and place the pass given to you by Kristell on the altar. Once you enter the dungeon, you fight through the enemies within each of the rooms. Very soon, you come upon the Boss Room and take care of the Light Gargoyles within.)

(A chest with an ominous black aura surrounding it lays open. You turn around and notice the Black Wizard standing before you.)

Black Wizard
... I have been waiting for you, Are you the one... that seeks... ... the Armor of Darkness...?
No need to be surprised. I also heard the voices of the armor pieces... the piece you have originally belongs to us... ...and I am here to take it back. Hahaha...
... But, that's not what I think... ... the piece of armor you have already bonding with one another, forming a semblence of an armor... ... not only that... for the Fomors, those armors are abundant.
... If you really desire to don the armor... then... I'll give it you.[sic]
... Now put on that armor...

(You stare at the open chest again.)

> On- screen Message: Yes... be my master... (Character Name)... In a few moments... ... you and I will become one...

Black Wizard
Do you hear the voice of the armor, (Character Name)? I believe the armor has mutually selected you as the one as well... muahahaha!
Now don the Armor of Darkness and sweep away the Goddess that thinks lowely of you, and the ones that serve her... the Paladins. Every time you slay a Paladin, you will find yourself that much more powerful.

(You ponder over those words for a moment before looking at the Black wizard again.)

Black Wizard
...I see ... is this indeed a big quandary for a Paladin...? Maybe it is... haha... ... There is no need to deny it. There's no need to rush things. (Character Name). Place the item I'll give you in Barri Dungeon and immerse yourself in the power of Dark Knight. After that, once you decide to become the Dark Knight, come back to me and let me know how you felt about experiencing that power.
... Talk to Dougal, and you'll be able to see me here at Albey Dungeon at all times.
You do not need to bring the armor here. I have plenty with me.
... But the choice is yours.

(The Black Wizard walks away, exiting the room.)

(Upon initiating conversation with any NPC)

> On-screen Message: You're almost there... wear me, and experience me like you have never done before...

(With all the armor pieces gathered, you return to Tarlach.)

(Character Name), you were able to get the Armor outright! Great, great work there! Now, I will be...

(Tarlach seemed perflexed[sic])

...There's a slight problem here. I can't remove this armor from you, (Character Name)...
No... no way... ...Did the Armor of Darkness choose YOU as the person to wear the armor...?
This is all my fault...Never in a million years did I think something like this would happen...
...(Character Name), I am really sorry. I honestly don't know what to say, but... since we have already reached this point, I'll look for ways to remove this armor from you.
...No matter what this armor tells you, please resist its temptations and requests. Please, please do not touch the armor, or wear it. I will contact you again soon.
Don't go too far from here, and wait for me around here as I will alert you when something pops up.

Eliminating the Dark Knight Armor

((Quest prompt here- missing text.))

(Upon initiating conversation with any NPC:)

> On-screen Message: I am just a messenger that tells you what your heart is already saying... Do not avoid what your heart tells you...

(You decide to speak with Duncan about your current dilemma with the Dark Knight Armor.)

Dark Knight Armor
What? You have the Dark Knight Armor...? And you can't get away from the armor!!!
Hmmm... this is indeed a big problem...

Priest Meven
...There is a way to remedy this, but... I think we'll need a Priest Meven's help on this. I will contact him as well, but I highly advise you to head over to Priest Meven immediately. Hurry!!!
...Wait!!! (Character Name)!!!

Feather of a Blue Lightning
Take this with you. If you find yourself struggling to resist the temptations of the armor, then... use this at the Dunbarton library.
Hopefully the memories stored in here will help you fight off the temptations from the armor...

(You received the Feather of a Blue Lightning.)

(You head to the Dunbarton School's library to view Duncan's memory.)

(You see a vision of Duncan.)

Young Duncan in a hurry
> On-screen Message: (gasp, gasp)

Young Duncan and his friend

Young Duncan in a hurry to see his friend
> On-screen Message: (gasp, gasp)

Ilis, Duncan's friend

Young Duncan in a hurry to see his friend
> On-screen Message: (gasp, gasp)

Duncan tending to Ilis
> On-screen Message: Keep fighting, Ilis!

> On-screen Message: My legs... my legs... I can't move them...

> On-screen Message: It's alright. It's nothing. Hold on just a bit more!!!

> On-screen Message: Why... I already let them know in advance... Why... why am I the one going through this...? I'm scared... really scared...

> On-screen Message: Ilis!!!

Young Duncan in a hurry to see his friend
> On-screen Message: Wait for me!! Wait till I get there...!!!

> Ilis!!!

Duncan meeting Ilis as a Dark Knight
> On-screen Message: ... It would have been better for you if you didn't come.

> On-screen Message: Do you hold a grudge against me...?

> On-screen Message: You know I can't do that... ... I really do not want to battle you, Duncan.

Devastated young Duncan
> On-screen Message:I can't believe you did that...

> On-screen Message: Ilis.. why...?

> On-screen Message: ... come back... Ilis...

Ilis as a Dark Knight
> On-screen Message: Too late... Duncan... Doing what's right and what's wrong does not apply to me... I... I only wanted to exact revenge on everyone that ignored my pleas. I wanted them to feel the exact pain I felt...

> On-screen Message: ... and... I just wanted to walk again...

Devastated young Duncan
> On-screen Message: ......Ilis.

Ilis as a Dark Knight

> On-screen Message: I am sorry... but... Everything has been accomplished already. ... For me... this was the only choice.

A raven and its feathers
> On-screen Message: Ilis!!!!!!

(Cutscene End)

(Upon initiating conversation with any NPC:)

> On-screen Message: I am just a messenger that tells you what your heart is already saying... The day will come... when you and I become one...

(Next, you speak to Meven at the Church.)

Dark Knight Armor
...I am glad you came, (Character Name)... Chief Duncan briefed me on this matter... So you were saying the Armor of Darkness is the source of the problem...?

Potion of the Dawn
Take this potion that I am giving to you and visit Tarlach.
A Druid like Tarlach may know what do[sic] do with this potion to remove the armor from you.

(You receive Potion of the Dawn.)

(Potion in hand, you return to Tarlach.)

Potion of the Dawn
Ahhh, (Character Name), you came back. Using the Potion of the Dawn will definitely help weaken the power of the armor.

Dark Knight Armor
...and now, I will attempt to remove this Armor of Darkness from you, (Character Name).

> On-screen Message: Stop!!! What are you doing!!?? Arrrrrghhhh!!!!

...It's the last cry of desperation from the armor. I know it's hard to endure, but please tough it out.
...This should do...
I can't imagine the amount of stress you must have endured with this. This armor will never bring harm to you ever again. I'll take this armor just to make sure...
Since you have gone through great lengths to help me on this, I feel bad to be asking you for one more favor... ...But please pray for us, that we will finally find out the whereabouts of Ruairi.

(Upon initiating conversation with Gilmore using the Dark Knight Amulet Keyword:)

Dark Knight Amulet
...Check your inventory to see what I just gave you! Some stranger came up to me and told me to offer that on the altar of Barri Dungeon to make it happen.
So I am supposed to give this item to a person who speaks what I think is a bunch of strange terms... If I didn't get paid in advance, then I wouldn't have needed to do this mundane, annoying job. Ahem!

(You head to Barri Dungeon and offer the Dark Knight Amulet to the altar. You are then whisked into a memory of Ruairi undergoing his Dark Knight training. You witness him moving through the dungeon and annihilate the enemies within the rooms. Very soon, he reaches the Boss Room and takes down the Ogre Warriors within.)

(Ruairi, as a Dark Knight, strides down a man-made aisle of Dorca Feadhain soldiers on each side. After walking past the crowd, he adjusts his gloves. Ruairi then stands before all the soldiers. Meanwhile, Cichol and Morgant stand before the entire army and Ruairi.)

To the one that will bring light to the world of darkness. I will personally anoint you in the name of the God of Darkness, to destroy the Seal that sustains this world full of arrogant, deceiving humans.
... Do not ever forget the pitiful look of the Goddess who abandoned your cry for help.

... Yes!

(Ruairi turns back and walks through the aisle of Dorca Feadhain soldiers once more.)

(After viewing Ruairi's memory, you head to the Other World to talk to Dougal with the Where Black Wizard Is Keyword.)

You wish to meet the Black Wizard? Here's the pass that'll lead you to the dungeon where the Black Wizard can be found. ...This is quite interesting, I say...
...You are, in fact, just one of those people. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. It's human nature for one to constantly strive for more power. Haha...
Oh, and one thing. You know that once you become a Dark Knight, you cannot revert back to a Paladin. You can choose to become a Dark Knight, but once you do, there's no turning back.
I wonder what kind of a choice you'd make.. ...Use the pass I just gave you and head to Albey Dungeon.

(You receive an Albey Dungeon Pass from Dougal, and use it at the Albey altar. You find the Black wizard within.)

Black Wizard
Good thing I have waited... ...So are you mentally prepared for this?
Let your heart decide what you want to do. ...Once you have made your decision, there's no turning back. That's how decisions work...
> Prompt: Become a Dark Knight or Still Undecided