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Script - Generation 8: Dragon

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For explanations and advice on quest completion, see Generation 8: Dragon.

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> On-screen text: After the days of the great flood, there was one Conduction Ceremony. The one who was chosen as the Gold Dragon's Conductor was Cessair, who was from a noble family.

> On-screen text: Cessair's darkness swallowed up the Gold Dragon and the dragon brought upon an era of eternal darkness with the name, 'Moonlight of Death'.

> On-screen text: However, the seemingly endless days of darkness finally ended with the appearance of Irinid.

> On-screen text: And with that, the era of the dragons was over.

(Cromm Cruaich appears within the jungle ruins beneath Erkey Falls, landing on the altar surrounded by the ziggurats.)

> On-screen text: After a few thousand years passed fate has planned for yet another Conduction Ceremony.

> On-screen text: I, Cromm Cruaich, am guiding the dragon’s contractor to Iria in preparation for the conduction Ceremony.

> On-screen text: ... His name is Ruairi...

> On-screen text: He was sitting at the final valley of despair, the most miserable Human of them all.

Krug's Expeditionary Team

Note:This quest is only received if playing as a Giant or Neutral/Giant-allied Human

Effie's Brother

Help me find my brother who might be lost somewhere far in Zardine... - Effie

I heard from a group of explorers in Zardine that someone resembling my brother was spotted. Kelpie is my little brother's name. Please remember it... And please go to Zardine and find my little brother. I'm counting on your for this favor... In turn, I'll give you something that will help you in your journey to Zardine.

(You head to the Calida Exploration Camp to find Kelpie.)

Kelpie Effie? A person named Effie sent you for me? I don't remember anything. I don't know why but most of my memory has disappeared.

Effie Kelpie... The name fits perfectly. That alone gives me hope. It's all because of you, (Character Name). Thank you. ...But why can't he remember anything... Is it possible... for you to sketch that person named Kelpie? If I see the sketch, I think I’ll have a better idea... That's why I ask.

(You return to the where Kelpie is in Zardine to sketch him.)

(With the sketch in hand, you return to Effie to show her.)

Ahh... that's my brother Kelpie. ...But why can't he remember anything? What could've happened to Kelpie?
Have you heard of the 'Mirror of Memory' by any chance, (Character Name)? I heard that the Mirror of Memory can help restore lost memories...
I know you've already done so much for us... but could I ask you for one more favor? Could you get me the Mirror of Memory?
I could ask for nothing more if the Mirror of Memory can help Kelpie remember his own sister. Please, you have to help me.

Mirror of Memory

I heard you were looking for the Mirror of Memory. - Atrata

(You look for Atrata in Filia to see what she has to say.)

I was able to use the Mirror of Memory to regain my memory. My memory of Taunes... They were memories that I wouldn't change for anything.
But not all of them were happy memories. Among some of the regained memories were those too difficult to recollect.
Each time I regained my lost memories, I was stricken with fearful premonitions. How wonderful it would be if Taunes was by my side now.
I've prepared a letter for Taunes. Could I ask you to deliver it for me?
In the meanwhile, I will get the Mirror of Memory ready for you.

> Prompt: What kind of memories did you recall?

(Atrata appears within the Longa Desert Ruins.)

The only one I remember... I must find him...
(Eventually, Atrata finds Taunes, who is injured and lying against the wall in the Boss Room. Atrata approaches him.)

Taunes, did I make you wait very long?

(Taunes looks up to see Atrata staring down at him.)

Oh, this voice...? Atrata? I knew it was you.

Please wait; hopefully, this Tikka Sap Potion will take effect soon.

(Atrata takes out the potion and applies it to Taunes.)

Now you should rest. You shouldn't talk until you recover...

(Atrata sits down near Taunes.)

My eyes are blurry, but I can still hear the painful screams of my late comrades in my ears. The sound of your Wind Bell from a distance woke me up from that hellish nightmare.

Forget everything. Do you know why you Giants are always depressed? It's because you never forget.
Every moment of your life feels like new
if you can forget everything like the Elves.

Generation 07 - Atrata's Memory 1.png

Generation 07 - Atrata's Memory 4.png

Generation 07 - Atrata's Memory 5.png

> On-screen Message: The only one I remember... I must find him...

> On-screen Message: ...It was love.

Generation 08 - Atrata's Memory 1.png
> On-screen Message: Black-Haired Elf... An omen of doom...

> On-screen Message: The beginning of the great flood and the Moonlight of Death, the curse of Irinid...

> On-screen Message: Each time disaster strikes our race the Black-Haired Elf appears without fail.

Generation 08 - Atrata's Memory 2.png
> On-screen Message: The bud of destruction must be nipped right away before it can grow any bigger!

> On-screen Message: The Giant army of Gepard is already passing through Longa Desert.

> On-screen Message: It must disappear before a bigger disaster hits us! We need to burn it and get rid of it!

Generation 08 - Atrata's Memory 3.png

> On-screen Message: Sheep with fur yet to be sheared and baby lambs...It's not time yet.

> On-screen Message: I guess I'll realize that I need that child...

(By Atrata's request, you head to Vales to deliver her letter to Taunes.)

Oh, Atrata... It breaks my heart that I can't be by her side.
But as I am under house arrest for disobeying King Krug's command, it would be nearly impossible for me to avoid the guards and escape out of Vales.
...The only possible solution is if I somehow come across the Par Mirror Witch's Unicorn. I'm talking about the unicorn that is said to look like snow, glowing in pure white. It's a legendary unicorn that is known to run faster than the speed of sound.
I know it's a lot to ask, but could you help me? I will lend you some Unicorn Powder, which you'll need to get inside the Par Dungeon, as well as a few tools you'll need to tame the unicorn. Please tame the unicorn for Atrata and me.
If you fail, you can just come back to me and I'll give it to you again.

(You head to Par Ruins and offer the Unicorn Powder to the altar. You are then whisked into the dungeon. Room after room, you fight your way through the dungeon's enemies until you come upon the Boss Room.=)

(You enter the room and observe the Mirror Witch's Unicorn, and then tame it.)

Take these Wings of the Goddess. They should help bear you swiftly back to Atrata.

(You return to Atrata to deliver the news.)

It's great to even hear how Taunes is doing through you, (Character Name). I have prepared the Mirror of Memory but...
Unfortunately, the mirror has been damaged and is in poor condition. I think it's going to have to be restored.

Voight's Friend

I heard you were looking for the Mirror of Memory. - Atrata

(You head to Cor, knowing that Voight can restore artifacts.)

Ah, yes. I remember this mirror. It helps you recollect lost memories. It's been damaged again?
Unfortunately, it is beyond my skills to fix this time, but perhaps Arenen can help you. He taught me everything I know about the restoration of relics.
I consider him a friend-- even a teacher, even-- but at the moment, he's upset with me and would likely turn me away were I to petition him myself. When you see him, don't mention that you spoke with me, or that I sent you. His dwelling is some ways off, so take this Wings of a Goddess to reach him quickly.

(You take up on Voight's advice and head to the camp in Calida to find Arenen.)

I haven't done any fossil restoration in some time... Where'd you even hear that I do this? This item is quite intriguing, which draws my curiosity... but it’s going to cost you some money. Wait, on second thought, actual goods might be better than money. I hear that the price of Sulfur Ore has been up lately... I'll attempt to restore this item if you bring me 10 Sulfur Ore.

(By Arenen's request, you bring him 10 Sulfur Ore])

One, two... nine, ten... All right. Now that I've received 10 Sulfur Ore, I'll try to restore this relic.

(Now, with the restored Mirror of Mirror, you go to Kelpie to give it to him.)

What's this? ...Mirror of Memory?
Oh... I'm able to slowly recall some of my lost memories! ...Effie, so she's my sister. I can't wait to see her again.
Oh, and Phaselus... he was one of my closest friends. I still have some of his belongings.
When I first arrived in Zardine and couldn't remember a thing, I didn't have anything with me that could help me figure out who I was. But for some reason, I still had Phaselus' letter with me.
...Phaselus' letter... Do you think it could be a clue to some important secret? There is a short clip of my lost memory that can be seen through the Mirror of Memory. Would you like to see it?

Generation 08 - Kelpie's Memory 1.png
> On-screen Message: Effie, did you hear the rumor?They say a new continent has been discovered across the Moyer Ocean!

> On-screen Message:Don't worry, sis.I just want to discover my dreams.

Generation 08 - Kelpie's Memory 2.png
> On-screen Message: I'm lost... I don't remember anything... Do you think you can take me to the Elven village?

> On-screen Message: So the rumor about elves with big ears living in Iria wasn't just some kind of myth. Don't worry. Kelpie will help you.

> On-screen Message: Ah... My home Filia. It's starting to come back to me slowly.

> On-screen Message: Phaselus. That's my name. Thanks, Kelpie. You saved my life and you're a precious friend...

Generation 08 - Kelpie's Memory 3.png
> On-screen Message: Ahhhh... Please... Help... Kelpie...

> On-screen Message: Help... Kelpie...

> On-screen Message: Kelpie...

(After viewing the memory, you head to Longa Desert Ruins and place Phaselus' Letter on the altar. You are then whisked into Kelpie's memory.)

(Within the Longa Desert Ruins, Castanea, a group of Desert Ghost Fanatics, and a man in a robe stand in the Boss Room. Castanea gestures for the Desert Ghost Fanatics to close in on the robed man.)

Phaselus... You already know too much. This is going to be painful for a little bit so hang in there.

Phaselus!! Just hang in there, I'll help you.

(Castanea turns around to see that Kelpie has entered the room. Meanwhile, Kelpie looks at his friend.)

... Ahh. Where am I? I don't remember anything...

Phaselus, it's me, Kelpie! Why can't you remember me? What happened here? Castanea, isn't Phaselus an Elf just like you? How could you do something so cruel to your own kind?!

There is an old legend that goes like this. Once there was a village with a strange disease going around that would affect people to suddenly lose their memory. Soon, the disease spread throughout the entire town and the town residents would even forget the name of common everyday items.
While this was happening, there was this young man who had yet to contract the disease. He went around putting labels on every time, trying to minimize the damage done by the disease.
He would write labels such as 'This is a tree.', 'This is a sheep. Please shear the sheep.' 'This is a chicken. It can lay eggs.' and so on.
The young man placed a very large sign at the town entrance. On it he wrote, 'God exists.'
There is a moral to this short story. What we call memory is so incomplete and that everything we’ve accumulated over our entire lives can burst like a bubble in an instant...
Starting from a simple cooking recipe or how to make a potion, to the memories you shared with close friends and your loved ones; they will one day all disappear.
But if we do forget all these things,it might not even be such a big deal.
Kelpie, you too must understand.This has been brought upon by none other than Phaselus himself.

(Phaselus's form becomes that of a Desert Ghost Fanatic.)

... So, Kelpie, I see that you've ended up witnessing everything as well. You're right. The hideous Desert Ghost... That is the true nature of Elves.

(Kelpie stares in disbelief.)

Irinid didn't just leave their blessing on Iria. They left with us Elves, an unforgettable curse. The Desert Transmogrification is an incurable disease that has resulted from the curse.
Every Elf in Filia has no choice but to one day turn into one of those disgraceful Desert Ghosts just like Phaselus.
I love our Elf race more than anything. I believe I can sacrifice anything for it.

The Memory Tower in Filia
> On-screen Message: I don't want them to discover the dark truthand be in despair because of it.

The Memory Tower in Filia
> On-screen Message: So we must use the Memory Tower to erase their memories. We must sacrifice the past in order to save the hope of tomorrow.

I'm sorry Kelpie. I didn't want it to come to this. >However, this is the only way to protect you.

(Castanea begins to cast a spell.)

Ahhhhhh!! What are you doing to me!

Kelpie... I will now...
erase your memory...

(The memory ends here.)

Irinid's Curse

What happened to my friend Phaselus? - Kelpie

(You return to Kelpie to tell him about the memory you witnessed.) Kelpie
I can't believe Phaselus has turned into a Desert Ghost! I despise Castanea, but if she's the one who erased my memory,she must also know how to restore it. Here, take this item. It'll help you journey to Filia.

(By Kelpie's suggestion, you speak to Castanea to find answers.)

You already know everything, so I shall not attempt to deny any of it. But my convictions have not changed. I do not know how to restore Kelpie's memory.
All I can tell you is this: The Memory Tower used to manipulate memories was made in the image of the relic left by Irinid. Perhaps the answer lies in Zardine, where all of this started.
If you wish to make your way to Zardine now, I will give you an item that may help you.

(You head to the Calida Exploration Camp and look for someone who is knowledgeable about the region.)

Well, if you want to learn more about Zardine then, you must first learn about the Gold Dragon. Although, you should keep in mind that legends are legends after all. We may never know just how much truth there is to such stories.
In any case, it is said that the Gold Dragon is born and destroyed every few thousand years. Some people interpret the legend in symbolic terms, rather than as a physical phenomenon that actually occurs.
But anyway, during its birth, the dragon apparently goes through a process known as the 'Conduction Ceremony'... You might call it a moment in which the Dragon becomes one with an existential being of Erinn.
The character of the chosen being, known as the Conductor, supposedly determines whether the Gold Dragon is to turn evil or grow into a dragon that fights for the good of Erinn.
The birth of a new Gold Dragon and a Conduction Ceremony is scheduled to come to pass. As the day approaches, the activity of the two rival forces, the Blue Dragon and Red Dragon, have been unusual... We can't predict exactly when the scheduled Conduction Ceremony will occur but there have already been strange signs that have been confirmed. Would you like to help me with a few missions? First, there seems to be a huge disparity of temperature inside the Flints as we approach the Conduction Ceremony. Could you get me 10 Flints so that I may analyze them?

(You bring the 10 Flints Belita asked for.)

Hmm... Judging by the crystal inside the Flints, they seem to be different from their usual state. But this isn’t enough evidence. I heard that the animals near the volcanic region have become extremely unsettled recently. Could you help me study these animals? If you could tame some wild animals that might just be what we need.

(To fulfill Belita's request, you tame a nearby Anteater and then head to Pera Volcano to tame a Volcano Horned Wild Boar.)

(Having tamed the animals Belita requested, you return to her.)

It has been confirmed that the entire ecosystem of Zardine has been affected by the Conduction Ceremony. We're currently drawing up plans to investigate certain regions we think may be the location in which the Conduction Ceremony might occur.
Unfortunately, those Wyverns have become so aggressive as of late that it's become difficult to even launch a Hot-Air Balloon from anywhere in Zardine. (Character Name), you're the expert when it comes to such things aren’t you? Could you lend me a hand?

(You clear up the skies of wyverns by going on a hunt.)

Volcanic Region Hot-Air Balloon Exploration

The Hot-Air Balloon exploration was effective. I was able to narrow it down to a few locations where the Conduction Ceremony might occur.

(After hunting Wyverns, you head back to Belita.)

Good job. Since you were able to keep the Wyverns away, the Hot-Air Balloon exploration went smoothly. I was able to narrow down the potential sites of where the Conduction Ceremony might occur to a few locations. But I think instead of exploring them all on my own, it would be more effective if you and I split the locations. Here, I have an extra Hot-Air Balloon, so use this.

(You use the Hot-Air Balloon provided by Belita to explore the potential sites she mentioned.)

(Belita watches you after you settle onto the Hot-Air Balloon. Eventually, you steer close to a volcano, but encounter a swarm of wyverns.)

> On-screen Message: Get out of here! You worthless beings!

(Suddenly, a red dragon roars and defeats the Wyverns that once surrounded you. The dragon lands and you lower the Hot-Air Balloon. Climbing out of the vehicle, you walk over to the dragon.)

I'm glad I didn’t arrive too late. Everyone was able to stay safe because of the divine protection of Adniel. I forgot to introduce myself. I am the leader of the Red Dragon, Crumena.
I'm sure you've already experienced it, but there are evil dragons in Zardine that threaten the safety of the world. They have bought into their own twisted logic and they are endangering not only Zardine and Iria, but all of Erinn as well. I've never seen Wyverns as agitated as they are these days. Unlike their appearance, they are actually quite sensitive creatures. They must be sensing some kind of omen taking place. It is counter-evidence that the resurrection of the Gold Dragon, Adniel, is drawing near. By fate, Adniel will connect with a being of this world that will become its Conductor through a special ceremony. The group of evil dragons are devising an evil plan just in time for Adniel’s Conduction Ceremony. Just like its symbolic name, Gold Dragon, Adniel will have significant influence in the future of this world. As of now, I might be able to help you, but soon our roles will reverse and I might be the one in danger. If and when that time comes, please remember me and lend me your help. May the divine protection of Adniel always be with you...

(You watch as Crumena flies off.)

(Having been saved thanks to Crumena, you head back to Belita to recount the events to her.)

Hmm... You should consider yourself lucky to have met Crumena. I was also once helped greatly by Crumena. But you should know that Zardine is an extremely dangerous place...
You can't exactly expect Crumena to show up and help you every time. Perhaps if you take some 'Irinid Bolts' with you, you'll be safe. During the ancient Irinid war, the dragons were sacrificed by Irinid's magic. The remains of the ancient magic have been preserved till this day in fossils that can be seen as the remains of the dragons.
That is the secret that is contained in the 'Irinid Bolt'. You'll need to gather some materials to make yourself an 'Irinid Bolt', though.

(Carefully, you delicately restore a Fossil, then hand it to Belita.]

It has really been delicately restored. I'm impressed. This should be good enough to extract the Irinid's Crystal.
Now, you need to get the Ruby. In order to contain the powerful marrow of Irinid, we need something strong that will act as a bowl. Ruby is the perfect gem for that. While you get the Ruby, I'll extract Irinid's Crystal from this fossil.

(You bring a Ruby to Belita.)

Irinid's Crystal has already been prepared. The only thing left is forming it into a bolt so that it can be used as a weapon.
The secret is to combine the Ballista Bolt--the crystal I just handed to you-- and a Sulfur Ore together. When you complete it, bring it to me.

(Using the information provided to you by Belita, you make an Irinid Ballista Bolt. When it's finished, you talk to Belita again.)

I was just informed that Crumena is in danger. I'm assuming it has something to do with him helping (Character Name).
You don't have much time.
I'll give you a specially modified Hot-Air Balloon so that you can use the Ballista Bolt on it. Good thing the bolt was completed in time. You must hurry!

(You quickly use the Hot-Air Balloon Belita provided to find Crumena.)

(While you ride the balloon to a volcano near Raspa, you find Crumena engaged in battle with another dragon. The dragon swipes Crumena with its tail, pushing him back. You prepare to fire the Irinid Ballista Bolt at the other dragon. On the other hand, the dragon continues attacking Crumena with its breath. Using the opportunity, you release the ballista bolt. The enemy dragon releases a roar upon being hit. Crumena takes advantage of this and rams the other dragon towards the edge of the cliff, forcing it to fall into the lava below. Finally, Crumena turns to you.)

Haha! Everything seems to be going exactly as planned.
Haha! Cromm Cruaich, Are you still breathing from the depths of the lava pit? Please forgive those foolish little creatures. That poor creature has not the slightest clue what just occurred. Haha!

(Character Name)
What do you mean, as planned? Crumena..! Were you using me this entire time? ... And did you just mention Cromm Cruaich? Wait, then was it... Ruairi?

Your level of foolishness hasn't changed much from the days of Irinid.
Back then, you might've been the last ones standing thanks to Irinid, but there appears to be not even an ounce of hope left for you this time! Haha!

(Crumena flies off.)

Legatus' Advice

A sign of darkness that cannot be reversed is about to unfold right now in Zardine. - Legatus

(You head to Calida Lake to speak to Legatus.) Legatus
You don't have to explain what happened at Lava Fall. I already know.
It's not your fault that you fell into the trap of the wicked Red Dragon, Crumena, (Character Name). Don't be so hard on yourself.
I don't know how someone from this world was able to get involved so heavily regarding the fate of the dragon race but I get the feeling that this, too, must have been fate.
Originally, Iria was ruled by dragons. The arrogance of the dragons brought Irinid to this land and after losing the Irinid war, the dragons were exiled to the barren land of Zardine.
Within the barrier drawn by Irinid, our race decided to endure and accept what can be seen as our punishment.
However, there are those who viewed this way of life for the dragons as feeble and disgraceful. These were the Red Dragons, the ones, who after being defeated at the Irinid War, lost their power and had to walk the path of shame.
Although what they envisioned was a revolution and not peace, it could not be done within the dragon society of Zardine where the Blue Dragons were already in control.
But now an opportunity has been given to them. The Gold Dragon, Adniel's Conduction Ceremony is nearing and the Red Dragons are planning to use this event for political gain.
Their first move will probably be trying to set up a trap for Cromm Cruaich. You should know that you, too, were probably used for their scheme.
Cromm Cruaich is not only the leader of the Blue Dragons
but also the dragon that represents Zardine. At the time, it was leading the dragon's contractor, a red-haired Human, to Iria to prepare for the Conduction Ceremony of the Gold Dragon.
Although Cromm Cruaich fell into Lava Fall, the hottest part of Zardine, it's too early to give up hope yet. Right before Cromm Cruaich died, it was able to protect the dragon's contractor by using its final protection magic.
I can still feel the red-haired Human breathing. If you could get your hands on the Physis Snow Crystal, which can break through the scorching heat of Lava Fall, you might still be able to turn back
the costly error that you unknowingly made.

(You take a Snow Crystal and walk head to the lava fall entrance near Raspa Volcano.)

(You walk past the volcanic vents and notice the familiar figure of Ruairi lying on the ground near the lava fall. When you approach him, he stands up.)

... The shackles on the burning land have been broken and lifeless soil is seeping through. I know... and I see... the fate of this dark land...
How long have I been dreaming that same dream over and over again?

(Character Name) The dragon's contractor, Ruairi. You have been chosen for Adniel's Conduction Ceremony. You are the only hope against Crumena's plot.

  • Continue

No, as the dragon's contractor, my job ends here.

  • Continue

So you're telling me that you still haven't figured it out? Since the beginning, Erinn's fate has always been intertwined with yours, CharacterName.

  • Continue

I have always been merely the facilitator who was supposed to bring the Conductor here to Iria.

  • Continue

However, without the voluntary will, the Conductor's fate alone can't change the world.

  • Continue

The shackles of the burning land have already been broken and the omen of darkness is beginning to unfold. Perhaps we are trying to embrace
a future we cannot change.

  • Continue

...It is possible that we will never be able to utter the word, hope, ever again...

Ruairi's Survival

How to Get Quest

Obtained after completing the previous quest.

Briefing I can't believe that Ruairi is still alive... - Belita -
  • Talk to Belita
  • Talk to Legatus
  • 15000 Experience Points
  • 3500 Gold

Talk to Belita

[After finding that Ruairi survived, you head back to Belita to tell her the news.]


I wouldn't have guessed in a million years that Ruari would still be alive.
Then again, he probably would've survived
even if he fell into the depths of Hades.

  • Continue

So, does that mean Ruairi will be chosen as Adniel's Conductor?
Where is the location of the Conduction Ceremony?
Where is Ruairi right now?
CharacterName... You're not withholding any information from me, are you?

  • End Conversation


Onscreen Message: The Conductor of Adniel.Can[sic] you hear my voice?

... It is time...

[End of Cutscene]

Talk to Legatus

[You find Legatus to ask him about the voice you heard.]


The fact that I was able to hear Adniel's voice
could now be understood as a sign
but it doesn't mean that all has already been determined.
You never know until the last moment.

  • Continue

Crumena probably has another Conductor in mind
that fits the ideology of the Red Dragons.

  • Continue

If the Conduction Ceremony goes the way the Red Dragons wish,
Zardine will also be redefined according to the will of the Red Dragons,
which will inevitably revert Iria back to a pre-ancient Iria period.
This will eventually wipe out all remnants of Irinid.

  • Continue

Will you accept your fate as the Conductor?
Remember that the fate you choose
could become the fate of Iria.

  • End Conversation


[Legatus crouches down, allowing you to climb onto him. He then stands and flies off. Eventually, you both arrive at Renes. Legatus once again crouches down and you dismount from him. Afterwards, the blue dragon flies off.]

[End of Cutscene]

[Quest Complete]

  • Receive 1,500 Experience Points

[Knowing that you must stop Crumena, you enter Renes.]


[You find Crumena within Renes and run over to him, taking on a combat stance.]


Ha... Legatus of Calida
has decided to personally get involved... Is that right?
But even still, don't tell me you, CharacterName, have come here
chosen as Adniel's Conductor?

  • Continue

Your race is as foolish
as it is arrogant.

  • Continue

Adniel's Conductor can only be Atrata!
Only Atrata's darkness can swallow Adniel's light
and open the new era of the dragon race
that will arise from the Moonlight of Death.

  • Continue


I heard that Adniel's Conductor
can't come to be unless the person willingly volunteers!
There's no way Atrata would have chosen that for herself!

  • Continue

Ha! It was indeed Atrata herself
who willingly chose to become the Conductor.
Haha... I believe this is what the people of this world
call... 'sacrifice'?

  • Continue

The only way to end the
curse of Irinid on the elves
is the resurrection of the dragon that begins at the Moonlight of Death.

  • Continue

Only the new world order from the dragons
can eradicate the curse of Irinid and
eliminate any last traces remaining on this land.

  • Continue

CharacterName, are you still
holding onto the dream of becoming Adniel's Conductor?

  • Continue

If you're still dreaming
I guess dying while dreaming
is not such a bad ending! Haha!

  • Continue

[Crumena releases a mighty roar.]

[End of Cutscene]

[You engage in battle with Crumena for the sake of Iria's fate. Eventually, you come to bring great harm to him.]


[Crumena momentarily stops attacking you to address you instead.]


Not bad for a squirmy looking bug!

  • Continue

But I hope you don't think
it'll be over that easily!

  • Continue

[Crumena swipes at you, pushing you back and leaving you too weak to fight.]


Haha... That was a close one.
For a second, I thought I was going to end up
like Cromm Cruaich.

  • Continue

Your annoying streak of luck ends here!

  • Continue



  • Continue

[Taunes enters the scene, armed and riding the Mirror Witch's Unicorn. He dismounts and stands between you and Crumena.]


I came here to keep my promise that I will always be by your side.

  • Continue

[Atrata rises from the markings on the cave flooring.]


Ta... Taunes?

  • Continue


Ha! You even brought the Mirror Witch's unicorn...
Truly fitting for Vales' greatest warrior.

  • Continue

But it's no use...
You're all still a bunch of worthless bugs!

  • Continue

[Crumena breathes hot fire in you and Taunes' direction, knocking you, Taunes, and the unicorn back. Taunes leaps back up.]


My... my eyes...!

  • Continue



  • Continue


You should've thought twice about getting off that unicorn.
Your uneasy movements
make it too obvious that your eyesight is bad.

  • Continue

No wait.
Perhaps you're completely blind now?

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Stop it!!
You put one finger on Taunes
and I'll quit my duty as the Conductor!!

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Ha! Your entire race is in danger of
total annihilation due to the curse of Irinid,
and you're telling me you're going to betray your people and choose love instead?

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Atrata, long before you were even born,
I predicted the fate regarding the Black-Haired Elf
and I have been carefully observing the entire process unfold.

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Your fate will not allow you to betray your race!

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No, Crumena.
I know my own fate better than anyone else.

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Taunes! Do you still remember the sound of the wind bell?
Use the Vastian now in the direction
of the wind bell sound!

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[Atrata uses her Wind Bell. The sound travels in Crumena's direction. Taunes, following Atrata's instructions, follows the sound and slices at Crumena repeatedly. Crumena hits the ground, dead. Atrata then rushes over to Taunes. You smile upon seeing the two reunited once more. Legatus also joins the scene, bringing Ruairi, who silently watches the three of you. Elsewhere, a nest containing dragon eggs begins to shine and Adniel appears.]


Conductor of Adniel.

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The small light of CharacterName which has been remembered as the first flame
will finally once again be remembered as the eternal flame of Renes
through the completed ceremony.

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However, the dark fate of the land
that is flickering behind the shadow of the flame is not yet over.

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The return of Irinid is not far away.

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[Then, Adniel rises up and flies off.]

[End of Cutscene]

[You return to the Calida Exploration Camp safe and sound once everything is over.]

[Upon re-logging or changing channels]


[Ruairi walks to the docks in Port Qilla. As he enters the boat, he speaks to Karis, the captain. The two then sail off.]

[End of Cutscene]