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Script - Generation 7: Ancient Secrets of Irinid

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For explanations and advice on quest completion, see Generation 7: Ancient Secrets of Irinid.

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Lost Memory of the Ancients

I see a memory of the dark shadow suppressing your consciousness. Please remember that shadow cannot exist without light. The answer that you're seeking may be closer than you think. -Kousai

(After returning from the jungle ruins, you decide to talk to Kousai in Cor Village.)

What truly troubles you isn't the ruins that lurk in the depths of the shadowy jungle nor is it the unknown phantom that haunts your mind.
No, what plagues you is your own fearful heart.
Are you dreaming of things that were? Things that are now? Or things that may yet be?
Find Courcle's Heart, which shows reflections of Iria's past, present, and future memories.

Generation 07 - Courcle's Heart.png
Courcle's Heart isn't some long-lost relic of legend. Until it suddenly disappeared from the Crumbled Ruins, it has always been with us.
(Character Name), youngster of Iria. Everything you're experiencing is a sign of your own fate.
Your tale's conclusion won't immediately be made clear, just as its beginning took time to unfold. But, with some patience, your fate will take you where you need to be.
Perhaps this can be of use to you. It's a tea that was made by boiling the root of the Lipai flower. It should help you calm down.

(You drink the tea given to you by Kousai. Suddenly, another memory is revealed to you.)

(You see the spirit of a woman moving towards the center of the altar of the jungle ruins.)

> On-screen Message: The time has come.

> On-screen Message: The land is released from its burning shackles.

> On-screen Message:... gushing out lifeless soil.

Ruwai's Exploration Journal

*Howl* Awwww! This is urgent. It's very urgent. Tupai want to see you. Please come quickly.

(You seek out Tupai.)

A few nights after Tupai and Ruwai went to the ruins of Erkey Falls,
Ruwai suddenly said that he would borrow Voight’s L-Rod for the adventure. Tupai wanted to follow him, but Ruwai said the place is filled with sand that makes eyes blurry and itchy.
A few nights later, Luwai came back safely, but he changed. Lately, Ruwai looks very sad. Ruwai loves eating Rainbow Trout. Bringing him some Rainbow Trout may make him feel better.

(On Tupai's suggestion, you give Ruwai a big Rainbow Trout.)

Ruwai (The otter looks surprised by my gift.)

(You receive Ruwai's Exploration Journal from Ruwai. Since the book is pretty much illegible, you guess that you need to head to Longa Desert Ruins to view the memories within. Upon placing the journal on the altar, you are whisked into Ruwai's memory of exploring the ruins.)

(A group of Desert Ghost Fanatics raise their hands in unison.)

> On-screen Message: The time as come.

> On-screen Message: The land is released from its burning shackles, gushing out lifeless soil.

> On-screen Message:... I know...

> On-screen Message:... And I forsee

> On-screen Message: the fate of this dark land...

(Black smoke forms above the Desert Ghost Fanatics.)

(As Ruwai, you fight your way through the Longa Desert Ruins. You eventually come upon the Boss Room.)

(Multiple Desert Ghost Fanatic Priests surround the Heart of Courcle and chant.)

> On-screen Message: The ice mirror is broken,

> On-screen Message: piercing and freezing

> On-screen Message: the Heart of Courcle.

> On-screen Message: The time has come.

> On-screen Message: Throbbing Heart of Courcle

> On-screen Message: speaks about the fate of this dark land.

(Ruwai defeats the Ghost Fanatic Priests.)

(Ruwai approaches the Heart of Courcle and watches as it turns and throbs.)

> On-screen Message: The Heart of Courcle speaks about the fate of this dark land.

> On-screen Message:Come close...

> On-screen Message:Come closer...

> On-screen Message:Listen to the voice of fate...

(Ruwai continues to watch, intrigued. Suddenly, another group of Desert Ghost Fanatics enter the room. When they begin to approach Ruwai, Castanea appears and casts a spell that knocks all the ghosts out.)

You shouldn’t have come here. These tragic events are just beginning... I hope you’ll forget what you’ve experienced here.

Ruwai Err? Can you...? Can you understand me? How?

I'm sorry, but I don't have time for long conversations. Please escape this place for your own sake.

(The memory ends here.)

Curious Voight

I assume that you've heard about the Heart of Courcle at least once. Well, I've discovered an interesting clue about it. - Voight

(You head back to Cor to see what Voight has to say.)

It was not too long ago. A stranger--wrapped in a thick, long robe--came to Cor. Imagine wearing a thick robe in this hot weather. At that time, we were even having the tropical nights phenomenon. That's how I knew he was weird.
As far as bizarreness goes, his artifact was worse. It was severely damaged, and I was barely able to restore it. The restored artifact looked particularly strange.
It appeared to be a stylobate from an ancient building, and it kept revealing a new secret each time I changed the reagent, sort of like peeling layers of an onion.
Then I thought it might be the 'Heart of Courcle,' something that has recently been getting a lot of attention.
I don't know anything about that man: his name, where he lives, or why he wanted to restore the artifact were all mysteries to me.
I didn't even see his face because he was covering it with a hood attached to his robe.
No one can hide from my sharp eyes, though, you know? Judging by the way he walked and moved, he looked like an Elf.
That means the Elves might have something to do with the disappearance of the Heart of Courcle. Something seems kind of fishy, you know? very fishy.
While you're at it, how'd you like to go to Filia for more information about the heart?
In the meantime, I'll conduct my own investigation. Don't forget to share with me any information you might find, alright?

Taunes's Request

I've heard that someone has succesfully awoken the souls of the ancients in the Irai Ruins. I need your help. - Taunes

(You head to Vales to see what Taunes wants.)

It's embarrassing, but I don't have any other choice than to tell you something very personal. As you may know, my vision is weakening by the day.
I'll be blind soon, completely unable to see anything. I'm not afraid of blindness, but there's one thing that I want to do before I completely lose my sight:
I want to see Atrata once and for all, so I’ll remember her.
You may say that it's a foolish obsession. Hmm, it's like... If the burdens of life that everyone has to endure are different, then everyone suffers different burdens of love, right? I don't think I'll be able to remember this kind of love later without seeing her now.
I don’t even think that she would even remember me. She must have lost her memories like the other Elves.
If I can find the "Mirror of Memory" from the Ruins of Par, I may be able to restore the incomplete memory of the Elves. I have an "Ice Crystal of Memory," which I've received from Queen Kirine. It's the key to the Ruins of Par, where the Mirror of Memory is hidden. Please lend me a hand, will you?

(By Taunes' request, you head to Par Ruins and offer the Ice Crystal of Memory to the altar. Once you're in the dungeon, you clear the enemies in each room. Eventually you reach the Boss Room.)

(The Mirror Witch begins to sing.)

> On-screen Message: In a sharp fragment of ice

> On-screen Message:My heart freezes, piece by piece

> On-screen Message:Along with your pale song

> On-screen Message:In the mirror, my shadow fades away

> On-screen Message:If I melt away into tears like this

> On-screen Message:Even you won't recognize me anymore

(Wendigo picks up the Mirror Witch and places her over their shoulder.)

(You engage in combat with the Wendigo, defeating them with an icy stalactite.)

(The Mirror Witch stands next to the Wendigo, then looks towards you.)

> On-screen Message: How dare you hurt my Wendigo!

> On-screen Message: You'll regret this...

(The Mirror Witch reappears near a wall of ice.)

(You engage in combat with the enraged Mirror Witch and defeat her.)

(You hit the Mirror Witch, causing her to be pushed back.)

Mirror Witch The greedy descendants of Irinid, all you wanted was my Mirror of Memory. *Giggle Giggle* I can give it to you if you want. But are you brave enough to face the scars of the ruthless memory reflected upon the mirror? *Giggle Giggle* If you’re brave enough, you wouldn’t have let the gate of the Blazing Land open itself so easily. *Giggle Giggle* (You watch as the Mirror Witch fades away.)

(With the Mirror of Memory with you, you head back to Vales to speak with Taunes.)

Thank you so much! I knew you would be able to find the Mirror of Memory. By the way, the mirror was broken.
As its name indicates, the mirror reflects the lost memory of the person who looks into it. It shatters, though, if the person is afraid of facing his past.
Fortunately, it isn't broken terribly; it's just cracked a bit. I believe this mirror can be repaired like new through artifact restoration.

(There is only one artifact appraiser you know of. You go seek Voight back in Cor Village.)

Hmmm... This is.... May I ask what this is?
I've restored countless artifacts, but I've never seen anything like this before. Mirror of Memory, huh?
By the way, can this mirror really restore your lost memories? If that's true, maybe it might be handy when I drink too much and pass out...

Atrata's Wind Bell

Would you deliver the Mirror of Memory to Atrata as soon as you can once it's been restored? If the legend of Par is true, then I'll be able to stay with her, at least in her memory. - Taunes

(You head to the Healer's House in Filia with the restored Mirror of Memory in hand.)

Everything has happened so quickly, so I don't know if I can do this.
Mirror of Memory... Of course, I’m curious about it, but I'm as afraid as I am curious. But (Character Name), if you stay with me, I’ll try my best.

> Prompt: Cheer Up!

Atrata wandering in Longa Desert Ruins

Atrata carrying her Wind Bell

Taunes, discovered by Atrata

(The Mirror of Memory cracks.)

Generation 07 - Broken Mirror of Memory.png
Oh, no... The mirror’s broken! *Sigh* I may not be capable of handling this mirror for now.
By the way, I’ve seen a Wind Bell in the mirror. It was strange because I have exactly the same thing.
I don’t remember when I’ve obtained this Wind Bell.
It makes a beautiful sound-- as if the stars in the night sky are brushing against each other-- when the wind blows.
... What if this Wind Bell is a clue about something that I can't remember?

Atrata's RP

(You go to Longa Desert Ruins and offer the Wind Bell to the altar. You are whisked into Atrata's memory.)

(Atrata appears in the Longa Desert Ruins.)

Atrata The only one I remember...I must find him...

(You watch on as Atrata carefully makes it through the dungeon.)

(Taunes, who is injured, lies against the wall in the room. Atrata approaches him.)

Taunes, did I make you wait very long?

(Atrata runs to Taunes's side.)

(Taunes looks up to see Atrata staring down at him.)

Oh, this voice...? Atrata? I knew it was you.

Please wait; hopefully, this Tica Sap Potion will take effect soon.

(Atrata takes out the potion and applies it to Taunes.)

Now you should rest. You shouldn't talk until you recover...

(Atrata sits down near Taunes.)

My eyes are blurry, but I can still hear the painful screams of my late comrades in my ears.
The sound of your Wind Bell from a distance woke me up from that hellish nightmare.

Forget everything. Do you know why you Giants are always depressed? It's because you never forget. Every moment of your life feels like new if you can forget everything like the Elves.

Atrata's Message

Now I know that I was just afraid. Could you give my memory back? - Atrata

(You head back to Filia to tell Atrata about her memory.)

I always thought that it's great to not remember yesterday because you have so many tomorrows to remember, let alone yesterdays. I've changed my mind, though; it's bothersome to totally forget my past.

Atrata wandering in Longa Desert Ruins

Atrata discovering an injured Taunes

Atrata aiding Taunes

> On-screen Message: The only one I remember... I must find him...

> On-screen Message: ...It was love.