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edit skill row

Arrow Revolver.png
Arrow Revolver Rank 1
Assault Slash.png
Assault Slash Rank 1
Axe Mastery.png
Axe Mastery Rank 1
Bash Rank 1
Blunt Mastery.png
Blunt Mastery Rank 1
Bow Mastery.png
Bow Mastery Rank 1
Charge Rank 1
Combat Mastery.png
Combat Mastery Rank 1
Counterattack Rank 1
Crash Shot.png
Crash Shot Rank 1
Crisis Escape.png
Crisis Escape Rank 1
Critical Hit.png
Critical Hit Rank 1
Crossbow Mastery.png
Crossbow Mastery Rank 1
Defense Rank 1
Dual Wield Mastery.png
Dual Wield Mastery Rank 1
Evasion Rank 1
Final Hit.png
Final Hit Rank 1
Final Shot.png
Final Shot Rank 1
Gold Strike.png
Gold Strike Rank 1
Heavy Armor Mastery.png
Heavy Armor Mastery Rank 1
Light Armor Mastery.png
Light Armor Mastery Rank 1
Rage Impact.png
Rage Impact Rank 1
Shield Mastery.png
Shield Mastery Rank 1
Lance Charge.png
Lance Charge Rank 1
Lance Counter.png
Lance Counter Rank 1
Lance Mastery.png
Lance Mastery Rank 1
Magnum Shot.png
Magnum Shot Rank 1
Mirage Missile.png
Mirage Missile Rank 1
Human Ranged Attack.png
Ranged Attack Rank 1
Sharp Mind.png
Sharp Mind Rank 1
Smash Rank 1
Spirit Bow Awakening.png
Spirit Bow Awakening Rank 1
Spirit Sword Awakening.png
Spirit Sword Awakening Rank 1
Stomp Rank 1
Support Shot.png
Support Shot Rank 1
Sword Mastery.png
Sword Mastery Rank 1
Taunt Rank 1
Throwing Attack.png
Throwing Attack Rank 1
Urgent Shot.png
Urgent Shot Rank 1
Wind Guard.png
Wind Guard Rank 1
Windmill Rank 1