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Reflection of Remembrance

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An overview of the Reflection of Remembrance.

Description and Geography

The location of the area.

(Dark) Here, the inner world of the dead takes form. Here, light is a stranger and time is silent.
(Light) Here, the inner world of the dead takes form. Here, memories bloom and time is gentle.

The Reflection of Rememberance is an event-only location that can be accessed during the Samhain: Times Remembered, Times Forgotten Event. It is an area that consists of strange flora, as well as broken clocks and hourglasses.

It can only be accessed through a specific portal.

Areas of Interest


  • None



  • None

Areas Connected


Track Title
The Boy's Tale Untold
Entering the Reflection
The Boy's Tale Remembered
Alternate version of the first theme


  • The large, central clock's time is fixed on 10:31.
  • It is located in the bottom left of the Dunbarton Map.
    • The player's locator is automatically fixed to the center of the area when they log into the area. Otherwise, the cursor remains fixed (and the minimap) remains that of the last location.
      • This does not affect pets, however.
  • Despite its location, it follows the weather patterns of western Uladh.
  • The restored map is affected by the fall of rain, and some aspects, like the central clock, will appear muted as opposed to its normal glow.
  • The sky in this area is dark teal.


Forgotten Memories

Restored Memories

Concept Art