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The Oasis

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For the enchant Oasis.
Also referred to as Connous Oasis.

Longa Desert Oasis, waterfalls.png


Baobab tree

In the center of the arid wasteland of Longa Desert, the Oasis is as a safe haven for weary travelers. From its spring of waterfalls and lush shaded garden of palm trees, it welcomes parched explorers a much needed relief.

Players can step into the pool of water but ironically cannot collect water nor be able to fish from it.

The Ecologist from Shyllien Nature Reserve, along with the Royal Guards, are here just to kill time.

Several notable characters in the main series of quests have visited the Oasis and used its setting for related events.

On its outskirts the Black Dragon appears occasionally.


The Oasis

The Oasis can be reached by going to the Longa Desert, Oasis Mana Tunnel where the player will arrive just south of the waterfalls. It can also be reached by going to the Longa Desert, North Region Mana Tunnel then head southeast. Another method is by going to the Longa Desert, Eastern Region Mana Tunnel, from there the player just needs to go west.

North of the Oasis is Erran's Gorge which connects to the next region of Courcle. In the northeast, is Filia the home of the Elves. Just east of the Oasis is the Sandworm Mark. On its south is the Fish Mark and not far off is South Connous Beach. To the west is the Scorpion Mark which is next to Rupes Desert.


  • Several characters in the game refer Filia as the oasis.
  • If the player decides to go out with any squire for a picnic, they will arrive at the Oasis. Going Out with a squire functions as a Shadow Mission, therefore no Mana Tunnel nor will any other prop work if the player were to interact with one.
Oasis sunset.png