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Gairech (Another World)

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An overview of Gairech (Another World).

Description and Geography

Map of Gairech (Another World).

The Hill of Gairech of this world met complete destruction during the invasion of Fomors. Not much exists here, except a Kobold from whom passers-by can purchase a limited number of goods or be sent back to Erinn.

A portal leads back to this world's Bangor.

Areas of Interest

  • None



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Areas Connected


Track Title
Bangor/Gairech of Another world
Used for certain cutscenes


  • During the Korean server's first Generation 3 update, Dougal's theme was used for Morc. However, this was removed during a following emergency patch, leaving Morc as one of the first NPCs without their own theme.
    • This is rather in line with Generation 3's other incomplete oddities. (ex: Ruairi's Dark Knight armor, Pragarah, etc.) This was likely due to a combination of devCAT's limited studio environment at the time (2005) and a hasty development; G3 was largely created during the 5 months following the first update of Generation 2, to match up with the 1st Anniversary of the Korean Server.