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Sliab Mis

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An overview of Sliab Mis.

Description and Geography

Deep in the mountains, where secrets lay hidden beneath the snow.


Map of Sliab Mis.

Sliab Mis is a frozen mountain pass deep in the Mourne Mountains. It is known to be a treacherous road, with a risk of avalanches.

Even during summer, its peaks stay covered in snow, and the land in the area is not favorable to farming.

Prior to the events of Dark Dreams of a Winter Wind, the area cannot be accessed and will block out milletians attempting to go through it. At first deserted, the Milletian's investigation of the area later allows for facilities to become available.


Areas of Interest


Resource Obtained From Location
Berry.png Berry
Branches.png Branches
Tree Hitting (Snowy Fir Trees) Around the pathways
Firewood.png Firewood (Tree) (Gathering Axe equipped) from Trees Around the pathways


  • General Shop / Grocery Store
  • Healer's House


  • None



  • None

Areas Connected


Track Title
Snow Falls on the Silent Mountains


  • As of the area's release, the northern path is blocked by a barrier. It allegedly leads deeper into Sliab Mis.