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Doki Doki Island (Location)

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For the event details, see Doki Doki Island Event.
Not to be confused with Nekojima.


Doki Doki Island is a couples-themed event island. Many Milletians flock to the island in search for true love and soulmates.

The island has many beaches and shorelines, containing special gems and fished items that can only be found on the island. At the Town Square, the Harmony Torch can be seen right in the center, often lit ablaze by the Torch Caretaker. There are plenty of activities for lovers to do as they visit the island, all set up by its caretaker, Wenger.

It can be reached through Caravan Joe in Dunbarton during the Doki Doki Island Event.

This island can only be accessed during the event period.


Potato.png Potato Field
Silvervine Fruit.png Silvervine Field
Full-size Map
Doki Doki Island.jpg

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
- Concert Hall

- Concert Hall

Professor J.png
Professor J
- Concert Hall

Culinary Artist.png
Culinary Artist
- Festival Market

Treasure Hunter.png
Treasure Hunter
- Highest Point of the Island

Wenger the Caretaker.png
Wenger the Caretaker
Island Caretaker South of the Island

Mansur the Jewel Collector.png
Mansur the Jewel Collector
Jewel Collector South of the Island

Torch Caretaker.png
Torch Caretaker
Torch Caretaker Town Square

Harmony Torch.png
Harmony Torch
- Town Square

Dart Game Guide.png
Dart Game Guide
Dart Game Guide West of Festival Market

Festival Market Merchant.png
Festival Market Merchant
Festival Market Merchant Festival Market

Hammer Game Guide.png
Hammer Game Guide
Hammer Game Guide West of Festival Market

Milletian Matchmaker Concert Hall
Northeast of the Island
North of Town Square
South of Festival Market
South of the Island
Town Square

Psychology Student.png
Psychology Student
Psychology Student Festival Market
South of the Island
Southwest of the Island
Town Square

Stage Helper
- Concert Hall

Lovelorn Milletian.png
Lovelorn Milletian
- Observatory

Milletian Christmas Seal Breaker
- South of the Island

Milletian Commoner
- Northeast of the Island

Milletian Expeditionary Champion
- Southwest of the Island

Milletian Know-It-All
- Concert Hall

Milletian Pacifist
- Northeast of the Island

Milletian Rat Catcher
- South of Festival Market

Milletian Smash Fighter
- South of Festival Market

Unnecessarily Courteous Milletian
- Southwest of the Island

Attention Seeking Milletian
- Southwest of the Island

Public Tools

  • A Chopping Block is beside a house north of the Town Square.
  • A Loom and a Spinning Wheel are next to a house beside the Silvervine grove.


  • "Doki Doki" (written as ドキドキ or どきどき) is a common Japanese onomatopoeia for "heartbeats", usually fast-paced.
  • Doki Doki Island possesses the same geographical structure, fished-up items list, and background music as Nekojima, and allows Nekojima's special Cat's Eyes to be found through Metallurgy. It lacks Nekojima's dungeon and unique Metallurgy gems. Overall, Doki Doki Island is basically an overseas version of Nekojima.
  • Doki Doki Island is considered part of Uladh for the Continent Warp interface, only allowing you to warp to either Belvast or Iria.
  • On occasion, Golden Rat Men will spawn at the southwest end of the island, and their Field Boss message will be broadcast. However, they instantly despawn the moment they appear.
  • Unlike most areas, Doki Doki Island has rendered clouds.
    • A cat's head and paw can be found above the Observatory.
    • A heart can also be found above the southwestern part of Doki Doki Island.