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Might of Ladeca

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Might of Ladeca.png
You are blessed by Ladeca, the blue moon that shines in Erinn's night sky. Your attacks become faster and more powerful when using close combat talent skills with close combat weapons. When both the skill and the weapon are Chain Slash ones, you are truly at your most devastating. The longer you stay in this world, the more adept you'll become at controlling this blessing.


  • Giant-only skill.
  • Obtained when the player reaches current level 100.
    • Is removed upon rebirth.
  • Grants increased attack damage and attack speed when using a close combat weapon.
    • Thus making a very slow weapon swing at the speed of a slow weapon, etc.
  • Despite what the skill says, you do not need to use a close combat skill to get the increased damage and speed. Citation needed
  • The skill has a base duration of 300 seconds.
  • The duration increases by 30 seconds per 1,000 Cumulative Levels.
    • The maximum duration of the skill is capped at 900 seconds, attainable after reaching 20,000 Cumulative Levels.
  • A message will appear on the screen stating "Might of Ladeca's effect will expire in 60 second(s)." when there are 60 seconds remaining to the effect.
    • You will be notified again when there are 10 seconds remaining to the effect.
    • Logging out or changing channels will cancel Might of Ladeca's effect prematurely.
  • The skill can be used once per Erinn day, resetting at 6:00 AM Erinn time.
  • Currently capped at Rank F.


Ranks not implemented are indicated in red.

Rank N F E D C B A 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Close Combat Weapon Damage Increase - 15% ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Obtaining the Skill

Training Method

Novice Rank

  • AP: -
  • Effects: None
Method Exp. Count Total
Reach Lv. 100. 100.00 1 100.00

Rank F

  • AP: -
  • Effects: Close Combat Weapon Damage +15% and Attack speed increased by one stage
Method Exp. Count Total
Cannot advance the Rank any further. 100.00 1 100.00