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For the Shadow Realm counterpart, see Taillteann (Shadow).


A former battlefield fortress, currently known as the city of alchemy.

Once a battlefield in which the Fomors fought, Taillteann is currently known for alchemy and serves as the gateway city to Tara.[1]

Commerce Taillteann Icon.png Taillteann, called the "Town of the Alchemists", is the setting of most of the Generation 9 related quests. There are three routes that can be taken to reach Taillteann. One route is taken by going west from the Logging Camp in Dugald Aisle, into the Ulaid Forest and then going through Sliab Cuilin. Another is taken by going north-west from Dunbarton, heading towards Rabbie Dungeon and then going through Abb Neagh. The last is taken by going north from Tara and going through Corrib Valley to reach Taillteann.


Statue icon.png Byrun Spawn Point
Moon Gate Icon.png Moon Gate
Potato.png Potato Field
Housing Board Icon.png Housing Board
Egg.png Hen
Corn.png Corn Patch
Full-sized Map
Taillteann map.jpg

Alchemist's House

A close up of the town on the map.

The Alchemist's House can be found in the northern part of the town of Taillteann. Dorren and Eabha can be found in front of it and between them are the public tools, Steam Ovens and Dry Ovens, needed to prepare and perform alchemy. Eabha sells Cylinders and elemental crystals required to prepare alchemy skills. Dorren sells alchemy skill books and pre-made intermediate magic crystals, where the crystals are all rank F and with only one charge, except for the Fireball Crystal which has five charges.


Near the center of town is the Taillteann branch of the Erskin Bank, in front of which can be found Devi (the bank manager), a Party Board, a House Shop Ad Board and a Mailbox.

Beacon Mounds

There are three Beacon Mounds outside of Taillteann's town walls, one in the east, another in the south and a third in the west. Each is built on top of a hill and are tower-like structures, where a player can climb to the top (even when mounted on a pet).


The only Church of Lymilark in Taillteann, it is located in the north-eastern section of the town and Collen, a priest, can be found standing out front. Like most priests, Collen provides part-time jobs that reward a player with Holy Water of Lymilark. A potato field can be found to the east of the Church, with a well and chickens near the field.

Clothing Shop

Brenda runs the Clothing Shop in Taillteann, she can be found standing in front of her shop which is located at the southern end of the Town Square. Weaving can be done using the Loom and Spinning Wheels, which are also located in front of the shop.

Druid's House

Outside and to the north-west of the town (just a little east of Stonehenge), the druid Berched can be found in front of the Druid's House.


None, however, the Shadow Gate at Stonehenge provides access to the Shadow Realm, which is similar to a dungeon.

Farming Plots

Plots of farm land can be found south-west, south and south-east of the town, near the area map's border. Players have the option to lease land (from Blatt) for a week, and grow crops like strawberry, pumpkin, tomato, eggplant and cabbage. These crops can eventually be harvested and sold for profit.

See Farming for more details.

Farm Manager

The location of Blatt the farm manager, who provides information about farming, is able to lease farming plots, sell seeds and buy harvested crops.

General Shop

The town has a General Shop just east of the Town Square which is run by Pierrick, who can be found standing out front. Pierrick also performs as a clown and despite his beautiful appearance, his gender is male (he also appears to have a crush on Brenda).


A cemetery is to the north-east of the town. A white violet, placed on top of a certain grave, signifies a special person visiting that grave every single day. Performing a Freestyle Jam here will cause bats to appear during the action.


There are three expeditionary force headquarters in Taillteann, one for the town, representing the Humans, and one each for the opposing races, Elves and Giants. The Taillteann Headquarters, representing the Humans, is in the northern section of the town, the Elf Headquarters is in the eastern section and the Giant Headquarters is in the western section. The various expeditionary forces are in Taillteann to investigate the Shadow Realm, which can be reached by using the Shadow Gate at Stonehenge.

As Taillteann does not have a blacksmith, equipment may be bought from each expeditionary force's supply guard and repaired by the acting leader of each race's expeditionary force. The supply guards will sell equipment to a player of any race or allegiance and a Human character allied to a supply guard's race will not receive any allied discount. Each race's supply guard sells at least some equipment that the others don't, where the unique items are usually race specific. Each expeditionary force's acting leader will do blacksmith repairs for players of any race or allegiance, however, their repair success rates differ, where Andras is 96%, Granat is 97% and Karpfen is 95%.

As Taillteann does not have a healer, the Human Expeditionary Force has provided the Royal Guard Physician, that players of any race or allegiance can use. The Royal Guard Physician is located in front of the Healer's House, which is just behind the Taillteann Headquarters.

Andras is located at the Taillteann Headquarter, and can be talked to in order to acquire and progress through the Generation 9 storyline quests.

Healer's House

A Healer's House is in the northern section of the town, just behind the Taillteann Headquarters. The Royal Guard Physician standing in front of the Healer's House acts as Taillteann's healer.

Map Area Exits

There are three map area exits which go to;

Moon Gates

There are seven Moon Gates in Taillteann. They are located at:

  • Outside and to the north-west of the town, along the path to Stonehenge.
  • Far west of Taillteann, near the exit leading to Corrib Valley.
  • Southwest of Taillteann.
  • Near Berched's house.
  • Southern Taillteann, near the exit to Abb Neagh.
  • Northeastern Taillteann, in the Graveyard.
  • East of Taillteann, next to the Trading Post.


Stonehenge is north-west of the town and a Shadow Gate, a gateway to the Shadow Realm, is located at its center. The gate is used to travel to the shadow world and complete shadow missions (available from the Shadow Mission Bulletin Board near Andras), along with most of the Generation 9 storyline quests.

Town Square

There is a Town Square towards the western section of the town, the Clothing Shop and Bank front its perimeter. At the northern end of the Town Square is a statue of Lugh Lavada, the Knight of Light.

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Vice Commander of the Military, Human Praetorian Captain Front of Taillteann Headquarters
Druid Front of Druid's House
(Outside the town)
Clothing Shop Owner Front of Clothing Shop
Priest of the Royal Court Front of Church
Banker Front of Bank
Alchemy Teacher Front of Alchemist's House
Alchemist Front of Alchemist's House
Elf Praetorian Captain Front of Elf Headquarters
Giant Praetorian Captain Front of Giant Headquarters
Clown, General Store Manager Front of General Shop
Farm Manager At map location given as Farm Manager
Elf Supply Guard
Weapons Dealer Front of Elf Headquarters
Giant Supply Guard
Weapons Dealer Front of Giant Headquarters
Patient Upstairs of Healer's House
Royal Guard Physician
Healer Front of Healer's House
Royal Supply Guard
Weapons Dealer Front of Taillteann Headquarters
Taillteann Resident
Citizen Scattered All Over the Inside of Taillteann

Local Monsters

All the following monsters are found outside Taillteann's town walls.

NPC Animals

The following NPC Animals can be found inside Taillteann's town walls.

The following NPC Animals can be found outside Taillteann's town walls.

  • Taillteann Goat (can be sheared for Wool)
    • North of Taillteann (near the area map's northern border).
    • Just south of Taillteann (near its southern gate).
    • Just east of the Druid's House (north-west of Taillteann).

Public Tools

All the following public tools are found inside Taillteann's town walls.

Resource Sites

All the following resource sites are found inside Taillteann's town walls. Also, the fields listed here are those that can be harvested at any time and do not include the farming plots.


Almost all the following services are found inside Taillteann's town walls, except for Magical Weapon Repairs as Berched is found outside the town walls (next to the Druid's House).


  • Taillteann is named after the real-world Tailtin, the place where Lugh supposedly buried his foster-mother Tailtiu.
    • The mythological Tailtiu died preparing farmland for Ireland, which may explain Taillteann's Farming mechanic.