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My second digital art XD
Holy Grail War Veteran Emperorev
Home Vietilia Castle
Gender Male
Race Human100
Part-time Job
Server Alexina100
Total Level
Current Talent Smithing
Favorite Skill Final Hit.png100
Transformations Spirit of Order.png100Awakening of Light.png100Nascent Divinity.png100
Demigod Support Morrighan Skill Icon.png
Mainstream Quests
1 2 3 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25
The Saga: Iria
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The Saga: Iria II
P 1 2 3 4 5 6

About Me
  • My name is Emperorev, a normal user on this wiki.
  • I'm often active on the Alexina server.
  • A veteran on this wiki, but still makes mistake here and there.
  • I started playing Mabinogi somewhere around 2013 to 2014 (The only thing I remember was the Sword Art Online Event, so maybe around there I don't know XD)
  • I'm still active, although not all the time.
Current Projects
  • Grouping all Speech/Chat Bubble Stickers. (currently working on)
  • Otherwise, I would works on new updates or anything else I come across.

Demigod Awakening of Light.png100Spear of Light.png100Fury of Light.png100Shadow Spirit.png100Wings of Eclipse.png100Wings of Rage.png100
Paladin Spirit of Order.png100Power of Order.png100Eye of Order.png100Sword of Order.png100Paladin Heavy Stander.png100Paladin Natural Shield.png100Paladin Mana Deflector.png100
Combat Combat Mastery.png100Smash.png100Windmill.png100Assault Slash.png100Counterattack.png100Defense.png100Charge.png100Human Ranged Attack.png100Magnum Shot.png100Crash Shot.png100Support Shot.png100Critical Hit.png100Evasion.png100Final Hit.png100Blunt Mastery.png100Sword Mastery.png100Axe Mastery.png100Bow Mastery.png100Crossbow Mastery.png100Lance Mastery.png100Gold Strike.png100Shield Mastery.png100Light Armor Mastery.png100Heavy Armor Mastery.png100Crisis Escape.png100Dual Wield Mastery.png100Bash.png100Rage Impact.png100
Alchemy Alchemy Mastery.png100Mana Crystallization.png100Fragmentation.png100Synthesis.png100Metal Conversion.png100Barrier Spikes.png100Water Cannon.png100Wind Blast.png100Life Drain.png100Summon Golem.png100Rain Casting.png100Shock.png100Heat Buster.png100Chain Cylinder.png100Water Alchemy.png100Fire Alchemy.png100Wind Alchemy.png100Transmutation.png100Guard Cylinder Mastery.png100
Magic Magic Mastery.png100Enchant.png100Icebolt.png100Firebolt.png100Lightning Bolt.png100Healing.png100Party Healing.png100Natural Shield.png100Mana Shield.png100Meditation.png100Fusion Bolt.png100Bolt Mastery.png100Ice Mastery.png100Fire Mastery.png100Lightning Mastery.png100Magic Weapon Mastery.png100Inspiration.png100
Life Production Mastery.png100Rest.png100Campfire.png100Handicraft.png100Taming Wild Animals.png100Weaving.png100Tailoring.png100Sheep Shearing.png100First Aid.png100Potion Making.png100Herbalism.png100Fishing.png100Cooking.png100Wine Making.png100Milking.png100Egg Gathering.png100Mushroom Gathering.png100Harvesting.png100Hoeing.png100Metallurgy.png100Refining.png100Blacksmithing.png100Mining.png100Carpentry.png100Commerce Mastery.png100Transformation Mastery.png100Rare Mineralogy.png100Shyllien Ecology.png100Hillwen Engineering.png100Magic Craft.png100Tasting.png100Exploration Mastery.png100
Fighter Knuckle Mastery.png100Charging Strike.png100Spinning Uppercut.png100Drop Kick.png100Focused Fist.png100Somersault Kick.png100Pummel.png100Respite.png100Tumble.png100
Music Playing Instrument.png100Compose.png100Musical Knowledge.png100Enthralling Performance.png100Dischord.png100Lullaby.png100Enduring Melody.png100Battlefield Overture.png100Harvest Song.png100Vivace.png100Song.png100Dance of Death.png100
Puppetry Control Marionette.png100Puppet's Snare.png100Wire Pull.png100Colossus Marionette.png100Pierrot Marionette.png100Act 1- Inciting Incident.png100Act 2- Threshold Cutter.png100Act 4- Rising Action.png100
Dual Gun Dual Gun Mastery.png100Reload.png100Flash Launcher.png100Grapple Shot.png100Bullet Slide.png100Bullet Storm.png100Gun Ballet.png100Way of the Gun.png100
Ninja Shuriken Mastery.png100Shuriken Charge.png100Shadow Cloak.png100Explosive Kunai.png100Kunai Storm.png100Smokescreen.png100Shadow Bind.png100Sakura Abyss.png100
Chain Chain Blade Mastery.png100Dorcha Snatch.png100Dorcha Conversion.png100Chain Impale.png100Chain Crush.png100Anchor Rush.png100Chain Sweep.png100Death Mark.png100Spinning Slasher.png100Chain Burst.png100
Hidden Talent Doppelganger.png100Spider Shot.png100Palalan Embrace.png100Shine of Eweca.png100Breath of Ladeca.png100
Crusader Shield of Trust.png100Celestial Spike.png100Judgment Blade.png100Divine Link.png100
Divinity Nascent Divinity.png100Divine Blast.png100Blink.png100Nova Obliteration.png100

Sites that can help you

Town Credit Rating
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Commerce Tir Chonaill Icon.png 1
Commerce Dunbarton Icon.png 2
Commerce Bangor Icon.png 6
Commerce Emain Macha Icon.png 1
Commerce Taillteann Icon.png 3
Commerce Tara Icon.png 6
Commerce Port Cobh Icon.png 4
Commerce Commonwealth of Belvast Icon.png 3
◆Crusader Skills◆
Shield of Trust.png100 Warding Celestial Spike.png100 Binding Judgment Blade.png100 Smiting Divine Link.png100 Linking
Giving Heart.png100 Giving Heart100
Healing Hands.png100 Healing Hands100
Magic Dampening.png100 Magic Dampening100
Guarded Footsteps.png100 Guarded Footsteps100
Recovering Touch.png100 Recovering Touch100
Deepening Trust.png100 Deepening Trust100
Spreading Faith.png100 Spreading Faith100
Wounding Soul.png100 Wounding Soul100
Weighed Conscience.png100 Weighed Conscience100
Sinful Thorns.png100 Sinful Thorns100
Stronger Power.png100 Stronger Power100
Binding Needle.png100 Binding Needle100
Breaking Lies.png100 Breaking Lies100
Christening Blades.png100 Christening Blades100
Holy Vitality.png100 Holy Vitality100
Enlightened Vision.png100 Enlightened Vision100
Divine Liberty.png100 Divine Liberty100
Guardian Oath.png100 Guardian Oath100
Soul Restoration.png100 Soul Restoration100
Sacred Revival.png100 Sacred Revival100
Crusader Level 1