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Vates (Talent)

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For more information on the NPC, see Professor J.
For more information on the Vates quatuor, see The Four Vates.

Website Description

Professor J is the greatest practitioner of Alchemy the world has ever known. If you choose to walk the path of Professor J, you'll gain Strength, Intelligence, HP, MP, and Stamina more quickly. You'll also earn more EXP for Battle Alchemy, Transmutation, and Close Combat skills. Use an Ace Character Card to start with the Elemental Wave, Golden Time, and Hydra Transmutation skills by default. Use a free Basic Character Card to start with the Hydra Transmutation skill.


The Vates, sometimes called Sage of the Night, is the talent tile Professor J holds. It is focused on alchemy and close combat. If it is related to the Aliech Society's Vates title is unknown.


Professor J, the Vates.

Talent Title: Vates Vates Icon.png

  • The Talent Icon is automatically awarded to the player who has mastered all of the related talents.
    • You do not need to have Vates as your current talent to use or gain it.

Related Talents

While this Hero Talent is active:

  • The skills within these talents will receive 2x skill EXP and increased character EXP when ranking them up.
Silver Battle Alchemy Icon.png100 Silver Transmutation Icon.png100 Silver Close Combat Icon.png100

Related Skills

While this Hero Talent is active:

  • The skills within these talents will receive 2x skill EXP and increased character EXP when ranking them up.
  • These skills will also be awarded upon rebirthing into the talent.
    • The player must not have their respective quests in progress to receive them.
Elemental Wave.png100 Golden Time.png100 Hydra Transmutation.png100

Base Stat Bonus

Level Stat Bonus

Aging Stat Bonus

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Awarded Skills

Skill Rebirth Free1 Hero Card Elite Hero Card
Hydra Transmutation.png100 N N F F
Elemental Wave.png100 N - F
Golden Time.png100 N - F
Alchemy Mastery.png100 - N 9 3
Water Cannon.png100 - N 9 5
Flame Burst.png100 - N 9 5
Life Drain.png100 - N 9 5
Wind Blast.png100 - N A 7
Barrier Spikes.png100 - N A 7
Sand Burst.png100 - A 7
Frozen Blast.png100 - A 7
Chain Cylinder.png100 - N C 7
Water Alchemy.png100 - N C 8
Fire Alchemy.png100 - N C 8
Wind Alchemy.png100 - N C 8
Earth Alchemy Mastery.png100 - N C 8
Heat Buster.png100 - N C 9
Mana Crystallization.png100 - N C A
Fragmentation.png100 - N C A
Synthesis.png100 - N C A
Guard Cylinder Mastery.png100 - N C A
Shock.png100 - C A
Rain Casting.png100 - C A
Metal Conversion.png100 - C A
Transmutation.png100 - C A
Assault Slash.png100 - C 9
Charge.png100 - C 9
Evasion.png100 - C 9
Shield Mastery.png100 - C 9
Light Armor Mastery.png100 - C 9
Heavy Armor Mastery.png100 - C 9


1: When the character is newly created on a clean account, from one of the provided free character cards.